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  1. Cancel culture seems to be the chosen expression of Critical theory for many. It looks like a zero sum proposition, to expect 'improvement' from reduction of what you have to work with. Purpose becomes secondary to arbitrary 'qualification.
  2. Yes. So you see how that aids extremism, and polarisation when identity is politicised. When characterisations and spread sheets decide where a person must stand, 'as opposed to' Humanity as a whole. How acceptance of a Characterisation reduces the diversity and response- ability of an assumed identity. Imposes additional qualification. To reduce diversity.
  3. I don't defend the violence occurring on either side, but but pretty sure 'cancel culture' and de-platforming played a huge role in what occurred at the Capitol, and will likely provoke more unrest and polarisation while it continues. If perspectives are denied as illegitimate, not to be voiced, there is going to be mistrust of the institutions allowing that to happen.
  4. I.Q tests are arbitrary, in deciding Human value potential. So is Race, and intelligence. We have diversity. I can't see any value to such studies other than to discredit that.
  5. The language behind Critical Race Theory tells us that characterisations of human conditions are essential for equality. We must be responsible for actively upholding that ideal in all facets of our lives. Refusing space, standing or recognition of value to those who refuse to recognise in-equality. Characterising that as a 'set apart' from Human values on the basis of racism or bigotry, in broad terms that affect every area of our lives.. That assigns a negative or contrary value to a broad range of people who may display 'Characteristics' Language is altered to reflect the
  6. Thank you for your help sifting.
  7. Yep. Just some times you have to sift through a lot of shite to find them.
  8. Yes. By reducing obstacles to qualification in Education. Not by singling out who should benefit more based on characterisations of their diverse conditions. That redistributes the obstacles, with out understanding the effects that might have, but doesn't create any greater potential for humanity as a whole. You are not qualifying Equality. You are qualifying more Humans, for education.Their equality doesn't come into it. Thats assumed. Better than assuming racism or bigotry for the discrepancies, as characterisations of human conditions demands.. Diversity is the
  9. You are still measuring equality, whether of races or opportunity. And making characterisations of broad and diverse conditions to do so. And because of that, the language used by many often signals the reverse of your intent. Racial or cultural headings are their own spread sheet.Their use is fine in anti discrimination documents, To discount their characterisation as anything other than equal in Humanity. But when we use language in a way that characterises race, gender or colour as 'oppressed', and characterises the 'privileged' as oppressors, You are discrediting one s
  10. Thanks for the clarification. As I read the definition though, I don't see a conflict, or anything to say that an act of discrimination must always involve injustice. It means, You can't measure the equality of a sum with out 1st dividing its parts. Equality need some thing the be measured against. it requires an opposition, and that has to be found before the measurement can take place. I don't understand why thats confusing. Its the mathematical explanation as I understand, it can't be done. If thats wrong, I'm happy to hear why. From a biophysical perspect
  11. A correction to my last sentence... Should read Critical Race theory. The flaw I see is in the promotion of Characterisation of human conditions. The language promotes reduction or restriction of environment, rather than addressing the actual problems it poses. Form before function. if you wish to address poverty, or lack of education opportunity, Race, gender, disability are relative.The form you recognise . But not defining of poverty or lack of education opportunity. Until you address those, other forms of discrimination will just take their place.
  12. Another attempt. Acceptance of a human Identity, in equality, is all or nothing. A human organism. That identity is marginalised by its nature. Its not inclusive of the environment its subject to.The margins are not yet 'fixed' while evolution is ongoing, To identify as human, fish are excluded. They contribute no value to legitimacy of that identification. The margins of accepted identity must be maintained as part of that 'being'. When 'no true Scotsman' holds true and been decided, so is its manifestation and evolution. We don't get to collectively choose who represents th
  13. I should have said it may be seen as unjust, by the parred off. But there does not appear to be a conflict in my use of the word. There seems little point to this response, other than an attempt to discredit what I say on un-related grounds.
  14. I have lived at subsistence level for extended periods of time with various cultural groups. Its quite possible in smaller groups to live pretty autonomously with little conflict and no clear authority figure. Women would often carry hunting tools foraging with children. Opportunity doesn't care if you are a designated hunter. Children may may be 1st priority, and abilities hampered by pregancy, But the skills can be learned pre-child bearing to take advantage and some enjoy the hunt enough, or have the skills to relegate child care. None of these groups were Nomadic, and I und
  15. I see it more akin to a parring down. shaving something off. A reduction. Which will be seen as unjust to the reduced. But I will check the accepted definitions to see if they contradict that in any way. Thanks.☺️ Then money is a qualification or criteria for Education in those situations. The political discussion here invariably points to the obvious lack of critical thinking skills or any meaningful education in people entrusted with making their own political choices. So if education is in the interest of humanity and 'free will' it should be accessible to all, with out
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