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  1. Centrist here also. I found myself answering -maybe- alot due to the questions being very vague.
  2. Kids should not always get what they want. Somethings just go a little to far, imo this is one of those things. I'm not trying to blame anyone or anything, I was just stating my opinion of the game. Just the same as the guy who says "I think it is awesome!"
  3. Thanks for the flame. I am not an activist for censorship by any means. I have witnessed this lifestyle and to glorify it in this way is sad. There needs to be a line drawn somewhere. If not the next game you will be playing will be about 2 kids who go around shooting up there fellow highschool students and teachers in an enviorment that is meant to resemble Columbine. Just saying that makes me sad, but its a reality we must face in our society I suppose.
  4. GTA:SA is set in the early 1990's. You start off as a gang member and you go through missions like, performing drive-by shootings, breaking into rival gang members houses and beating them to death with baseball bats. As you progress you earn gang respect and get followers. It's a sad reality that some people really live in their every day lives, and I am dissapointed that this game glorifies this.
  5. Well I doubt that, even if life does exist on this moon, we will find it on this mission. Huygens will only be active for about 3 minutes in the atmosphere of Titan and when it lands it is predicted to land in liquid and go offline from my understanding. So unless we can detect life in that amount of time I doubt we will find any. Why cannot carbon based life exist in methane atmosphere? and is it possible (proveable or theoretical) for silicon life to even exist? or any other form besides carbon? Forgive me, my biology knowledge is nil
  6. Sorry to hear about your dad, sounds like he lived an extraordinary life. I will take you up on your offer to put me in touch or send some questions to NASA, but it won't be for a few more weeks if that is okay with you. I need to chew through these books and do some of the outline/thesis first. After that I should have a good idea of what questions I want to ask. I appreciate your help very much What do you think we should do differently Severian?
  7. TimeTraveler


    [acr=Expanded Text]LOL[/acr]
  8. They believe there are methane lakes that evaporate and form the methane clouds found in Titan's atmosphere. "According to their model, Titan is so cold that methane can form liquid pools on its surface. When this liquid is heated by the sun, it evaporates, forming methane clouds." Henry Bortman Astrobiology Magazine Here is the story- http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/titan_mysteries_041028.html
  9. Yeah it was great, I watched it from 1st contact to 3rd. I have never seen one before
  10. Thanks Sandi. Is the company you grew up in still around today and if so do you still make parts for NASA?
  11. Great responses thank you! Do you think it would make sense economically to get other country's involved in our missions and do more joint efforts on the planned missions? Do you think that any of these missions should be removed for missions you think would serve a better purpose? Do you think we should put more funds into nasa to build a lunar or martian base, and if so, how would this in the future save us money on future missions?
  12. Great reply thanks! Also for this project I must interview an authority in the topic, I kind of picked a unique topic. Any suggestions for interview canidates? I have six weeks to complete the project it is a 10 page essay. Im by no means looking for answers to copy or anything, just ideas and links to point me in the right directions
  13. I am writing a research paper about NASA and our funding. It is an arguementative research paper, so I would like to hear both sides. What benifits does NASA give to the non scientists of the world? NASA's Budget for 2004 was $15.47 Billion, which is proposed to relatively stay the same and gradually increase to about $17 billion by 2009. currently it represents 0.7% of the yearly budget. You can read the 2005 budget presentation, in connection with the new vision of NASA here: (it is highlighted administrator O'Keefes budget presentation) http://www.nasa.gov/about/budget/index.html Is this a reasonable amount for the designated tasks? What kind of benifits does this present humanity with besides just knowledge and understanding? What kind of long term goals or progress can be made from these types of missions?
  14. Providing the weather is decent I will be watching this with my physics class.
  15. Very interesting. I am no mathmatician, but I am familliar with the Drake equation. It was once used, by Carl Sagan and others, to try to determine the possibility of life in the universe. My understanding of the Drake equation is that it cannot answer these questions very precisely. Since it focuses on factors which values are uncertain. However it can produce a range of reasonable values. I've read through your work and I understand and agree 100% on the basis of your goal. However I do not understand most of your work due to my limited math abilities. Also do you have any current results of your equations? How do you propose using the media? And how can scientists form a global commitee by which this could be accomplished?
  16. Time travel is a hypothetical situation, it cannot really be proven, theoretically it is possible, but there are many answers that are unknown, and the answer you are looking for is also unknown.
  17. What do you mean by third party? Sorry Ive never understood the differences between political party's, Not up to snuff on my politics I just look at a man for who he is and what he represents, ive never paid much attention to party's
  18. Who? My opinion on bush is it is a double edged sword. Either way you look at it he would have been wrong, but the situation could have been handled better. As for the topic of the original post, it's really terrible what the world is coming to. And I don't blame it on anyone but the media. The media has screwed up society in so many ways, but what can you do? It's a downfall of freedom I guess, anyone can say anything about nothing in the media, and everyone gobbles it up as truth. (well most people do anyways)
  19. NASA's original planned mars mission was for 2017, only recently has this number changed to 2010. I see 2010 as a little too soon but forsure they will do it by 2017. The 2017 figure has been in place for almost 10 years, it seems likely that the funding is probably already lined out for this mission. But yeah the above plan is a great one. I especially like the idea of mining NEA's we should have started this along time ago, it will provide many jobs, grant us extra resources for space and even Earth if it could be figured how to make it more cost effective.
  20. Yes very true. Thank you Planning your life can sometimes be an overwhelming task
  21. That would be ideal, and I do not see it as unrealistic, with the private space movement, I think it will bring international cooperation to a whole new level (if only for the sciences of space exploration). Its a key building block in international cooperation and I believe space travel will be the first step of many.
  22. Well thats a contradiction, if the universe lasted forever then not all things would happen that are possible. If it lasted forever it would never end, so thats one thing that would not happen .
  23. Another question: Say for example I majored in physics and minored in engineering, with those credentials would it be difficult for me to get into an engineering job with only a minor?
  24. Try this: Not understanding is not stupidity. For having the motivation to learn and understand, I consider you very intelligent. Not much shorter but it might fit.
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