True Meaning of Life

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The true meaning of life is..... to know that there is no meaning , now here me out , you see people always try to make meanings to life like always be happy or keep on liven so you can go to heaven but no the true meaning of life is to just do what you want to do when you want to do it see if you follow the religious meaning of life, the religion can constrict you of doing something that you want to try or do even the 'always be happy' moto some people... just arn't happy and they can express and live they're life like they want to not to always be happy or always sad.

I know this sounds depressing but its the truth and if you think about it you will truly be alive...

I you wish to share any thoughts with me, please do

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The meaning of life is what you choose to give it, yes, you can do whatever you want so if one wants to find ones meaning in religion, then by your own words, one is free to do so. 

There is no universal meaning of life but there are consequences of assuming that means you're free to explore whatever hedonistic direction you desire.

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