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  1. That sounds pretty unfortunate. Im planning on majoring in both physics and engineering. I am hoping to get a job where I can work making new aerospace technologies,(Aerospace engineering) I don't really care about how much money I make, as long as it is enough money for me and my family to live comfortable. Does that seem realistic? Is the job market in that field open enough where I should be able to find a job?
  2. In laymans terms what exactly would this do? how would it be benificial? how dangerous is it? What amount of resources would be needed and spent?
  3. Lol. I did it the hard way, first I fugured that 3 more than a multiple of 5 would have end in either a 3 or an 8 then went through the multiples of n11+7 and kept out the ones ending in 3 or 8. After that I went through the possibilities and subtracted 1 and divided by 3, if it was divisible then I tried subtracting 5 and dividing by 7. It figures the last number I got to was the correct answer. Them bastages! But yeah 17 marbles missing, 733 marbles accounted for.
  4. Science of mind is what brings that which cannot be named, because structure hinders the studier from comprehending the mind in it's true state, as opposed to a bag of satsumas.5 kilos and assorted nuts and bolts which only hinders Anna Kournikova from showing her true fiendish, but perfectly shaped flask containing Ethyl Alcohol. Therefore, the only reason Weetabix lacks a certain resonance is because MUTANT TUNA FISH have taken over ScienceForums the natural mating habits of the admins breakfast cerial(s) are directly proportional to American PI. Now the evidence of this radical statement : fafalone the great is a Cerial Killer, and YT will now be castrated for spelling serial wrong. But what NavajoEverclear doesn't know is that the plan to kill his cerial takes precedence over this never-ending paragraph.And thus, we have the unfortunate situation of cerial dying horrible death alongside the Marsha Clark groupies, inside of your own kitchen. Besides if the aliens found out that
  5. Great Post! Thanks Ophiolite. What would you say is the main reason why this is?
  6. All very good replies, I will have to develop this further as I go. So I will be back asking more questions. One thing I am not very good at is economics so, I will need alot of help here.
  7. Another thing about Titan is, it has water, but it is frozen, if it has something on its surface warm enough melt ice in certain spots then life could definatly be possible, its just a matter of the ice melting and not being refrozen. So it would have to be an region with alot of volcananic activity, which they think they have found a volcano that is actually spewing out molten ice instead of lava. This could very well sustain life, but its only temporary. Here is the story: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/cassini/media/cassini-110904.html On a side note, Titan so far looks like the best place in our solar system to start terraforming. It already has the atmosphere so it just needs to be warmed. unlike Mars where we have to wait hundred of years for an atmosphere to form if we melted the polar caps. Now we just need to figure out how do make it cost effective.
  8. Resources would be a huge problem. Without a way to provide unlimited resources it is difficult to get rid of currency. The reason I ask this question is I am writing a sci-fi story and I am trying to make it as realistic as possible however, I would like to have a society that would not need currency. I know its possible somehow, even if not perfect it could work I just cannot think of how.
  9. Well since it is possible I say it would be a great implement to the site, anyone agree?
  10. I am studying elliptical orbits in physics right now, one thing to note is Pluto is way off the elliptical (then again Pluto is arguably even a planet). But if you notice most galaxies form an elliptical movement also, unless otherwise interrupted by outside forces. I looked all over for some good links for you but, I did not find any. There is a movie I would reccomend called Cosmos by Carl Sagan,you can find it in most libraries here in the US so you should have it in England too, it gives some nice 3-d interpretations of how galaxies and solar systems form. It should give you the mental appreciation you were looking for.
  11. LOL. Don't we wish this were true. America is in the process of losing control over itself. I don't mean that on a political level but on a fundamental level. However onto the topic, this is how we should be thinking: http://www.space.com/news/garwin_spaceweapons_041108.html As to my opinion, any time we develop new ways to kill and destroy sickens me, but taking it into space crosses all the lines. If the US military begins to think they own space, we are in trouble. No offense to my country but we are in a state of recklessness from 9/11 and we need to back up for a bit and breathe. USA is a peaceful nation and yes sometimes you have to do certain things keep peace in the world, but it seems to me we have been causing alot harm than good.
  12. I vote Titan. Although I believe there is a better chance of life forming on Europa, if life is on Titan I believe we will discover it there first.
  13. I did not see this idea brought up yet so, I was wondering if it would be possible to insert a spell checker on the site? You can learn alot from a spell checker.
  14. I agree, that really disapoints me. NASA's lack of interest/involvment (although based upon its political structure) also bothers me. Its like being back to square one all over again, just with a new goal.
  15. I hear that alot, "If you dont like it don't buy it." That's like the swiss cheese defense. It's full of holes.
  16. I was thinking, we have alot of diversity on this board, many are scientists, many are college students, many are Highschool students and many are But we are all interested in science. Sooooo I thought I would start this thread for the current, and professional scientists to share their thoughts and advice to us that are up a coming in the profession of science. Anything you would do different? What political interferences do you face in your line of profession? What would be the most important advice you would give to anyone wanting to become a scientist? Or even if you want to share a work related story of how the new guy blew up the lab! Thanks!
  17. TimeTraveler


    Good point Sayo. By your own words Damion you say you need to make sure your group is dedicated to the cause. Which cannot be done without structure.
  18. It doesnt go past the windowsME main screen.
  19. TimeTraveler


    Hypothetical Situation: Lets say America decided to make a free state of Anarchists, Lets say they gave the anarchists half of Montana. Certainly you would have many people wanting to join an anarchist state to get away from the structure of law. Many of them would no doubt be criminals who did not want to abide by authority. As you stated earlier some crimes are committed because of convenience. How would this eliminate convenience? If someone did not want to work or be apart of the community what would stop them from stealing what they needed? Who would enforce it? What if he killed someone, the guy is dead he cannot get revenge, who would enforce that? what about when more and more people started populating this free state, how would land be divided and what happens in the case of disagreements over it? My point is, no matter what you will need a structure, something everyone agreed to, or a majority... which would entail a vote. Set standards would be passed (although you might not call them laws, they in fact would have to mean nearly the same thing). Before you know it, your back to square one. I don't see it as realistic. In the end, problems arise and they need a structure to be resolved.
  20. Good job! I dropped out of school myself when I was about 15, got my GED and went to work (I was on my own and had to support myself). I did Landscaping for awhile, then got into marketing and sales with an entry level firm. I have always wanted to go back to school and get a degree to follow my dreams of becoming a physicist/engineer and work with space technologies. The opportunity finally arose and I started school this year so hopefully in 4 or 5 years i will be able to get a good job doing what I have always wanted to do. I really enjoyed Landscaping though. It was hard work, but it was good honest work and it paid the bills.
  21. Thanks a ton for that link! That is exactly what my computer is doing, however it says to enter the windowsME start up disk and do a restore from there, but I do not have the ME start up disk Is there a way I can get into command prompt when windows will not start?
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