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  1. IMO Zelda "Ocarina of Time" is the best game ever made. Followed by Majoras Mask.
  2. I suppose I'm kind of addicted to this game, its not website based it is a mud. My player was Created: Sun Apr 29 2001, Played: 2574h "In computer gaming, a MUD (multi-user dungeon, dimension, or sometimes domain) is a multi-player computer game that combines elements of role-playing games, hack-and-slash style computer games, and social Internet Relay Chat channels. Typically running on a bulletin board system or Internet server, the game is text driven, where players read descriptions of rooms, objects, events, other characters, and computer-controlled creatures or non-player characters (NPCs) in a virtual world" If using windows go to run, type in, mud.lab.net.au 3333 then enter and this should connect you to the game. If you're using a UNIX shell account: From the command prompt, type: telnet 3333
  3. thanks, heh its ok, sorry to put a downer on the thread. Life goes on reguardless.
  4. Last year my uncle died from cancer, next month my dad died, then after that my grandad died. Within the space of about 4 months.
  5. I don't think you should be telling him how to make HCl if he eats things from the lab. Hardly sounds mature.
  6. What a load of crap. How is one tensing of a muscle the same as doing it 300 times with resistance?
  7. What year is junior year? year 11? From what you have described it sounds pretty bad, don't you have streamed classes? Heh we did Macbeth in year 10.
  8. Y2K wasn't a problem it was a load of bunk. We already are replacing fossil fuels with alternatives, like solar, wind, nuclear and bio-diesel. I was saying it WASN'T nice, srirambalu said that it was, sarcastically however.
  9. I never said it was nice, it is a fact of life. People will never live in harmony, as long as there is diversity there will be conflict.
  10. Ok, ill get you to wire me all your money into my paypal account. As herme3 said how are you supposed to survive if you dont compete. That is what everyliving thing does. The plants too, allelopathy? for example the camphor produced in leaves of the camphor laurel tree accumulates in the soil preventing the germination or growth of other plants. Effects that can be seen are prevention of seed germination, deformed roots, slow growth and poor reproduction. Equate that to a person poisoning other people so he may have a greater chance of living. Other people not being able to reproduce or having deformed bodies. Not very nice now is it. They all compete to live and be the strongest, survival of the fittest. You would not get very far in the wild if you just let everone else walk all over you. iirc monks and soforth rely on the kindness of others to give them food. Not everyone can adapt this lifestyle, we need people to farm the land, process food, so people can buy it and give it to people begging for it. So the monks are able to live thanks to the people that they say live for material items. Yep, that was natures way of controlling the population. War, poverty, starvation, terrorism, and illness, they all control the population. Well in actual fact that is evolution and chance, Luckily I was not born poor and starving in Somalia, I live in a first world country thus greatly increasing my chance of survial. You said technology has only selected the rich as fit. Yes, therefor the rich will survive and the poor will die. Survival of the fittest right there. The rich are fitter because they have more money where as the poor don't so they are weak, it doesn't matter physically, in this circumstance but ofcourse health plays a part but it all comes back to money and being able to afford it. It's a bit hard for me to get into words what I am thinking because its late and im tired. But hopefully you guys understand where I am comming from.
  11. Your not using a computer then are you? Or electricity? Ok, lets go and look at the flowers and free load of other people. I thought you were out looking at the flowers. Humans change the environment to suit them. They don't adapt to the environment. Its a mighty snowball to stop, it has been rolling for a long time.
  12. Thats a pretty bleak view of the world, relax man, the world isn't going to end too soon. Although I agree on global warming, if things do go pear shaped just think about it in the bigger scheme of things, not religous wise but at the universe. Were just one planet doesn't really have much bearing on the universe the world will recycle itself if we do **** up. So if you think outside your own life its just pretty funky that you got to be a part of everything. EDIT: btw whats wrong with your leader dudes forehead?
  13. What specifically don't you understand? predict the next number in the pattern.
  14. $10USD reward by paypal for a correct answer.
  15. I don't know anyone that drinks fosters. VB, coldies or tooheys new is the go.
  16. Happy Australia day to everyone! I thought I'd share our Prime Ministers speech with you all. Australia Day Speech I love Australia.
  17. Tried to format this as best as possible, a machine given an input of x, outputs the following, where x is 116 What is the relationship between the given input and output per number of positions? Elements Positions E Pos1 Pos2 Pos3 Pos4 Pos5 Pos6 Pos7 Pos8 x = 69 216 x, x= 69 172 16 x,x,x= 69 172 100 122 x,x,x,x= 69 172 100 14 74 x,x,x,x,x= 69 172 100 14 62 26 x,x,x,x,x,x= 69 172 100 14 62 110 40 x,x,x,x,x,x,x= 69 172 100 14 62 110 92 58
  18. I'm sure America would step in anyway, even if America isn't directly threatend, it knows how to do that pretty well. :P
  19. Atleast it won't hit in the southern hemisphere. Since asteroids always hit America
  20. I tidied it up as much as I could for this thread. It used to be completely chocas but I can't seem to get it any less cluttered. I could just put everything in 1 folder but I like everything out in the open.
  21. ffsjoe

    Merry Christmas

    Hoora! Merry Christmas, rejoice and be merry, drink up!
  22. ...Why not just go to a club and pick up girls, its alot cheaper.
  23. I forgot to wish you a happy b'day. Happy birthday, may you indulged yourself in porn, ciggarettes and lotto tickets.
  24. I've had a 6 GB mini ipod for just under a year now and I havn't experienced any problems with it although my friends have had problems with them but they didn't treat them that well. I had a creative mp3 player and it was really crap and broke easily. But that was way before they came in GB so things might have changed.
  25. apply to vote, hoora! how fun. You can't drink yet can you?
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