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  1. Most of the conservatives I have talked to are against the legalization of prostitution.
  2. There's no way this could be enforced. I don't think you should have to have all your firearms locked up, it somewhat defeats the purpose of having one. The only alternative I can think of is to buy a fingerprint safe, and they are not cheap. You have to use your best judgement as to keep firearms out of the wrong hands (children).
  3. http://www.claytoncramer.com/gundefenseblog/blogger.html These guys keep a running archive of every civilian gun self-defence news report they find.
  4. Have you read these yet? The Origin of Species The Selfish Gene The Blind Watchmaker Anything by Richard Dawkins I would recommend. Here's a list of Evolution related books on Amazon.com arranged by best selling. Many good books are on it.
  5. I would recommend shopping for books at amazon.com. You can find just about any book you want. just search 'Evolution' and you'll find plenty.
  6. Does anyone have any ideas on why we have a nasal septum and what purpose it might have served in the Evolutionary process?
  7. So I have a stubborn traffic light at the intersection that leads to my house, it's extremely annoying to deal with everyday. I've read that a Neodymium magnet can produce a high enough magnetic field to make even the most stubborn lights change. I've seen products for sell like Green Light Trigger, now I can buy a magnet off eBay, among other places, at much cheaper prices. So I'm wondering, what power Neo magnet would I need and about how large? I believe the powers range from N24 to N54. Also, these magnets do not hold up well under heat (anything over 175F/ 80C), so I've read. Do you think it would hold up if I stuck it on the inside of my engine bay (on the frame)? Thanks.
  8. these people should watch this video before they judge atheists,
  9. CurvKyle


    http://www.fulltiltpoker.com is a good free online poker game I play, it has helped me learn the rules of a few different types of poker.
  10. yea 24khz, I'm not sure if my headphones were capable, but I could hear the high pitched sound when I click the button so I would assume they could.
  11. I took one of those online hearing tests and I could hear up to 24hz. I'm 21 years old. I've lived all over the country and the FM radio is definitely no comparison to my cd player. Some stations do sound better then others, but I can notice the difference.
  12. I've got a few assumptions such as noise or signal loss, but I don't know the real answer. Anyone know?
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