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  1. I wouldn't either. I was trying to say that a person could think a lot of things 'paranormal' if they haven't earned the back ground to figure it out. I don't think we are anywhere near finished figuring things out.
  2. Sure. I don't believe in ghosts or Goblins. I repeat, I have never experienced visual or auditory phenomena that could not be explained by the science we know. A friend once organized a week end in a house touted as the most Haunted in Australia. For Halloween. The only thing remotely interesting I witnessed was the fear of the patrons, of me. I asked my friend was it my imagination, or was the proprietor aiming all his dialog at me, and staring. Several people who were also there for the weekend over heard and confirmed. I still don't know what that was about, but all I had to do the whole weekend was clear my throat and I would get the most wide eyed stare and just about a step back. I agree people are easily gulled, especially once their minds are already made up. So I try to assume nothing. Either way. Others reinforced what I was experiencing. If all those people saw was a photo, or caught only as brief a moment as that, It could have any number of easier explanations. It would indicate nothing, except a wide eyed stare with no context that could have been photo-shopped. I don't see how that discounts what did happen. I don't call that paranormal either. Just some thing I have no logical explanation for. It happens. If others choose to call such things paranormal, then I guess you could say thats how people understand unexplained things and I will use that word for their understanding. But I don't believe in magic, or that things happen with out cause, even if we don't understand what that is. If a person goes fishing and picks up a pack of dogs, one by one on their walk who spend the day with said person only to peel off in the same manner on the way home, some these days might think that creepy strange. Maybe paranormal. They would just be missing information unlearned.
  3. Pretty much how I see it. As for the things I have experienced, they fall under the shit happens that we are not sure why. Until we know other wise, I will assume there is an explanation but the science hasn't caught up enough yet to provide one.
  4. As stated, the first thing I try is to find sensible explanations. I have had similar experiences as those mentioned here of auditory or visual phenomena. I have always been able to find those explanations. I have not claimed to see or hear things. I don't. I am pretty sure that energy plays a part and is some how available, possibly for all forms of its manifestation. If you can believe it, the Russian experiments on remote viewing made much of Theta waves. I don't blame people for their skepticism. I am still a big skeptic hearing others stories, because I've seen so many who choose to allow themselves to be mislead. They want to believe., Or have one unexplainable incident (to them) and start looking for meaning in every coincidence or fluke. By the same token, who am I to tell some one else they are mislead or did not experience what they believe they have. I think the charlatans are far more more likely to gain advantage from their deceptions than any genuine cases, who it seems don't talk about it. My experience is there is no practical advantage. To make use of any 'ability' its got to be an ability. I don't understand what is happening so have no control over what does. Those experiencing it 2nd hand generally are 1st creeped out, then normalize it with what ever explanation they find. Very easy when what you are experiencing is not shared. That does not favor an evolutionary advantage, nor does our natural skepticism. If a woman told you she often predicted peoples deaths, or could smell disease, or things fly off shelves in her presence I don't see many people here who would be likely to see her as a good mating prospect-quite the opposite.
  5. Such a unique relationship experienced this way. They can be such cruisy companions even in large groups, centered 'round a figure of trust and respect. Take that sound center out though, and the pack is volatile as a mob. Very similar social structures as a true companion species in many ways. We forget our manners and communication skills with each other, with lessened exposure. As an aside, service dog seems to mean military other places, so maybe I should have described the dogs in my previous post as ....Not therapy dogs, but with some of the same capabilities to serve more generally useful roles as well.
  6. With easy profit from the gullible as their earnings. Yes. And some times these explanations just don't work, as you mentioned earlier with physical phenomena experienced by multiple people. I think it must lead to delusion with sad consequences for any of us, loosing confidence to assess and judge our own reality..
  7. First thing I try. More often impossible, but some times I must. I used to, little available of any use. Only served to show me nobody knew and if they did, we all would. I did look into joining Paranormal research, but after speaking with the guy running it, I ran another way. E How the same thing is experienced between people varies so much I think visual or auditory effects could be our own additions to process information, A self defense mechanism to accept that something happened. Not usually. Some times. Few I would feel comfortable talking with about such things and fewer I feel who can with out going all weird on me and 'Spiritual" I don't mean to sound derogatory, but I think most follow that path implicitly, seems too much like faith. No, except as a loose classification of as yet unexplained phenomena. Some thing enables them.
  8. Yes owners are a big part of the problem, but don't underestimate the stupidity of some encountering dogs, and the effects of unfamiliarity with them. Dogs in the past were often much more a part of society that even non- owners were likely to encounter free roaming daily so that an understanding of behavior on both the dogs part and their communities was just another part of social proficiency. Thats changed enormously in most Western communities, to varying degrees. Dogs are generally less familiar with people and situations out side their family circle and territory, and I would say a majority of people are no longer able to 'read' a dog and its state of mind effectively to avoid putting themselves into a bad situation. Its easier for temperamental unsoundness to be masked from those making breeding selections, and in Pedigree dogs at least, the 'standard' is more often the over riding selection criteria before any other trait can even be considered as it is. I've seen some pretty dangerous and dumb behavior from people, and I believe its mostly a case of being unfamiliar with the species. As owner/breeder of personal protection and service dogs though, I do understand how easy it is to put all the responsibility on owners when I hear repeatedly the old BS about not letting any one else pat or interact with the dog or it won't do its job when extensive socialization is what allows it to do the job most effectively and safely. A personal protection dog is useless if it has to spend most of its life confined in the back yard or a pen and is beyond reach when needed.
  9. Yes, thats my preferred method. Or simply place the jar on one side, the lid on the other, and bring the two together for spiders on the web. There was a large(orb?) spider whos web tangled in my hair this morning before I noticed. I carefully removed it out into the lemon tree popular with its species. He missed the branch and fell to the chickens. By leaving them alone, I meant cause them no harm. Not always possible once they've strayed into enemy territory. I was tempted to bring a beautiful Barking Gecko juvenile home to photograph yesterday, but decided the trip in my warm hands on a cold day, and a sudden release back into the cold might cause too much shock to such a tiny thing. I need to carry the means to photograph every time I step out. I've missed too many great opportunities.
  10. Healthy respect, no fear of crawlies or snakes here though the I have been bitten by scorpions and centipedes, woke to a very large huntsman covering my eye that I removed in the dark and had numerous snakes in the house and gardens. My dog killed one in her kennel just last week.( RBB) The most common snakes here are all venomous. Plenty of Eastern Browns, Red Belly Blacks and Bandy Bandy and over the years there have been losses of horses to them. In other animals, the reactions vary between individuals. Seems they have 'the instinct' or they don't ( to see a threat) Dogs that do, often pull their lips back while attacking as though the taste is also repulsive. This for both spiders and snakes, though I've had dogs that will stomp a spider instead. Insects are generally tossed into the air with each nip in a continuous motion, snakes shaken violently. Plenty of Funnel web spiders too. generally these are not toxic to canines and my terrier will jump on them if he finds them. Much appreciated when they are near where the kids play. We prefer to let them be, but the warnings have been handy, especially in the dark/ using the bath room!
  11. What if the purpose is to express your existence, as you believe Humanity should? Humanely.
  12. Humanity has a common language that directs us through values expressed. Thats biological. Objective value is to state. Subjective to Direction. If those 2 values are entangled, direction is to achievement and maintenance of state, before any other value can be recognized. By mechanism of subtraction, of environment. Reduced to the desired state. A better understanding of what is 'environment' might make this more clear, and the workings self evident. Humanity is equal to education. Education is not equal to Humanity. Thats the problem we should be addressing.
  13. Or you are missing the dimension of a biological space in the way I use language. We should know its there, to link the social sciences to biological law and physics. Yes they are. They subject to environment. The only value of an object/objective is in its being, or statehood. The direction given to your object/objective is all subject to its existence or being. Its state is determined by that direction. When you measure that being/state by any other value, That value is subject to the state its applied to. Philosophy says all value is subjective. Measurement is subjective. But I do see color and diversity, everywhere. I think you read things into what I say because it conflicts with your assumed reality- where value lies in objective states, rather than direction subjectively provided. I did not misunderstand. Objective context would be the content of the object- Subject value.
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