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  1. Friends, Please go through the below logically explained content patiently before coming to any conclusions. BRAMHA Abstract: The creation is done by the BRAMHA (PARABRAMHA). The creation is the MAYA and the ATMAs bound together. The creation was planned completely before it was started. Key Words: Creation, PARABRAMHA, MAYA, ATMA, BRAMHA. Introduction: The knowledge of the very root(s) of this creation is not available to man till date and it looks impossible. But, understanding that is deeper than what conventional (materialistic) science can tell about the creation and
  2. Usefulness is not necessarily in economics. It can be in anyway. the knowledge "who walks how much and in what areas of the world" is different from the knowledge "a specific person 10000 km away walked 5 steps more than me". The earlier case is a very minute subset of the later case because the first case does not require study of every person on the earth. So we have to know how much is enough.
  3. Actually 'Sastra' is the word used as equivalent to 'Science' in English. In sanskrit, 'Gyan'=knowledge. 'Vigyan'=awareness of the importance of knowledge. 'Vedhas' are called as 'Sastra' as frequently as they are called 'Vedhas' while another synonym of Vedha is knowledge. And in schools we were taught that Science='Sastra'. So Science=knowledge was the understanding. I am not doing this reply with a soft corner to Sanskrit. Sanskrit words cover at least as many and likely more meanings and expressions than English. Traditional vedic philosophy in India has very strict and mature
  4. I got excellent helping comments here. Thank you all for your contribution. Now I understand want happened: In Indian languages, a word which is equivalent to 'Science' in English is used as synonym to 'Knowledge'. Also, worlds most ancient script 'Vedha' has synonyms 'Knowledge' and 'Science'. So I had strongly in my mind that Science=Knowledge. But majority of the world currently sees science as the set of processes around knowledge rather than the knowledge itself. So the definition I developed sounds a bit odd. So, I am with drawing this definition. I am making it as the meaning of 'Sc
  5. Further to the explanation given in the original post, If we consider medical research, every finding may not be useful and a medicine may go extinct because of another more useful medicine down the line. But we holistically consider the medical research findings as useful always and everywhere. Even usefulness is relativistic. Some knowledge is very useful, some is very less useful. A reliable belief can have a little un-certainty of reliance and belief.
  6. I was just trying to give an example. Usefulness is relativistic too. We can call a less likely useful thing as useless. Ok..can we consider 'the exact length of the sleeve of the shirt of my next next neighbor house dweller' as useless fact? It depends on how anyone wants to consider science as. Processes, experiments, methods, enterprises, etc were not considered as science until recently. They were considered makers or keepers of science. The very meaning of the word 'science' is 'knowledge'. For example, Person B can call an animal XYZ as 'Cow', while Person A calls PQR as 'co
  7. Excellent and very important website. I was thinking for such website for some time.
  8. Aliens do not have as much significance as God has in the society.
  9. Science The sun rises in the sky. We do not doubt our brain and eyes in accepting this, since living becomes very difficult if we doubt them. We accept the observations which are reliable for life, irrespective of the facts. We trust our sense organs and brain. When an observation is reliable, it is not mandatory to know the facts of that observation. An observation is reliable unless there is an alternative observation. ‘Sun travels from east to west of the earth in the sky’ was a reliable observation until it was observed that ‘the earth spins’. It cannot be disproved that your brain is und
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