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  1. You're right, meant UTM rather than UMC, serves me right for not checking my acronyms!
  2. I've have the following formulae to convert latitude and longitude to UTM: lon_utm = lon * 20037508.34 / 180 lat_utm = Math.log(Math.tan((90 + lat) * Math.PI / 360)) / (Math.PI / 180) * 20037508.34 / 180 I need the equivalent formulae to reverse this. Longitude I can do: lon = lon_utm / 20037508.34 * 180 but I'm completely stuck on latitude (I'm a programmer not a mathematician!) Can anybody give me some help or point me in the right direction please?
  3. You may need to configure your Internet Settings with the correct gateway/DNS servers. Often these must be entered manually even if the IP address is assigned by DHCP. Maybe check the TCP/IP properties of a LAN PC if you have the permissions.
  4. It's a known fact that firefox does this and that it may be due to the OS or the app itself. This type of slowness is NOT and NEVER WILL BE a manifestation of faulty hardware or anything to do with a rise in room temperature. If a CPU actually starts to overheat you get more obvious and severe problems (freezing, display artefacting, crashing etc.) NOT higher HDD activity and +90% CPU usage. Sorry for the rant but I've seen so many threads in this forum that include answers like "it might be hardware that's faulty or incompatible" which is way off the mark in almost every case. To blame hardware is generally the sort of cop-out that a field technician will use because it's the easiest answer. Please guys, if you're going to advise people either do some homework first and then answer or qualify your statement saying you're only guessing. I've been supporting computer hardware and software for 15 years now and I promise you that most of the problems that crop up here are obvious to diagnose and easy to fix.
  5. It's fairly well known that fish respond to barometric pressure changes. For example a drop in pressure tends to make them become aggressive and seek shallow water, a further drop and they will become less active and seek deeper water. Can anybody tell me how and why they do this?
  6. There's too much news and too many journalists.
  7. The pitch of the sound will often change, appear and disappear according to what is displaying on the screen. If it becomes annoying you can just change the refresh rate to get rid of it.
  8. I heard a few years ago that Hippos were 2nd only to snakes in the number of people killed (excluding man).They have self sharpening teeth which could definitely give you a nasty nip. This leads onto another question though. If he was such a good killer, why didn't George savage Zippo when he was being annoying? Mokele, you're assuming that the only reason an animal would kill is if it's hunting us for prey and precludes self defence, territorial aggression, stampeding and general crushings, mauling, gougings and bitings.
  9. What's this then? http://maps.google.com/maps?q=33409&ll=26.748651,-80.074550&spn=0.005622,0.007875&t=k&hl=en
  10. If you mean the shockwave one then you need to take a better look at the shockwave file.
  11. You're on the right tracks redalert. You don't need to use any MySQL injection, you just need to know the name of the variable that matters (check your syntax as well).
  12. Not sure whether you mean level 6 or 7 but they can both be done in IE.
  13. If this is the god, sex, password dropdown level there is no need to consider mySQL. (referring to post #19)
  14. Ok - the site doesn't seem to support IE. Go to this page - http://www.dievo.org/index.php?cmd=1∂=2 but to play it best you might have to use a real browser.
  15. The first level of Neophyte is tricky. There's two things you've gotta do to at the same time, I can do them both on their own but can't seem to combine them! (deliberately vague to avoid spoilers)
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