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  1. If you want to get some definition and tone then doing stretches as stated above isnt going to build muscle. I go to a gym, so i suggest you should too. You can get someone to so you how to uses the machines properly and make a program for you.
  2. Im not aware of any sites like that in Australia apart from the sites that sell chemicals to companies and not to people. there is this site http://www.testtube.com.au/CHEMICALS/chemicals.html but the chemicals are at insanely high prices. "Iron oxide magnetic TECH 500 gm 90.00" !!! i can get kilo's of the stuff for free easily. I came across this site when i was looking for an electronic scale. I still havn't found one that I want though. The only one that I have found that comes close to what I want is one that weighs 5000g * 1g for $310 aus dollars. I want somthing that weighs maybe up to 250 - 500 gm with acuraccy of 0.1g. For somthing like that how much would I expect to pay?
  3. It probably has phenylalanine, which is artificiall sweetner used instead of sugar. So i dont think theres any sugar. just the sweetner
  4. The theory I belive is that the methane gas rising from the sea bed reduces the waters density and the boat sinks.
  5. Where can I get aluminium powder apart from united nuclear and other sites like that cos I dont have access to that. Or is its only use pyro?
  6. I am happier more than i am unhappy on a regular basis. Moderation?!? Sure you start not using much but then you build up the amount and become dependant on the drug. Maybe instead of trying drugs to run away and escape your problems for a short while you might want to find a better long term solution. Seek the help of a professional.
  7. ffsjoe

    Doom3 Movie

    Doom is alright but its a bit old. Half life 2, now thats a game!
  8. We have 4 bins, green waste a huge green bin built like a tank. A paper and cardboard recycle bin, plastic bottles and aluminium cans, glass bin. And another one for the kitchen garbage waste. Anything else that you would normally go to the tip to get rid of, like computer stuff, small tables, chairs basically crap you dont want is collected by the council. Everyone puts stuff out every couple of months and they come round and collect it all. Thats when you go poking around for treasure.
  9. "How can you tell that the past isnt a fiction designed to account for the discrepancy between my immediate physical sensations and my state of mind?" lol
  10. This is what i found on the web in a bill that I think was passed. "The question to be asked in the end is simple. It is whether the defendant believed upon reasonable grounds that it was necessary in self-defence to do what he did. If he had that belief and there were reasonable grounds for it, or if the jury is left in reasonable doubt about the matter, then he is entitled to an acquittal."
  11. Just under half of the magnesium nitrate is wet. This wouldn't matter because its going in a solution anyway? Also what would the ratios be in mixing them please? heh, send it by mail? I don't think it would make it here without being stopped and people shouting bomb!
  12. I think that the only uses a laser could have would be for eye surgery, tattoo removal and getting rid of birthmarks like mine! It hurt like hell and doesnt remove it all on the first go. Portwine type on my face.
  13. I just wondered what the "first words" of people on here are? Mine was "door". I was always running around
  14. sweeeet, i've looked all over but i can't find sodium nitrate or muriate of potash. I saw these and thought i could use em instead and i can! Only downside is that the magnesium nitrate looked fairly old and was the 2nd last one there and i doubt that they will get more in cos you might not be able to anymore. So i just use the same method described in threads before? And would the other end product be magnesium phosphate?
  15. Do ladybirds come in any other colours apart from red and orange?
  16. The Australian government has pleged $1 billion of aid. Plus all the money the public are giving. I doubt as to whether Mark Latham would have done the same. Im glad that we are giving more than the original $35 million because we have had surplus from the budget over years, they are our neighbours and they need it. Just a question, all the money given to help out who is it given to? The governments of the affected areas?
  17. This is probably a stupid question but can you make kno3 with magnesium nitrate and mono potassium phosphate?
  18. ffsjoe


    lol, would have been a bit of a trek just for fireworks. but worth it if you got a couple of hundreds of $ worth.
  19. That explains why i head starts to hurt if i laugh too long and hard. (most things make me laugh alot, im starting to think whether i have an illness) i dont want to end up like Prak.
  20. lol and crack your fingers when using the stress ball. luckily can't and dont try to crack my knuckles. The way i see it is if you don't need to crack your joints then dont.
  21. I used to play the triangle but had to give it up along with my fame
  22. ffsjoe


    bleh wish i could get some fireworks but i'd have to drive a long way to canberra and even then they are illegal, except on the queens birthday long weekend but they might have changed that now. Their just sucking the fun out of everything.
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