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  1. I know this is very unlikely to happen anytime soon, but just speculate with me for a second. Do you think it is possible for man-kind to go without economics as we know them? What if we got rid of all the currency in the world and the acquisition of wealth did not exist? For example, in the science fictional world of Star Trek the acquisition of wealth is irrelevant, humanity works to better itself as a whole. Now I know there are many things to consider, food, resources ect ect. Everything money buys really. And in the Star Trek world they have replicators which can make anything they want or need. Could and would humanity be able to handle the distrabution of food, resources and need without currency? If it was able to, would that be an end to poverty, and extremely rich, putting everyone on an equal level? I appreciate any thoughts or ideas!
  2. TimeTraveler


    There is alot more reasons than that as to why crimes are comitted. Need, depression, hunger, survival, revenge, dislike, anger, drunken stupidity..... the list goes on. But as you say without law there is no law to break, but what then? What if someone gets drunk and kills someone, or what about drugs, what about school systems, what about the army... There are a million things that would need to be considered and worked out. I am all for a better world, but I don't see how any form of anarchy could provide that. What would you propose to make anarchy work in any given society?
  3. Hey those IQ tests really work!~ Okay so I am biased because I was happy with my score
  4. I do not know anything about ducks, but I ran a search and found this. It doesn't answer your question but you can email questions to them. Hope it helps. http://www.liveducks.com/care.html#health2
  5. I cannot even boot in in safe mode. The only way I can get a response is to do step by step confirmation, then I process the system registry I get a message : Please wait while setup updates your configuration files. This may take a few minutes.... ( a few minutes later) Windows could not update the file %1 from %2 %1: %2 Anyone have any idea what that means?
  6. Sounds like fun, is there a history behind it? is it a holiday? what does it represent?
  7. It is definatly strange when you think about yourself at the subatomic level. Everything works so well at that level and makes so many things happen just to make a thought. How do these things correlate and know what to do? What if there is some life force that guides them (i.e soul or spirit). They do so much and correlate it so well, they cannot do this without some form of consciousness can they?
  8. Its like that on 4th of July or New Years eve here in the states.
  9. TimeTraveler


    Anarchy: Absence of governmental authority or law; Disorder and confusion - America Heritage dictionary. I do not see anarchy as barbaric, childish or idealistic, but I just do not see it as realistic. It would seem to me that even without government there would still need to be some form of structure in any given society. How so? By the way welcome to the boards!
  10. Here is a link: http://informationcentre.tripod.com/facts/waves.html THis part should answer your question:
  11. As I pointed out earlier: An age limit does not really prevent anything. The ratings level is a nice thought however it doesn't work Parents should be responsible but it's hard for them to monitor everything there children plays or watches, games like this should be mandatory you provide identification that shows you are over age 17 or 18 to rent or buy. And as much as the parents may try, most kids these days do not respect their parents or elders. As you can see:
  12. Well, I watched and listened to everything Bush said, I do not remember him saying I will use new muscle to defeat terrorism. I might have missed it, but I know for a fact it was not in the same sentance as what is quoted: "I earned political capital in the election and I intend to spend it." Two very different things mixed together to sound the way the author wants them to sound to the reader = 0 credibility
  13. On my other computer I recently downloaded DX9. After it finished downloading the computer went to its windows start up screen and will not do anything past that when i start it up. When I start it up I go to the windowsME start up screen and it freezes, when I touch any button the computer does not respond. But when I touch the shutoff button it immediatly goes off, instead of the normal few second delay. Any ideas? I have called around but every place I call wants to charge me a ridiculous amount of money to even look at it. The computer is only 2 years old, my warranty is up, but I would like to fix the problem myself if I can. The computer uses Mccafree(sp?) virus scan.
  14. I for one appreciate the brits and the aussies support. Regardless if you support the war or not, I appluad you for being there, and do not think america will forget if our help is needed by you fine folks. P.S. and all the other countrys helping us! by the way I supported the need to take Saadam down for genocide, but I do not fully support the way america has handled it. But I am American and I will stand by my country live or die! I am sure you can understand.
  15. I can't get the link to work. First I got a message that there was too many views of the page, now I just get page cannot be displayed. I tryed going directly to the star wars site but couldn't load that either.
  16. When did we know this as fact? thought this was speculation? Yeah I know you clarify later that it's theory, but this sentance can be misleading The new data show the universe to be 13.7 billion years old, to within 200 million years- Charles L. Bennett NASA Sorry not picking apart your post Just wanted to point this out b/c it's very hard to keep up with all the new information coming in. Now onto the topic hehe. I really am neutral to this theory, part of me does not want to believe it, it just doesn't feel right. But what the hell do feelings mean in physics? I was reading today something that said to think of time and space as real is absurd. The only thing that is real is motion which gives us a perception of time and space.... (ya you guessed it, philosophy class ) I have my own feeling, and I say feeling because that is all it is. Space itself is a spatial dimension, kinda like an ocean. Living in an ocean would seem very two dimensional. however there is a whole world above you that you have no way of percieving. It is something you cannot even comprehend because it is so different from what you know as reality. Space is like an ocean and the univers is like a bubble in that ocean, to ever understand and interprate the other dimensions (if they exist) we must go outside the bubble and see what is beyond. And what I believe we will find is we are a bubble alongside billions of other bubbles, inside a bigger bubble which is along side billions of other bigger bubbles inside a bigger bubble ad infinite.
  17. At the age of 5? I doubt that. Bad parenting is mostly to blame, and part of that is letting their 5 yr. watch and play violent games and movies. He played games where you hit and beat people up over and over again, and he did not understand the consequences. I highly doubt that he still fully understands what he did wrong.
  18. As much as celebraties are praised and glorified, I think most americans look at them as rich spoiled people who have no intelligence, they make millions of dollars from gaining attention. When I see them on TV talking about politics, they talk alot but say nothing. The credibility of celebraties in my mind is non existant. Personally I don't care about republican and democrat. I care about America. And I just did not see Kerry as a hard nose decision making guy. It seems alot of his opinions are generated from media. Media says bush did this wrong "so I will tell America I will do it right". Problem is the media has little credability anymore. Everyone was complaining about this and that about Bush and all Kerry did was say I will do it better. He never gave a real plan that I thought made sense. His critical thinking and creativity were lacking. Bush was the better candidate of the two in my eyes, he is a decision maker and stands by his decisions. I would have liked to see someone better suited to be president run against Bush. Kerry would not have made a good president but still he got alot of votes. That is because good candidates in this election were lacking. Thats just my opinion. *edit* Oh and one more thing, smear campaigns to me are veiwed as desperation. When you do not have a good plan or real ideas to make it better, you just bash the other guy and hope people take your side. If Michael Moores film was not so one sided, maybe like a good arguementative essay, then maybe it would have had an affect on me. In the beggining of the movie he shows a clip of him asking Bush a question and Bush telling him he should go find real work. It seemed that the whole movie was a vengence on Bush for humiliating him. I do not know if anything he said was true, As he did not give any real proof of any of his accusations. Which is why the movie had no credibility to me.
  19. Let me tell you a little story, A couple I know had 3 children. A 5 year old boy, and twin girls ages 3. They as parents let thier children play video games, nothing nearly as bad as GTA.. they played games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, ect. The parents somewhat neglected their children, they always went out to clubs on weekends leaving their kids with a 14 yr old babysitter. When they were home with the kids they were always yelling at them, or making them watch TV or play video games so the kids would be out of their hair. A friend of theirs from down the street offered to take their boy to the park with them so he could play with their children. While at the park the children were playing baseball. The little boy was hitting while the neighbors 4 year old daughter was pitching. I'm sure it was very cute to watch. The mom went back to her car to get her camera to take pictures while the children continued to play. While she was gone the little girl accidently hit the boy with a pitch and the boy ran up to her and hit her over the head with the baseball bat killing her instantly. Don't tell me video games and movies with violence do not affect children.
  20. Unfortantly many children are born into this life and these situations. For them it is part of everyday live. For many who play this game it is very far from reality, but for many it is not. I think many people underestimate the effects and impact of video games. The human brain is something that we do not fully understand, and yes, that includes the developmental process. It is a common understanding that our brain manipulates our perceptions in a way to help us understand what is going on about us, but is it known what side effects violent video games or movies have on an undeveloped human brain? So we have seen a large uprising in crimes commited by teenagers ages 13-18 over the past ten years, can we attribute that to violent video games or movies? No. Not because its not true, its because we just do not know enough about the human brain to prove anything of this nature as true. But if you look at what seems to be a coincidental rising in the amount of violent video games and movies viewed by children of this age group over the last ten years then the statistics would make good evidence. However statistics are not proof. It is enough to convince me that violence effects the development of the human brain in many ways. Grand Theft Auto is clearly meant for adults, however I would be willing to speculate that just as many people under age 17 play this game as do people over age 17. Here are some facts: Unaccompanied children, ages 13 to 16, were able to buy "M" rated video games 85% of the time (FTC, 2000). Games can confuse reality and fantasy. Practicing violent acts may contribute more to aggressive behavior than passive television watching. Studies do find a relationship between violent television watching and behavior. In many violent games, players must become more violent to win. In "1st person" violent video games the player may be more affected because he or she controls the game and experiences the action through the eyes of his or her character. You can find these facts and more at http://www.mediafamily.org/facts/facts_effect.shtml
  21. I seem to find everything funny when I am sleep deprived. I laugh at the dumbest things, then I know it's time for bed.
  22. Actually I own the game. I bought it the day it came out, that is part of my frustration. Every other word is F*** S*** or a**. You kill U.S. national guard and rob an army warehouse of it's weapons, among other things. Maybe I have not gotten far enough but I fail to see where the terrible side is shown.
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