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    Define time

    There have been numerous threads on this subject. Ill let you in on a secrect, there is a tool, its known as the search function you should take it for a whirl sometime. Here is a couple you can take a gander at. http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=12783&highlight=time http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=14589&highlight=time
  2. That can't be too good for the birds diet though?
  3. When your nervous you sweat and the BO is from the bacteria feeding and multiplying in your sweat.
  4. My brother had that done, I think the doc used silver nitrate. It stopped the nose bleeds but his sense of smell isn't as good as it was before
  5. Don't you have the option of a half-flush on your toilet? lol the first time I read that I thought it said "sounds like he's thinking of a urine rocket" then I had the image of one of those exploding and the shrapnel.
  6. Why don't you write up your own flow charts from the information on the sites. Don't get the internet to do all your homework.
  7. I voted for reading two books at a time, alternating between them. Thats what I generally do, the books are generally quite different from each other so I can take a break from one or the other. Unless I become really engrossed in one such as Lord of the Rings or the Hitchhikers guide series. After reading the first one in the series I kept reading the rest then other books by the same author. I read at medium pace and generally at night. Atm I'm reading Shakey Neil Young's biography, Voices From Vietnam and The Amazing SAS. I finish books that I start reading unless I really dislike the book. I alternate between the books every couple of days.
  8. screw your neighbours your allowed to make noise on your own property aslong as it doesn't go above whatever the limit is. Your allowed to use leaf blowers and their like 115 decibels. Depending on what type of rock it is i'd be weary of putting a fire around it as sedimentry rocks expode. Could you perhaps take a picture of it and post it on the thread? edit: found a link that you might like to read http://homes.mainetoday.com/homecare/051106chimney.shtml
  9. I started to donate blood just after my 16th birthday. Im fine with needles and the donating bit but for about a week after I felt really crap. Like I wasnt hungrey, I was always cold and couldnt get warm and I got a bad cough. About a week after i'd lost 5kg from not eating much. I'm still 16 and thinking about donating again but I don't want to go through that again because it was hell. Hopefully that only happens the first time.
  10. I was shocked to find out that ID is worming its way into American science classes. Luckily I live in Australia, and we don't tolerate that kind of crap. Intelligent Design vs Evolution. Lets see who wins in google fight. ID vs Evolution
  11. you just need to earth the charge as others have said, or shave your legs
  12. No. Ice demon, who would benefit from having a world like yours? Sure there would be technological advances but whats the point if you can't enjoy it. Do you want to be the leader? Don't you want to have emotions or are you going to be the only one that can have them? What happens to people that don't want to conform to what you want them to do? Are you going to just kill them, like Hitler?
  13. If you don't mind me asking how long did you take it for? And do you think you are different from before taking it to now? Like any lasting effects?
  14. A step back from that, how do you distinguish between people that have trouble learning and one that has ADD or ADHD?
  15. Thanks for the links to those sites, its much appreciated.
  16. I'd like to know what the long term effects of Ritalin are. If anyone can give links to papers or reseach that show what the long term adverse effects are. I know that other amphetamines can cause heart valve problems with long term use but how much research has been done on Ritalin? I can't find much if any research on the web all I can find is peoples opinions about the drug. Ritalin became available in the 1980's? Thats when the disorder was found or invented (whichever your opinion is). If it has only been around 25 years then is this enough time to see the long term affects?
  17. hmm says ill live to 85, im happy with that
  18. ffsjoe

    Stimulants for ADD

    If a child isn't behaving properly you don't beat or use any violence on them. If they have a disorder like ADHD you can't just prescribe them drugs and think that it will fix it, it won't. You need to teach the child how to control themselves and to act properly. You can do this with aid of drugs such a ritilin to make it easier on the child. Also a therapist could help the child work through the disorder and there may also be underlying problems that trigger the disorder (ADHD or OCD) and or make it worse. It sounds asthough you were taking way too much if it was putting you in a zombie like state or you had a bad reaction to it. Personally it helped me concentrate on the task but in no way did it limit my thinking to just that. It made it easier and I didn't get sidetracked. The main reason why I have stopped taking it is because I can work efficently without it, and its side affects of loss of appetite but being starving. From reading what you have said it looks as though you are very angry at your parents, your doctor and the "system". As you said you had a hard childhood and have built up anger, just taking drugs isn't going to fix it, the help of a therapist can make your life a whole lot better. If a child is aggressive beating will not help the problem it will only make it worse and the child will feel a lot of hate towards the person who is beating them and later one day lash out. Or in later life if they have a family see that beating is the way to get their kids to behave and the cycle goes on. Of course years ago in school when they had the cane Im sure it did straigten some kids out and make them behave, but at what cost? That isn't helpful at all and if you were not being serious then you should keep your flippant comments to yourself.
  19. He must have a mental illness because the posts are incoherent and dont really make sense but they probably make perfect sense to him and he can't understand why we cant see what he is talking about.
  20. ah yeah, i have about 30 grams of the stuff, but havn't got around to extracting the pure KClO3 out. The matches I used say that they dont contain any sulphur so I don't know how to purify them. The other problem also is the red dye, but I can't find any white matches. When I get some time (which won't be soon, exams and soforth) im going to try to convert potassium chloride into chlorate.
  21. Out of curiosity where did you find the KClO3 on the cheap?
  22. If they did do that wouldn't it be entrapment? Oh and bombuilder, coming onto a science forum and posting links to chem sites with a name like that is going to put you in a bad light.
  23. Its a bit expensive when you are able to use a mouse and keyboard just as easy, if not easier. What does your company sell? misc. gadgets? Well the way I would approach it is to say, who would buy this item? What are its major advantages? " " disadvantages? Is there a large enough market to make a profit? If its just intented for a pc, sure some wealthy person might buy it as a toy but think about it, touching the screen all the time would get tiring and tedious. I can't think of anything where it would make a process more efficient. If a business were to use them I think they would just buy a touchscreen monitor rather than an add-on. EDIT: Also I wouldn't recomend buying product for your business at cost price then trying to re-sell it.
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