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  1. I think it would be the exchange of disorder (entropy) amongst a system to create order in a closed or open system , this is basic knowledge of thermodynamics
  2. Gravitons are the theoretical particles of gravity that work by exchanging themselves with other masses thereof creating an attraction between masses but lets look deeper on how they could work. 1)gravitons could technically be aligned in a formation we call a field and this field when in contact with a mass exchange and cause the pull basically fussing the idea of a field and a particle 2)if gravitons do exist it could be possible to isolate a mass form the formation of gravitons of earth or other celestial objects, then therefore causing new space tech and conventional labour tech 3)maybe gravitons are connections of energy between matter therefore making an attraction but making it so that gravity doesn't really exist and it would be called energy exchange So I hope you've enjoyed my thoughts about the nature of gravitons and gravity ,if you want me to write more things about gravity or hatever or need help in your physics omework plz don't be afraid to ask.
  3. Dude C is constant speed of light its docent "reach C" and it doesn't change on the medium it you just believe it changes but really it remains constant that's why there a C in E=MC2
  4. The true meaning of life is..... to know that there is no meaning , now here me out , you see people always try to make meanings to life like always be happy or keep on liven so you can go to heaven but no the true meaning of life is to just do what you want to do when you want to do it see if you follow the religious meaning of life, the religion can constrict you of doing something that you want to try or do even the 'always be happy' moto some people... just arn't happy and they can express and live they're life like they want to not to always be happy or always sad. I know this sounds depressing but its the truth and if you think about it you will truly be alive... I you wish to share any thoughts with me, please do
  5. hah!, started only a few hours ago And I would like for you to read a share your thoughts on my idea that I posted a few hours ago talking about 'Velocitas The particle of speed'
  6. I know what your thinking "uhhh, another crackpot theory" but if you understand 'velocitas' like this you will begin to understand this concept, but hold on this isn't evidence its merely in easier way to understand it, now lets begin... Velocities is like a battery, you can charge it (to gain more potential energy form external forces like gravity) and it will hold the energy until it is used for charging a Xbox controller or tv remote(kinetic energy, chemical energy etc). Now with this basic concept I wish for people to comment on this and give me ideas and maybe even math or evidence for my idea but remember this is only a theory and I will keep n posting new parts of velocitas.
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