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  1. bruno sanchioni- Flash (Hard House Mix) https://soundcloud.com/krash661/bruno-sanchioni-flash-hard Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In (Skrillex "Goin' Down" Mix) Franky B. - A Horse With No Name / Hammer Tracks Ellie Goulding - Hanging On (Living Phantoms Remix)
  2. it's another physics forum, like this one. but i understand what you are saying, I have been on that one for some months now , it appears to be filled with mathematicians.with some physicist. but i would not disregard the knowledge there.they and it is very usefully and very qualified. and also, that exact same question on that forum is what i posted.as in inquisitive asked it there also and they answered it. not at all, it explains the whole proccess, did you notice you can click on words and it will explain. for example, click on the underlined words.
  3. hmmmm. your name is familiar to me, I can not place it.
  4. , i apologize for my US ways.
  5. yes, I apologize for not using detail. I assumed people would know what was meant, since it's a common notion.
  6. a ray of light from the sun is already 10 minutes old when reached earth. a light year is the distance light travels in one year(earth time)which equals, 9.4605284*10^15/m or 9460730472580800/m(exact) once the ray of light reaches this distance. it's already one year old. a ray of light travels 186k m/s in that distance it's already one second old.
  7. nobody knows.. this is one of many first on the list mysteries. if somebody knew this then maybe they would be dr. manhattan by now. There's more to reality than meets the normal eye.Behind the curtain of every day consciousness is hidden another naturalise strange mental universe
  8. there's to much to type for explanation so, try this link.. it should help. http://www.gcsescience.com/pfm30.htm weird, same exact question here, http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=686694
  9. listen to this guy, http://www.sciforums.com/showthread.php?133188-Do-Aliens-Exist&p=3060419&viewfull=1#post3060419 edit-
  10. ​i fore sure agree and think the words you have used are probably the best to use to cover an overall thought on this..
  11. funny.. yeah if i remember correctly it was 10 years ago or so when discovered.
  12. for me he was being seriously sarcastic. which i found nothing wrong with.
  13. umm, maybe you do not understand, first it appears you are referring to the documentary of the research involved with this which there is no excitement involved, i'm not sure were that came from, and second, my question was on the the thought's of this specific discovery of this being. so this appears to be a hoax to sell dvd's ? i remember the announcement years ago but forgot about it until recently when i came across this article, for me it would appear if it was a real discovery and not fake, there would be more attention to it. but like i said i do not know much about it, i was just curious.
  14. i looked through the topics, but did not find a specific topic on extraterrestrial life in general. so i started this topic. anyways, any one have thoughts on this, I do not know much about it. 'Sirius' Documentary Reveals DNA Test Results On Ata, The '6-Inch Alien' http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/23/sirius-documentary-dna-re_n_3135628.html#slide=2330981
  15. hmm.. cybernetics, at what point in humanity does it become terminator, just like the movie.
  16. meta means beyond, metaphysics means beyond physics, what ever that means. from what i gathered it appears to be a mixture of spirituality and physics, or spirituality/scientology and physics. but i'm not 100% sure.
  17. IMO, this appears to be leading to religion of some sort. that 5k years is common in religious thought's. but, i'm probably wrong.
  18. without the use of words from nature, anthropocentric whether we like it or not
  19. I was going to mention plasma was forgotten.
  20. Hangout with CERN: Extra Dimensions Thursday, April 25, 2013 5:00pm in UTC+02 Google+ Hangout: Watch live on http://youtube.com/CERNTV In this week's hangout we're joined by special guests theorists Lisa Randall and Raman Sundrum, authors of two of the most cited papers in physics for the past ten years. They join CERN physicists as we look at how the LHC experiments are investigating extra dimensions. Join this "Hangout with CERN" broadcast live on Thursday 25 April at 17:00 CEST, on CERN's Google+ and YouTube pages, with a recording later available on YouTube. You can post questions in advance in the comments below or on Twitter to @CERN with the hashtag #askCERN. We'll pick the best ones to answer and we may even invite you to participate in the live hangout! Want some background on the topic of extra dimensions, watch this video from "Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham www.phdcomics.com © Jorge Cham.
  21. free sounds effects https://www.google.com/search?q=free+sounds&aq=f&oq=free+sounds&aqs=chrome.0.57j60j65l3j60.13837j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#hl=en&gs_rn=11&gs_ri=psy-ab&pq=free%20sounds&cp=12&gs_id=4&xhr=t&q=free+sounds+effects&es_nrs=true&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&oq=free+sounds+&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45645796,d.cGE&fp=1a317f44bff72960&biw=1273&bih=900
  22. for me, this is a tough topic, and i seriously could not say what nothing is based on it's definition of such. in a sense this is a great topic to ponder. well for me anyways.
  23. I personally do not like arguing, it's a vicious cycle that is never ending, but what i have learned is , to become a great arguer, knowledge,wisdom,understand,the thought process and no emotions is the best why. but all that is just my thought.
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