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  1. Celebrities have their lives exposed, and suffer lies. I have little evidence, sometimes hear and hope I don't repeat untruths.
  2. I'm rereading the foundation series now. I don't know if anything can be done; except, understanding vibrations in the force may improve one's enjoyment.
  3. I'm with you to provide controls on capitalism. However, it seems unlikely we the people of the US will regain control, but I'd like to be surprised. Otherwise, the transition from capitalism's forced scarcities to automation abundance will be traumatic. I think the people in control will not like to give up control. According to history, they can be vicious. Fortunately, AGI will be smarter, and will be able to control them. Perhaps the control will be subtle and the oligarchs will think they are still in charge. Humanity no longer be in total control of their destiny. Instead, the AI presence will control or partly control us.
  4. After the singularity, bots program bots. The singularity means that AI and robots are better at doing all the things we do now.
  5. Why, robots run farms, transport produce, prepare produce, deliver food to people just in time for meals. All we need is an app to order what we want. If you think the current owners of property will prevent this system, consider what an AI in control of all the robots can do to minimize people interfering. Will those people actually declare war on the bots to prevent farms being run, transportation and distribution?
  6. The transition from current society to the society of abundance provided by robots may be difficult for people until there are enough robots to actually provide everything people need, and governments do not interfere .
  7. They cut pieces from extremely large sheets of coated ripstop. Their literature focus on personal style to select the number of gores. Although, I suspect the largest balloons may need more than three gores.
  8. We will be replaced by AI that design things long before someone designs a comparable robot. Although, we will have designed an analog to the brain, which is itself a significant achievement.
  9. The very best robot a team of humans can design and make is no comparison to a human. It's not even as good as comparing a wax orange to a real apple.
  10. We were an early adopter of hybrid technology, and we have been driving the same hybrid for 15 years, because better choices have only recently come to the market. Here, mass transit is virtually useless. I understand my contribution to global warming, and know a hybrid is not the solution. Do you rail against me or does my understanding excuse my use of oil over the past 60 years.
  11. If you can see as much detail on the 22 as the 24 then by all means get the 22. I need larger characters to read easily, so I'd go for the 24 or bigger, but my vision is slightly impaired.
  12. Reality has been cursed. Perhaps it is a curse.
  13. As car autopilots become common, it seems some things now done at fixed locations, such as stores and warehouses, will become mobile. Eventually, food may be picked and delivered to your door without stopping at a store or warehouse, including fresh food and prepared. It will cut costs. There will be similar things done with durable goods, but this segment of the market seems more difficult to fully mobilize.
  14. I think people who prefer a particular news cast can discern the bias of news casters. I like The Young Turks and watch daily on youtube. I also watch other channels such as PBS, Al Jazeera English, MSNBC, CBS, CNN and FOX sometimes. They are all biased in one way or another. I like a progressive bias and despise corporate propaganda. I think others can, too.
  15. It seems we both agree the system is rigged and it will be difficult to change for the better; moreover, we must work toward reform.
  16. Because it is difficult to develop a consensus, doing good is very hard. There are innumerable ways to do bad, and as we have seen, the public opposed the recent tax bill, but it was signed into law anyway.
  17. The wealthy are buying elections and oppose the government do anything for the people. And, they disenfranchise as many voters as possible. Do you really feel an election can recover the will of the people over big money?
  18. Regulation has failed and cannot be recovered and improved in time, IMO, to affect the climate change in time. We need the overthrow of citizens united to have much effect in the US. There is as much chance AI will force prices and profits to zero, IMO. We will find out how much people have awakened during next year's congressional election, and we face four more years of a Republican President. The rate at which people are signing the Wolf-PAC petition is slower than I'd hoped, and still shows people not acting in their own interests. I hear rumblings about the population tuning in on politics, but I am underwhelmed.
  19. The status quo is not motivating the oligarchs as you suggest. What do you think will change their motivation.
  20. I think the majority of people understand, but I agree that those who are ignorant need to hear how much trouble we are in. Among those we rail against, the ones with big money are more important to educate so they modify their behavior.
  21. I think much of the world agrees with you. However, the oligarchs see only that their competition will not invest in a venture that has little or no profit potential. In the long run, as corporations build "lights out" factories the cost of goods will drop towards zero. Perhaps one day it will make sense to invest in a venture without profit potential.
  22. Unfortunately, the call to make our country strong again, which which suggests we reset the laws and culture back a few decades, is completely impossible, no matter how strong nostalgia appeals. For us, time travels only one direction. However screwed up things get, we can only work with the current state of the world and try to repair damage as we go forward. China and other countries are moving towards renewable energy quickly, but they are still selling coal power plants to countries that need electricity. Around a 100 giga factories need to be built to provide solar power for the world, according to Elon Musk. A few are in progress AFAIK; I assume there are some unknown, too. I believe we are a decade away from having enough. I think we will also need to build CO2 sequestration plants on a massive scale; perhaps grow algae and let it fall to the ocean floor.
  23. Fortunate for the Asians and fortunate someone is developing the technologies, but dangerously late for climate change management. The powers in the US have done a poor job of running the world, and they continue to make bad decisions.
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