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Universe Vs Multiverse !


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25 minutes ago, Yusef said:

What is your opinion?


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On 9/10/2019 at 1:44 AM, Phi for All said:

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Our rules state that members should be able to participate in discussions without clicking links or watching videos. We're not here to promote your channel.

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Youv ave vight

Bcz me 2 don't have patience to watch any video without having explaining..

Multiverse Vs Universe

This clip is comparison between the universe which is discovered by today's scientists


The Multiverse which is [not discovered]/introduced by eldest and the highest ranked/degree of the Scientists that maybe thousands years later the scientists will discover what they were said..


Today's scientists have discovered that the earth compared with the cosmos is such as imagine a finger ring has been fallen on the earth!! And it's the aall and edges of the universe!!!

But those Scientists have introduced us that size of this the universe of them is only the 4th earth! And the 4th earth if compare with the 5th, those are such as the finger ring with the desert Sahara!

And the 5th earth compared with the 6th, are the same finger ring with the Sahara,

And the 6th earth to the 7th the same comparison..

Then the 7th earth with the Rooster, the same comparison..

The Rooster with..... upto the Fish...., Rock...., Dark sea..., Dark air... etc...

These all have the same comparison!!!

And the Thora with the Firs Heaven!! Then 2nd Heaven, then 3rd Heaven... etc!!!

At all before watching the clip i should say that this universe what these scientists have discovered and claim it's the all, it's such as imagine into the electron there are all galaxies such as the same and the scientists within that claim that they have discovered the all LOLLLL

shame on those arrogant fools.


Can you deny/reject any claimant without having any opposite claimant or experience!?????

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4 hours ago, Bufofrog said:

It is difficult to say, because of the obvious language barrier, but I would say, yes.

But I would say Nope!


Because about any claimant i tell myself: "Who i am that reject/deny some claimants that I haven't had any:

1. Experience about that,

Nor any

2. Study about that,

Nor any

3. Opposite saying about that,

And even if i have one of the above three, i haven't had any 

4. Researching/Seeking that maybe there be any TRUER of them or not.


Therefore tell myself that be shut up and don't deny/reject anything you haven't had one of the 4 i mentioned above.

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Also it contains a series of informations that say there are 12000 parallel universes exactly such as each one of we people! And they think there isn't any universe but themselves!!

Also it has contains a series of informations that say there are several hidden civilizations side of the same ours that are sooo much more advanced than us!! how if they will, are able to split a mount by one tap!!


Those great scientists who introduced us these creatures, those aren't accessable that we ask them they explain the more for us!

Exactly such one of the great scientists means Albert Einstein[r.a] or Nicola Tesla[r.a] that claimed many things and the fools of their era instead of that asking them many questions and get many useful answers, they just wanted to humiliate them and or be arrogant or their[fools'] prides didn't let them to ask important questions!




Those scientists that I quoted many sciences from them,

One asked them:

- how is those objects above the skies!?

- can you look at/see the Sun!?

- of course Nope!

- the Kursi[that is mentioned in the clip] is 70 times more shiny than this sun!

The Arsh[has been mentioned] is 70 times more shiny than the Kursi!

The Hijab[Veil/Curtain] is 70 times more shiny than the Arsh,

The Sitr[Camouflage] is 70times more shiny than the Sitr!



As i mentioned that if don't have any Knowledge or Experiment about a thing, i should shut up and don't deny that.

But i had about 2010 an experiment only in a vision/dreaming that i mentioned that dreamt a great moon that had two wells and from it's wells so much white Liquid Lights were raining out and the vision/dream was in a day that there was the sun in sky for the same reason i could see carefully that how much the lights was concentrated that steams of that light was such as the Laser!!

It was nothing but a dream. But at all I could realize existing of a liquid light with that much concentration.



The more important concept is about the Black Holes that shows the scientists of the 21th century has been arrived at a bit of those the greatest scientists, bcz of they mentioned a Dark Air[in the clip] that has descriptions of the same!!

Also they said: the Darkness has been created for hiding those great lights.



In my theory,

According to sayings of the 21th century's scientists, the Black Hole swallows any light around ltself! And it's the greatest object about weight!


According to the same scientists,

Why do they named that 'Hole'!??

I guess it should be a planet or star that has gravity and add all of the lights of around to itself

And as we can't see anything that can't reflect lights, therefore we can't see that object!

Therefore we see that planet/star absolute/completely Black!

And as i'm an welder, i can bring this example that imagine you are sitting on a port and there isn't anything along you but the great ocean/sky, and you have had a dark glasses of welding, then you won't see anything of the great sea/sky but the bit of the dusters on the glass of your glasses!!

Therefore it shows that the default is the Light[Ocean/Sky], then the Darkness[Glasses] is between that and us!

I'm ready to join any discovery group of:



Chemistry[converting Iron to Gold]

And any scientific discovery group



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It's an image for my example and you see that if we assume the universe of today's scientists be each one of the points[stars] of the left picture,


The left picture is Thora [according to those oldest scientists]

And if we assume the Thora with its real size be each one of the dusts on the welding mask[in real size means 0.1mm]


The ocean[real size] will be the same sea that is mentioned in the clip that its size compared with the Kursi is such as the same above!!!

And you can realize how much the light is over the darkness!!


And the Kursi along the Arsh is such as when a finger ring has been fallen down on the great desert Sahara!!!

And Arsh is absolute Light!

My imagination of that is such as this picture:


And according to those greatest scientists, we means human's brains capacity is not enough to realize them!!

But they mentioned that the smallest bit among things is the seeds of the light!

And according to today's scientists it's 'Photon'

But maybe years later the scientists discover existence of a thing smaller than that within the light!

But we have been sure that the smallest thing is within/inside of the light!

And it guided us that we should zoom/focus on that the more!

Means researching for the smallest thing within the light!

Also according to today's scientists the Neutron Stars , each cm3 of them has sooo much weight!!

Also these scientists have discovered that 99% of objects is Empty!

And those greatest scientists said: "... Is TSamad!"

And TSamad means a thing that is not empty and is filled!


I remembered a concept of the great scientist Albert Einstein[r.a] that the light will be curved while is passing side of an object..

One day i was soldering/brazing a handle for this copper jug, then i saw the fire[oxy-propane] is waving around the jug!! Exactly followed the edges!!

Then it reminded me to that concept..

Then I tested a Laser light around that and didn't see any curving around that, then researched in the Google and didn't find anything..

Do you know anything to explain that!?


What Connection is between these sources of the Science!?!


☆ Those scientists said: some planets are completely water!, and some of them are completely steam/gas, and some of them are completely solid

☆ The Light has a series of seeds that the smallest thing is the same!

* What Thing Was before the empty!?

* Is there anything within the empty!?

* Is the dark energy[of today's scientists] the same smallest thing and rejects being the empty!?

According to the Logical Algorithm,

IF we are existed with intelligence THEREFORE An Intelligent Thing Was Existed before everything and any second thing such as the same Arsh is automatically The Same's creature!

Even IF He Wants make a body/form/size/face/place/time for Himself, He Is Not Able! And it's impossible! Because after Him everything is include the secondary things!!

I would love to join a great discovery wise team of real seeker scientists

Not any fake scientists who are fools and just have claims of scientists.

Because a normal scientist should assume everyone says true, and he should test people's sayings into the great Crossword of the Science and put them side by side of any similar sayings and analyze THEN accept or reject!

Take a while the fool denies and rejects something bcz he hasn't ever had believe in that

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