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  1. The comparison was meant to highlight the effects of ignoring logic in the formation of social /human constructs. No where near enough context I agree. 😅 Woof The Subject (our Humanity) must be divided before there can even be oppressor and oppressed. We worked hard to finally dismantle a double system structure. I'm sure its the application of objective value to what should be subjective that does that. A subject is the sum of its parts. If they are equal to its purpose and direction, there is no objective measure of its parts that won't divide, and reduce the sum by its measu
  2. So that a black woman who stands in front of congresss and declares she is not oppressed and won't accept that label becomes a 'Racists wet dream' and an enemy of her shared humanity.
  3. Contradictory in your indirect appeal to the virtue of a place in Humanity, For those not equally invested in this structure bias. Regardless of our subjective, lived experience. The original objective premise is the incorrect application of value, no matter the motive. It assumes a fixed structure. Accepts that as part of our subjective being.
  4. I think it does when you say Human conditions like sex can't be defined by objective measures while assuming their application to your subject. ie oppressed and oppressor. Representative of numerous perspectives when applying subjective values, yes. It is an important difference that plays a huge role in biological/social structures in assigning values. Starting with an objective premise creates margins and an expectation of their maintenance to uphold the objective entity/identity thus recognized. It corrupts the language of our biology to maintence of an objective str
  5. So basically, A pattern was detected. Information received. Yup, sounds about right
  6. I did not see the major players in this thread discredit the Humanity of Trans Women in such a way as this. Food for thought? I could admire this sentiment if I thought it could have a positive out come, but every thing I see says attempting objective measures of Human conditions is not possible with out exclusion. That Critical Theory in practice is not anti racism or anti bigotry at all, just more of the same with a vengeance. More dangerous for its lack of focus. It discredits all of Humanity. There will be loss. Without focus, that doesn't allow you see whats being excluded.
  7. This is appreciated. Tho' It does appear you've made assumptions of your own And for the record, I do not neg rep.
  8. It could be as easily said that your insistence a trans woman must be either Male or Female to be recognized demeans the very idea of diversity.
  9. Sorry, Agreed! I was referring to the "something Physical that divides systems and their local environments according to information". Such a faith in the integrity of a systemic state would require certain information to remain external. Blocked. It could explain an evolutionary role for faith, and some of its notable effects on Us Humans Addition highlighted.
  10. Musings here that may or may not be relevant. I still have much to learn of expression in this culture, after too long away from it. My understanding of the physics of biological / social organization has been much more comprehensive when my perspective was shunted from the above, to seeing it all as external. ie my body as the vehicle of consciousness. Another set of conditions I have to contend with. I'm lead to think this might be belief, or more accurately faith, if that can be defined as an assumption that value lies in a 'state' of being rather than the potential
  11. I do not understand what is 'transphobic' in acknowledging, recognizing and accepting differences as part of a shared human identity. As if equality is something that does not exist while diversity is recognized, so that a recognition of our shared Humanity can be achieved only if we blind ourselves to it, or mask it by altering our language to so its unable to express diversity.
  12. The value is Subjective. To Environment. Achievable through recognition of diversity, and increasing environment/potentials. The value is Objective, to Environment. So a reductive measure towards a fixed and uniform state.
  13. I think some of us just see equal Human beings, despite our diversity. Where others see Statehoods unequal to their ideal of Humanity.
  14. The greater the diversity of a species, the more likely response to adversity or adaptation to conditions will be found within the species. Physical and mental adaptive abilities would seem equally important.
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