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  1. Instead of suppressing research into battery, wind and solar technology, US companies could have developed the technology and be in the forefront both scientifically and economically. Instead, our educational systems have been under attack, weakened, and research under funded. Capitalists have become powerful and their selfish interests are working towards eliminating the good nature of the Earth. Rapid changes are occurring, and we are not in control.
  2. People are fickle. I think people now see the oil and coal industry as having done a good job, but now they are causing as much or more harm than good. We have a more realistic vision of what's happening. It is now time to get rid of the smoke and smog in favor of greener energy.
  3. When someone slams the till drawer, I'd expect to sever a few hundred fingers, and most will get away clean.
  4. Before men established property laws, every being was allowed to gather or hunt food, and allowed to try to survive and thrive. Laws that cause people to suffer are unjust laws.
  5. Heat transfers in three ways, conduction, convection, and radiation. Some temperature exists within and around the material of thickness (x). You are heating one side to heat water on the other (or on the inside). The amount of heat you are adding to the system is important, and the temperature on both sides of the material. The thermal conductivity is important, and the heat loss by conduction, convection and radiation. Convection is greater when air moves over a surface, so air velocity is over the material is important. Color and other things affect heat loss or gain by radiation; thus, you need the temperature of the walls and everything in the room, and their ability to radiate or absorb radiation. Calculating real world heat loss is not impossible, but is difficult to do accurately. Homework problems are usually simplified by considering "ideal" conditions.
  6. There are several industries sucking 50+ year old tits; they are way past the age to wean. As petroleum transportation declines, we will need more electricity. We will need both decentralized and centralized power to meet the demands for green power.
  7. Here the electric utility is run by the city, and is about to fund another 5MW of solar. I agree Phi.
  8. Solar panels are less expensive than coal or oil fired power plans in some locations. Anything that increases the price will make renewable power a better option for more locations. Moreover increased gasoline prices will drive auto purchase towards the EV market. Reduced demand for petrol vehicles will ensue. Several countries have already said they will begin to restrict sales of petrol vehicles by statute. The US is being left behind, unfortunately.
  9. Culpability may vary from place to place. Iceland convicted several bankers for being complicit in causing an economic bubble to burst. So far the discussion has focused on whether the NY case has legs. Other cities such as SF think so. We will find out in time. What's the likelihood cities in other countries will pile on by also filing similar suits?
  10. Can London, Paris and Hong Cong file similar suits? Will these lawsuits smother the oil companies?
  11. One could study a cross section of dry cloth as it moves from not touching spilled water until it touches the water and has time to absorb some. For a good view, the camera might run through frames faster than typical videos and looking at the fabric contacting water might be magnified. But a cell phone video might give some info.
  12. Sure as hell unhappy about the US Federal Government. Politics are corrupting. Follow the money.
  13. The republicans are currently deregulating, which means removing power from the government. Is that what you want?
  14. A party's support is illusion. The money is being spent by wealthy business owners whose business is bilking the public using the legal system.
  15. I'd recommend starting no hotter than 50C for safety. Large surfaces like plates loos more heat per second than a smaller surfaces like bowls. Some dishes like porcelain conduct heat poorly; whereas, metal dishes conduct heat quickly. You want to conduct some heat to the food, but limit the heat going to the environment. For example, put your heater under a porcelain plate because the entire plate will heat up to keep the food warm, but it will slow heat loss better than a steel plate. Selecting the right dishes is probably important to success of this project, and a variety of dishes might be tested and data taken. I think this is a bigger project than can be done on this forum. I have no estimate of the cost per meal. Style is important for food service. I suspect both cost and style requirements will be difficult to achieve. I am not the right person to attempt this project, perhaps someone else will speak up.
  16. I agree with your sentiments. However, those people weren't trying to please you or me. I suspect they did please someone and were handsomely rewarded.
  17. I made a mistake. Heat is absorbed during melting and released during freezing.
  18. Water is heavy. To reduce mass it is possible to get more stored heat with less mass by melting the mass used to store heat. The heat released while melting is "heat of fusion." The heat of fusion of water is almost 80 times its specific heat; thus, you can use 1/80th as much water if the temperature you need is about 0C. Other substances melt at various temperatures, so you might find a paraffin or salt that freezes and melts at your desired temperature. You may need to use an insulator and another substance to store heat. Heat of vaporization is higher than heat of fusion in some substances. Because there are many engineering choices, designing your solution requires information about you project. If you are reluctant to provide the necessary information, you can study university level thermodynamics which requires a bit of calculus.
  19. Of course it's OK. TY for the explanation.
  20. Today I learned quotes are sometimes written „km/s” instead of "km/s." Is there a reason other than culture/language differences?
  21. I barely remember anything about it, but my grandmother told me a few years later. So, I blame my parents and my stepfather, plus the next stepfather. Although, I also pity my parents and stepfathers. All of them struggled with life. I was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  22. I saw one store where you can buy the standard for $117, IEC. "International Standard 61169-2
  23. Your definition is not the first in the dictionary. The first one does not imply the regretful person is the actor and has remorse. My stepfather is the culprit who punched me in the stomach with his fist. For a long time I was not OK. Though I feel OK now, that act and other abuse affected my entire life. I have no idea what my life would have been otherwise, I'm sure I would feel differently and would have done many things differently. If you think I stopped conversation in this thread, move my posts to to trash.
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