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  1. Igneous: The Magma Cooling Company Sedimentary Crust Lickers Metamorphic Slates
  2. As a Ham Radio Operator, I have always fancied the idea of a "repeater" being placed on the surface of the moon. The advantage, the way I think about it, is that you would have a "satellite" in the sky with a long "window" duration for communications with nearly half the globe "visible" at any given time. Sure, it won't always be in the sky, but the moon would sure be a good base for relay stations that would facilitate communications around the world. You wouldn't need to relay between LEO satelites (limited by their altitidute and duration of window exposure..we usually only have a 10 to 15 minute window with these things every hour or so). Radio communications is relatively rapid, Hams do moon-bounce communications (they bounce their signals off the moon) and the delay is only about a second. And they've done it with rather simplistic antennas and power (although most use massive arrays). What do you all think about this?? We can put probes on Mars...why not put "repeaters" on the moon?? (this is just for discussion purposes..fantasy if you will).
  3. I think another big one for success is : ENJOY WHAT YOU DO! Being a team-player, a leader, learning. all comes easier when you enjoy what you do, i.e. you are emotionally satisfied with the job you do that allows you to pay the bills.
  4. you may want to try some from of immuno-supressive therapy, if your RA is moderate to severe and you have failed to respond to other therapies, such as NSAIDS. These therapies are usually anti-cytokines (antibodies or recominbant proteins that attenuate pro-inflammatory cytokine action). This include Enbrel (indicated for RA), and imfliximab or the trade name..Remicade (an anti-TNFalpha mAb). Remember that RA can be an autoimmune disease. Although effective, the consequence of these therapies is that they are immuno-suppressive, so the frequency of opportunistic infections may increase. Talk to your physician. These therapies are also expensive, they are not generic as of yet (least to my knowledge) so you may want to investigate how your MCO tier these drugs in their formularies, and what percentage you would be responsible for. Also depending on where the tier the drug, you may also need to demonstrate to them that you have failed to respond to conventional therapy options, this your physcian and prior prescribing history can help demonstrate this if this is true. These therapies are not curative just like NSAIDs and glucocorticoids, but help maintain a semi-non pathological state, and relapse may and do occur. But since you're on this board, I imagine you have some form of science-accumen, so go to pub-med, and look up some of the trials for the drugs I mentioned.....and most importantly....TALK to your physician!!!! a professional in the field!
  5. Hmm..what makes a crackpot? This is not an evidenced-based assertion, but here is my two cents..keep the change. I figure a crackpot is one who subconscienciously knows that they are inadequet to perform in a proper research environment (i.e. peer-review, collaboration, exchange of ideas with established/reputable/independantly funded scientist). Therefore the come up with wacked out ideas in an attempt to gain either a following of like-minded crackpots or a small amount of fame from others in the crackpot community. They're trying to make up for their personal failures. Thank you.
  6. As refered to above, as the human brain ages it does become damaged. In fact as we age, we ALL get plaques similar to those found in Alzheimer's disease. These, in-part, contribute to the poor memory that can plaugue our senior citizens. Sure old folks can (and are) very alert and some (over the age of 80) are still scientist that run their own lab! But, obviously they don't function as they did when they were in their 40's or 50's. As time goes on, dementia and/or memory loss would set in.
  7. i think we've past the time to panic..its time to act. However we have "live for the moment" money hungry businessman in control of our government, so we're all doomed.
  8. kid wants attention. Some good parenting would work, i.e. a swift kick in the arse. however, if that fails, pyschosocial intervention would be the next step, i.e. psychologist. If that fails or is not working effectively, then last step would be psychiatry, or rather, pharmacothearapeutic intervention.
  9. My social security number is my "life" number. Couldn't do anything without it. And if you "mess"-up in life, it can certainly stop you from doing the things you want to do.
  10. Platoon for me "you're an anxious foot soldier on the battlefield of life, seeking to avoid danger and preserve your security" hmm..and as a leader i'm "Hilter". Where is my regime??!! I can rule the world!
  11. Hitler for me..."you're paranoid and killing all your enemies helps to relieve your anxiety!" would rather be Bill Clinton, I'd tell the world to "suck on it".
  12. scicop

    Vamos a Cuba

    I think the books would be of great value to any one who wishes to fully understand Cuban life /history. Its easy for us to look in and say yeah," it must suck to live and grow up in Cuban", and of course that would be a totally outside view. One thing that is remarkable about us humans, is how we can adapt to pretty much any situation. I'm sure the Cuban people had (and still) suffered countless atrosities living under fidels rule, however, people do continue to live their lives and there comes a point when such environment becomes a norm for them, they learn how to live in the environment and in some cases may even find some good and happiness (although very different from how us westerners would perceive good and happiness) Especially parents of kids who grew up in that time and with the newer generations that only know of Fidels rule and current way of life. Wouldn't you as a parent try to bring your kids up to be happy no matter what environment you were in? Another point is, under fidels rule, as time passed, people became isolated from the outside word. Thus, they had to way to compare their situation to an outside reference point. But they continue living. So of course there will be stories, told by those who lived in Cuba of good times and happiness. This is kind of analogous to China under Maos rule, where the chinese people though that under Mao, they were superior to us "capitalist-roaders" in the western world. Again, this is because they had no point of reference to the outside world. Although the chinese suffered, they didn't realize that the were in a bad situation, and in fact many books have been writen that account for how the chinese viewed themselves and their lives during Maos reign. You'll find that they didn't view their lives as horrible at all, in fact, most were HONORED to be serving Mao, especially during the Great Leap (this changed during the cultural revolution) But because we have books that tell of what it really was like to live in China, written by chinese authors who lived during that time, we can appreciate the fully history Maos china from the peoples point of view and not only have the Westerner (outsider) perspective. So, i think those books would be beneficial to the children of "exiles" (as well as the 'exiles" themselves) to have a different and augmented understanding of life in Cuba. There is an education value to those books, to bad others can't see it.
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