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  1. HI I was just wondering if animals can get asthma?
  2. ok another strange think happened to me today. you may have read my other post about reverse visions.. Today, i was really tired, so i had a sleep. This was about 5pm. When i was in the bathroom and got undressed, i noticed several scratch/blood marks on my stomach. The are deep cuts not done by finger nails. One was in the shape of a coss. how did this happen? does ir mean something?
  3. but i was staring ahead.. i looked left to a tree or something, looked again and it was reversed. What do yo mean: "record information, it only stores" Record and store are the same thing surely?
  4. i'm sure i didnt though. what would cause me to imagine it?
  5. toolman

    alcohol damage

    lol good idea, but looking for a way of drinking n being safe
  6. toolman

    alcohol damage

    ok. in that case is ther anyway of reducing the risk when drinking alcohol?
  7. Hi, Today when i was driving home, i looked at a car number plate/liscense plate, but it was reveresed. I then looked again and it was normal. Any ideas what caused this?
  8. toolman

    alcohol damage

    I agree with you on that, although i think it's the same with any alcohol not just beer. Still no answer to my question.. would drinking soft drinks/water make the alcohol pass out the system quicker reducing damage?
  9. toolman

    alcohol damage

    Ok thanks.. but would drinking soft drinks/water make the alcohol pass out the system quicker reducing the risks?
  10. toolman

    alcohol damage

    Possibly considering it, well nto all the time, but just oging on holiday and a festival for 2 weeks. Is there anyway to reduce these risks.. ie drinking water with the alcohol?
  11. toolman

    alcohol damage

    ok cool.. just for 2 weeks? and what do you mean by: lot of trouble?
  12. toolman

    alcohol damage

    Hi, How long does it take for alcohol to affect/have damage on your body? I'm, talking longterm here. I was thinking.. what would happen if you were drunk, for say 2 weeks solid...would that damage you in anyway longterm?
  13. toolman


    ok cool. and is that doing something every day?
  14. toolman


    HI, u was just wondering how long it takes for your brain to realise that you are in a habit. I mean.. how long does it take for you to do something as a habit. Any ideas?
  15. Hi, I have noticed that when i perspire, i seem to sweat more on my right side than my left. (i mean under arm..) is this normal? and is i possibe to stop this?
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