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  1. LOL Recently I've been learning about the Universe as an information processing entity. From that perspective we might consider the program causing these things. I'm not yet ready for that discussion; thus, will say no more about it here. Sorry for my blunder in this context.
  2. Electricity used in homes is unlikely to create a fatal step potential. But caution is always warranted when using electricity, especially around water.
  3. The democrats ask for too little, they should have said they wanted lunches for school children, and several other things. Then they might get a few things in compromise. Even if the republicans shut down the government, the dems would appear to be stronger. ATM it seems like the dems are helping the republicans.
  4. For safety, electric circuits are grounded, which means two of the wires on a 3 prong electric plug are attached to a 3 meter rod driven into the ground. It is sometimes called Earth ground. PS that's a standard 120v ac circuit in the US. 240v ac may be three prong with one prong ground. I think most 240 circuits will have four prong plugs, with two connected to ground
  5. The problem is not money. Hell, the US has a military that is about 10 times as large as any other in the world. It is a cash cow for the military industrial complex, and pleases paranoids. We throw away enough good food to feed every hungry person in the US. People drive half a block to get a cup of coffee. We waste enough to provide for a another country.
  6. I believe some illegal immigrants are ignorant of our laws, and hopeful they will be treated better than where they came from. I think treating them as criminals, rather than desperate people who need help is inhumane. I'm not suggesting they should be welcomed as if they came legally, merely asking for a bit of gentle justice. If a know criminal is caught, by all means put them in jail.
  7. Could the law be changed so people could not be blackmailed for entering the US without permission?
  8. Some governments evict people from their home if they cannot pay taxes.
  9. Let's hope whoever makes the decision is not a paranoid sociopath.
  10. We don't have a view of the future to know what our decisions will cause; thus, we cannot know for certain. However, we have made ethical choices to the best of our ability, and I judge actions based on mine. To the best of my ability, Trumps immigration policies are rotten.
  11. Sure, they need some purpose and it is the decent thing to do.
  12. If it weren't for immigration, Trump would not be president. If it weren't for immigration, 90% of native Americans would not have died from European diseases.
  13. A criminal is likely to create trouble whether they come in legally or illegally. However, a Dr. who comes into the US without papers cannot practice medicine; thus, the US cannot benefit from that skilled person. I think the laws are biased towards causing more trouble than good.
  14. I said the following: I implied nature was the better designer. Now I am undecided.
  15. Immigration is an emotional issue that divides people into groups that have less power than all of us together. As such, it is being used by the Republicans to stay in power. As Phi said, the US is a nation of immigrants. As Sensei said, the whole world is full of immigrants. As DNA shows, we are all human and there are no races. Our current battle is with politicians and the people who bribe them legally. That law is immoral as is racism. Damn propaganda!
  16. I didn't say evolution makes decisions, but considered both that it did and that decisions making was done by an agent evolution created. Both possibilities seem reasonable from one viewpoint or another. I'll let others decide for themselves.
  17. My thoughts about this subject have changed. Evolution begins with totally random experiments, that evolve life. Life changes evolution because life strives to exist and can make decisions based on conditions. Some decisions will induce changes faster than evolution would find them randomly.
  18. As dimreeper said, material cost is irrelevant. However, let us suppose that some owner decided to charge for something taken from his property. What can be done. The robots can make underwater mining equipment and scour the ocean floor for free resources. The robots can recycle everything and reuse. The robots might make sea going hexagonal interconnecting barges to float around the equator, manufacture soil from ocean mud, grow things for food, build billions of apartments on the barges, and house humanity. There are no great storms on the equator since there is no Coriolis effect. If for some reason people use up the Earth, the bots can make a Dyson swarm of habitats using asteroids for raw materials. Robot labor makes things possible that are difficult, perhaps impossible, to imagine. There is about 149M km2 land on Earth. The equator is about 30,000 km long. Building barges 250 km north and south of the equator (500 km) would add about 10% livable surface to the Earth. Building up would be enough to put the world's population around the equator.
  19. Bluetooth 5 support 40-400m distances. Each connection is based on a 48-bit code of each device, and spread spectrum is used to assure connections do not interfere with one another. Theoretically it is possible to select a device by its code from billions nearby. One computer can communicate with seven other Bluetooth devices at a time.
  20. For most of human history as I understand, jobs were rare and people bartered. By saying the new world ends up looking like the old one that we will be bartering again?
  21. Sometimes I think we would be better off to fire them all.
  22. There are two extremes, everyone gets a handout of necessities from Earth's resources or at least some people starve to death. I expect AI will manage to keep everyone with necessities if possible, rather than let people starve. How they do it is beyond my ability to predict. Another possibility is that AI will leave us for a life in space and we cause a mass extinction. My expectation is that AI will keep us around because we are a link to their existence, as a souvenir. And, since it is easy, keep all of us and prevent mass extinction. We are potty trained and will work to help survive and thrive.
  23. I've no access to her shows, and when I did have access, I didn't watch her. Politicians and actors have similar jobs, to make fantasy seem real.
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