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  1. no what happened yesterday is irrelevant to what this conversation is about. also about that, most of what sold off came back from that sell off within 10 minutes or so, after ap came out and said they were hacked. what you are referring to are ECN's, electronic communication network , they are for orders off the exchange, they create a lower cost and access to exchange's books on a specific instrument. what this conversation is about are systems created by so called professionals to supposedly create an effort less strategy of trading and other categories mentioned , but they are statistical based and fail once the statics change, which is quit often. and no, no example, I'm a series 3 capital markets trader. i'm doing it at this second. i tried to provide useful info about these systems, 9/10 these systems will blow out your account.
  2. you say this because you have no clue how much money these systems lose,which leads to not surviving. but it's ok because it does not effect my accounts.
  3. i sometimes have this thought, one see's there are separate flows of times occurring within one flow of an over all flow of time. in other words time in time. if my time flow ( frame) can be separated from your time flow ( frame) yet co-exist in one overall time flow ( frame )in the same moment, does that mean the existence we experience appears to be not real . relativity is about time. now if we can separate consciousness from each other and have different realities,but yet co-exist in one whole reality in the same moment, what does that mean.
  4. ok, thanks, then that means i do not care about them one way or another. thanks again.
  5. ok thanks. also one last question about it, does so many points equal a ban of some sort, or are these points harmless ?
  6. is there a way to disable the reputation buttons on my post ? is there ? i prefer for this to be removed from my post. for me, this should be set up to where if someone once to give you a negative point, they should have to state a justifiable reason to do so, then it should be approved if justifiable. to me it seems like anyone who is offended for any childish reason can just start clicking it as they wish. just a thought.
  7. they all run algorithms. and have track records that are not good in most cases, most of these systems are a fail after certain periods of time, they are statistical based.they are fine for x amount of time but fail when the environment that they are running changes(which is often). as of this moment in time, there's only maybe a couple of these systems that actually preform, but as a person with no knowledge in this field ,you wouldn't know this what you have mention are top tier, others fall under those( and there's only a couple more but i forgot them, sorry.. edit- wow, some one gave me a negative point for giving accurate info, next time i just won't help. funny.
  8. you never know who you are helping on the internet.
  9. keep them, there's nothing wrong with referencing to them when needed. some times they bring clarity when going back to basics is needed. keep them and continue to use them.
  10. Mesh networking http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesh_networking Green computing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_computing
  11. it appears it pertains to small k,(2k) re read what Royston told you. this may help in a small way, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Thermodynamic_symbols
  12. I'm having this issue at this exact moment, it has been occurring all morning long for me.
  13. this is interesting. 15 Awesome Chemistry Experiments http://www.trueactivist.com/15-awesome-chemistry-gifs/
  14. hmm, interesting, I do not know much about quantum entanglement but what i have came across is interesting.
  15. and also, i should have put in there " ( as it's seen by majority) ", for the offensive remark. that is not my view. I apologize for that.
  16. umm ok. and second, " A person doesn't evolve, evolution takes place only among populations over time.Also, there are no "higher levels" of evolution.", think about this. weird. " Second, I think it's very important for science-minded folks not to misuse terms like "evolve". Your first use of "evolving" was fine, your second, well, " to help you understand, it appears you have evolve and evolution mixed up, but I'm not sure.
  17. "why is nasa more important than feeding starving people?" simple, humanities survival (expanding as population grow, evolving and partly decreasing resources)is far more important than someone who is not productive in society,finances or anything except a burden on society as a whole. nasa is very important for this to occur. some say if this is not done, humanity will not survive.it would destroy it's self. it's about humanity as a whole rather than an individual(s). once you evolve your self to higher levels of your mentality with understanding, things like this will be obvious.
  18. do all these like button at the bottom of the posting area of these topics just for the post/topics or the forum as a whole ?
  19. what were your thoughts as you were swimming back up to the boat from the 20 foot bottom of water ?
  20. most pass out once the pain reaches intolerable sensations of such. the brain shut's it's self down, but i do not know why and how exactly this occurres. I never had interest to find out
  21. I should thank you. I'd almost forgotten the excitement of not knowing. The delights of uncertainty. -dr.manhattan

    1. krash661


      this site is a joke(ScienceForums.Net),

      if you want a real physics site go here



  22. i know of none, i have social anxiety disorder, i do not go out much, sorry Nicky Romero ft Calvin Harris - Iron (Original Mix) Krewella - Feel Me [OFFICIAL VIDEO - HD] Sander van Doorn & Julian Jordan - Kangaroo (Original Mix)
  23. I once came across this, " All matter is merely energy, condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves. " i like this, " Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange -Inception "
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