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  1. I find the cherry picking less problematic than your point that thoughtfunk seems to misunderstand the research.
  2. I think these attacks are part of a greater campaign to hide the truth. The FBI and DOJ use true data, other data, and personal opinion to convict law breakers; thus, they are attacked. They prefer true data, since it is less likely to be tossed by a judge than other data.
  3. EdEarl

    Trump Slump

    It's hard to get an accurate estimate of job creation and demise. Does anyone know of a good source for [math] \Delta [/math]jobs.
  4. ty I see, the preview button when replying does not do math.
  5. \Delta What am I doing wrong?
  6. Gamma rays are very energetic photons. Photodisintegration does not reduce the energy budget. Making helium from protons is thermonuclear always. 4.02820356 Mass of two deuterium atoms (2 protons + 2 neutrons) -4.00260200 Mass of one helium atom (2 protons + 2 neutrons) 0.02560156 Difference because of binding energy Combine in any manner two deuterium atoms to make one helium atom, and the binding energy is released (i.e., thermonuclear process). There are 5.014x10^22 atoms in a gram of carbon.
  7. Yes. The process of using two protons to make a nucleus of two protons is called hydrogen fusion, which releases huge amounts of energy per gram of protons used. If you do it quickly, you have detonated a thermonuclear bomb. If it can be done slowly, you have a thermonuclear power plant. Iron and elements with more protons than iron do not produce energy when a proton is added, they require you supply energy to add a proton to a nucleus. In any case, the energy involved to add or remove a proton is huge.
  8. A larger interferometer gives better resolution tan a smaller one. The technology developed for the Breakthrough Starshot (i.e. light sails pushed by lasers) enables making a vast phased-array interferometer to be launched into space, with probes radiating out away from Earth's orbit. Each vehicle would have a light sail and interferometer antenna, which means its weight might be twice that of Breakthrough Starshot vehicles. Many antennas for the interferometer can be launched toward the Ort Cloud, for example, scheduled once per month for decades, centuries or millennia. This array of antennas will spread across the solar system and eventually grow larger. This project seems symbiotic with Breakthrough Starshot.
  9. If you are suggesting there is an alternative 3D printing method that will require less energy to make elements, I think your speculation has become sci-fi that will remain in that realm.
  10. Not really. Creating elements takes too much energy.
  11. The current style of 3D printers shape materials using enough material in a second to equal billions of cells. 3D printing things the size of a cell would need a totally new technology to work with a few atoms, for example 16 to make one guanine molecule). Even if you use proteins, fats and carbohydrates for building blocks, radically different technology is required. Moreover, there are critical unknowns that must be discovered, such as what are all the things in a cell, and what do they do?
  12. No DNA to help; thus, inspection of the artifact must be causal. What did they see that would suggest such a date? For me to make such an estimate, I'd want several correlations and inconclusive evidence. The teeth are similar to ours, how long would it take for them to evolve from another more distant ancestor. What else can be teased from the artifact?
  13. There are people here who sympathize with you. However, the current gang of Washington politicians are greedy and indifferent to human suffering. They are creating havoc in many ways, which make it difficult to know which malevolent act to oppose. Since the congress and senate are bought by big money, we the people have little or no leverage to influence politicians to do as we wish. We must get the money out of politics if we are to regain control, (See Wolf-PAC.com) which requires a constitutional amendment unless the Supreme Court reverses its ruling on Citizen United. Without an amendment to give the people power, trying to change the tariff will be difficult or impossible.
  14. If you expect quantum entanglement to make possible instant communications, then you haven't considered how you will get a stream of entangled particles that are half of an entangled pair from Earth to Mars so you can use them on Mars. Suppose you have enough for one message on Mars and send that message. Now you are back to light speed for communications, and slower to move mass. For some reason, I suspect it is not possible to send entangled photons from Earth and save them in a deep freeze until you need to use them.
  15. Computers convert keystrokes into key codes. Key codes are translated into values stored in memory and sometimes saved as a file. Utilities already create ASCII files, for example .txt files.
  16. Oh, you want to send Morse Code through a quantum communications device. Sure, should be possible and not too difficult.
  17. A person's hand is much too large for a quantum telegraph key.
  18. I am a natural citizen of the US, born and reared therein. I am in favor of changing any law that harms anyone either overtly or otherwise. I doubt that will ever happen, but we should approach that ideal compared to now.
  19. I haven't done any calculations, it's some time off before that technology is available. A phased array antenna can be steered electronically. Maybe it can be done without the antennas pointing at each other; although, that typically requires higher power, so fixed antennas may be eliminated. Technology must be able to do the 300 THz communications from antenna to human interface, but there is no guarantee it can be done at this moment.
  20. The first death in the US War against Inhumanity has already occurred. I'm not sure who should be first, but Heather D. Heyer, 32, of Charlottesville, who was killed by a neo-Nazi demonstrator in Charlottesville by driving a car into a crowd of anti-Nazi demonstrators should be listed among the first. If possible, the moderators agree, and others want, we could start a thread in which we propose candidates for our Memorial and debate whether they should be added. The list should be first post of the Memorial thread, which I suppose would have to be updated by a moderator.
  21. True, cell also provides internet. The point, there are two ways to achieve the same thing. Perhaps both have a niche, perhaps not. Time will tell. Info about the hole is in Wikipedia. AFAIK 300 THz has no commercial application, and the technology is not yet being developed. However, as electronics switches improve their speed, higher frequencies have become possible to use for communications. IDK where the limit will be.
  22. When high speed is required, e.g., GHz sustained for long periods, fiber optic is great; I expect a mixture of fiber and wireless. Point to point landlines will eventually go away. Wireless communication technologies have similar restrictions, but satellites may have less bandwidth than a cell network. Maybe the balance is to use cell towers for hi density population centers and satellites for rural. There is a hole in the atmosphere for EMR at 300 THz. If it can be used, perhaps satellites will have much more bandwidth.
  23. True, today peaceful protests as done by Mahatma Gandhi, the Reverend King, and others seem to be pretty effective. Although, they require the same dedication by protesters, who may be killed.
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