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  1. its bugging me too, i hope his friend didnt just give him a bunch of random numbers for a joke cos I really want to know the answer
  2. k ill try 230 when i've got some time, need to duck out atm Edit: going forwards 230 would be V and backwards it would be E
  3. I think that Google will take over everthing, first it started out as a humble search engine with a quirky name, then you could use the search engine on your phone, in 2002 they quietly bring out Google Answers a program that allows users to post questions that will be personally answered by a professional researcher for a fee. Me thinks those people haven't heard of SFN! Next gmail is developed. Google is then listed on the stock market. This is all seemingly innocent until google earth! Its even better than NASA's "Whirlwind". Now there is googletalk. It's taking over the world!
  4. By separating the number up into 229, 23, 248, 197, 198, 216, I found the 229th letter of the alphabet and so on for the others, forwards and backwards. I came up with; U W N O P H going forwards and F D M L K S going backwards. And that means nothing to me, atleast it's one more line of investigation eliminated.
  5. have fun picking tiny shards of glass out of you, plus if you do it at home you'll have to wear shoes outside
  6. yeah, the nasa website said that you would be able to see it from the southern hemisphere but at greatly reduced rates
  7. I had a bit of a gander, but living in the southern hemisphere I saw naught much.
  8. I was looking through united nuclear and saw that they had a neodymium magnet section and was reading down the page then I saw an insanely huge magnet. If you managed to get to a beach with that the magnetite would jump out of the sand very easily! http://www.unitednuclear.com/magnets.htm
  9. Yeah that what happend to me too. If one was determined enough they could build a strong electromagnet.
  10. what size are your magnets? and how did you get the magnetite off the magnet? I tried it by having the magnet in a ziplock bag so the magnetite collects around magnet then I put it over another bag and took the magnet out of the bag so the magnetite fell off. Do you have a better method?
  11. They did that on mythbusters aswell, although I can't remember the outcome. I think it ended up shooting the dummy in the leg. It was only a .22 though so it wasnt that bad. Plus its not fired from a rifle so it would only have half the power. In reguards to you JWalker all I can do is sigh.
  12. Obviously they could learn from you. hehe
  13. ffsjoe

    orange juice

    I don't drink much fizzy drinks, but when I drink a can of coke or somthing it is hard to drink much at one time, as you said becuase of the gas.
  14. ffsjoe

    orange juice

    I only like pulp in orange juice if its fresh and I've made it, not from the stuff you buy. Weird thing about orange juice and apple juice (bottled) is that its really easy to drink. I can drink half a bottle quite easily in one go.
  15. I thought the movie was poorly made, kinda like the movie was due tomorrow and they were staying up till 4 in the morning to get it done. It didn't explain parts of it very well. For instance the sub plot with the fathers son,they are on the hill with the army and the tripods are comming the son says he needs to see the machines, he needs to go. Then right at the end of the movie he turns up. wtf happend to him? The only thing I liked about the movie is that it reminded me of Half Life 2, with the loud horn noises the tripods made. Theres a movie I saw a trailer for called "yes men" that looks really good, has anyone seen the movie?
  16. The Beatles Neil Young and Crazy Horse Rolling stones, Ozzy, Hendrix, Van Halen, Tupac, QOTSA and velvet revolver. All great artists but the Beatles in my opinion are the greatest band ever. Their music is timeless.
  17. How could I determine whether it is Fe2O3 or Fe3O4?
  18. I just got my iron oxide from rusting cars that have been stolen and dumped in the bush. An endless supply of many kilos of the stuff. I believe it's Fe3O4 because it is very dark brown/almost black.
  19. 16/m/Australia Sydney
  20. one thing to say is that you should be very careful with that many amps
  21. I think he is guilty and I totally agree with Phi. He said somthing like sharing a bed with a young person is a beatiful thing, but that he didn't do anything illegal. He is an adult and you just dont do that. I reckon that he is crazy, he acts like a child, he thinks he is one, with all that plastic surgery. He built an amusment park for himself so little boys would come to his place and play. I say he should go to gaol.
  22. If you go to a gym you arn't going to get big muscles straight away. You can do as much or as little as you want.
  23. Can fluorine react with any of the noble gases? If so what does it make?
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