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  1. The problem with the above argument, is that it's not likely that an independant who would vote for McCain, would have voted for Obama.
  2. *grin*...I like the part about "sending mixed messages". Yup, it was a slap across Edwards' face. Payback for not taking NC in '04.
  3. Does this hurt Hillary..........Or Obama?
  4. Hmmm, would that be the "Michael Steele" sort of racism, or the SC redneck sort of racism?....I.E. Black against Black, or White against Black..... Among men, I'd say, NO... But among women, I gotta give it a, YES.
  5. Grin, yes, she *did* go out of her way to break the mold, with her "Hillary has a heart" crying jag. What I'm really interested in, is South Carolina, and how the Black vote will be divied up. Does the Clinton machine have enough clout with the Black leaders to swing the majority in her direction? Yup, South Carolina should be very interesting.
  6. I guess the same thing could be said of Hillary...
  7. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
  8. Oh, I hope your kid fares well in society. My attitude to my kid(s), was quite the opposite.
  9. It may open the door for Netanyahu to reverse Sharon's policies.
  10. Douglas

    Katrina Whiners

    Just heard that the Katrina victims living in Residence Inn's in the Northern states, are now moving back to the Residence Inn's in Texas......guess it's too chilly up North. EDITED to add it wasn't clear if they got free bus fare.
  11. Douglas

    Cool Facts

    An ounce of gold thrown into a rushing river for 1000 years, will still be an ounce of gold. A LUMP OF PURE GOLD THE SIZE OF A MATCHBOOK CAN BE FLATTENED INTO A SHEET THE SIZE OF A TENNIS COURT
  12. Oh, what disinformation, and who's pulling the strings????????? disinformation = Deliberately misleading information
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