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  1. ohh, i apologize, if this a response to my comment, I was referring to the topic it's self, " Harnessing Photosynthesis for Power/Food Production "
  2. what's the differences from this idea, and how solar energy works ?
  3. " Nature has designed us to live indefinitely ", I'm confused, IMO this is contradicting. and obvious from this thing called nature it self.
  4. krash661


    great video.. it appears electricity is a big part of everything, but then i'm lead to electric universe idea when ever i think about this thought.
  5. What, sir? You would make a ship sail against the wind and currents by lighting a bonfire under her decks? I have no time to listen to such nonsense.- Napoleon Bonaparte to Robert Fulton, upon hearing of the latter's plans for a steam-powered engine.
  6. ahh, i remember when myth busters did the frequency oscillation thought, like the bridge example above. if i remember correctly they said it's a myth.. but watching myth busters,IMO , is like calling an apple an orange in most cases. I find it hard to take seriously on most cases of such.
  7. i'm not sure but the first thought i receive from this is reactions. but i'm not sure.
  8. krash661


    i do not know about all the comments above, but all in all, IMO i thought it was a great show of it's time.
  9. I'm not sure how " if there's no centre of the Universe ", means, not be able to measure expansion. for me you have to explain this thought.
  10. I sometimes have thoughts that time has it's own speed/velocity and possibly faster than light. but it's just a thought.
  11. krash661


    something interesting, Understanding the turbulence in plasmas New experiments in a tokamak fusion reactor reveal details of a cooling process, potentially bringing practical fusion closer. http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2013/understanding-turbulence-in-plasmas-0429.html
  12. I'm not sure if this is relevant to this topic yet, I have not read it but i plan on it later today but, in sky and telescope there's an article, sky and telescope magazine june 2013 " when black holes eat stars " pg.16 here'a a link, but i'm not sure some will be able to access it, http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/newtrack/st_201306/#/18 http://www.skyandtelescope.com/skytel
  13. lol I apologize.... I"m into rave music. Hardstyle Afrojack - Annie's Theme (Original Mix) Chuckie feat Junxter Jack - Make Some Noise (Original Mix)
  14. interesting. the best understanding i have had personally is from open mind as possible, even if it is loony tunes,voodoo magic or such everything is relative..
  15. i was not able to see the link, it says i do not have permission, so maybe. but for me it's obvious so i do not know what to tell you. or maybe add the meaning of manipulation(in a sense) to the conversation. the manipulation would be the influence aspect of this question i maybe not be understanding. which will lead to a development of a cutler over a period of time. it's what it leads to.
  16. cul·ture cul·ture [kúlchər] n (plural cul·tures) 1. arts collectively: art, music, literature, and related intellectual activities, considered collectively Culture is necessary for a healthy society. popular culture 2. knowledge and sophistication: enlightenment and sophistication acquired through education and exposure to the arts They are people of culture. 3. shared beliefs and values of group: the beliefs, customs, practices, and social behavior of a particular nation or people Southeast Asian culture 4. people with shared beliefs and practices: a group of people whose shared beliefs and practices identify the particular place, class, or time to which they belong 5. shared attitudes: a particular set of attitudes that characterizes a group of people The company tries hard to avoid a blame culture. 6. growing of biological material: the growing of biological material, especially plants, microorganisms, or animal tissue, in a nutrient substance culture medium in specially controlled conditions for scientific, medical, or commercial purposes 7. biotechnology biological material grown in special conditions: biological material, especially plants, microorganisms, or animal tissue, grown in a nutrient substance culture medium in specially controlled conditions for scientific, medical, or commercial purposes 8. tillage: the cultivation of the land or soil in preparation for growing crops or plants 9. improvement: the development of a skill or expertise through training or education physical culture vt (past and past participle cul·tured, present participle cul·tur·ing, 3rd person present singular cul·tures) 1. grow biological material in special conditions: to grow biological material, especially plants, microorganisms, or animal tissue, in a nutrient substance culture medium in specially controlled conditions, for scientific, medical, or commercial purposes 2. agriculture cultivate plants: to cultivate plants or crops 3. nurture somebody or something: to nurture somebody or something, especially in order to advance your own interests She spent a great deal of time culturing new contacts on Capitol Hill. [13th century. Via French < Latin cultura "tillage" < cult- , past participle of colere "inhabit, cultivate"] bought bought [bawt] Past participle, past tense of buy adj not homemade: commercially made rather than homemade buy buy [bī] v (past and past participle bought [bawt], present participle buy·ing, 3rd person present singular buys) 1. vti acquire something by payment: to pay money for something in order to obtain it They bought me a bike for my birthday. People just aren't buying at the moment. 2. vt obtain something from somebody by bribery: to obtain information, help, or loyalty from somebody in exchange for money 3. vt obtain time: to obtain more time to reach a desired end by taking strategic action a maneuver that should buy us another week 4. vt obtain something by sacrifice: to obtain something by sacrificing something else of equivalent value buy peace with land 5. vi be buyer for company or person: to purchase goods on behalf of a company or another person She buys for a large New York store. 6. vt believe something: to accept or believe something proposed as true (informal) I don't buy the part about an international conspiracy. n (plural buys) 1. something bought: something that you pay money for, considered relative to its worth a good buy 2. exchange of money for goods: an exchange of money for goods or services [ Old English bycgan < Germanic] -buy·a·ble, , adj See bi-.
  17. Showtek & Noisecontrollers - Get Loose (Original Mix) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwifL6PwEFM
  18. depending on what definition is used of many, is it not obvious ?
  19. yeah, it's becoming more and more of a hoax the more i find on it. IMo, there were reasons why there was no attention to it publicly in the last 10 years. anyways, this is an extraterrestrial life topic in general, so if anybody else has things to post or converse about, post it.
  20. seriously ?? edit- ahh i see what you are doing here..
  21. here's something i came across a time ago, mass physics- physical quantity: the property of an object that is a measure of its inertia, the amount of matter it contains, and its influence in a gravitational field. quantity amount: an amount or number of something physics- particular magnitude of something: the product of a measurable phenomenon such as electric current or radiation intensity and the time during which the phenomenon is measured magnitude greatness of size: greatness of size, volume, or extent mathematics- number assigned to mathematical quantity: a numerical value that describes the amount of something, usually expressed in terms of a multiple of standard units, or the item measured in this way dilation expanding of something: the act or process of widening or being widened, enlarging or being enlarged, or stretching or being stretched expanded condition: a condition in which something is widened, enlarged, or stretched expanded thing: something, especially a part of something else, that has become widened, enlarged, or stretched
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