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  1. Just wanted to say thank you to Blike and the mods and admins for running the forums. It is appreciated!
  2. I live in the USA, state of Idaho, ya know that state that no one has ever heard of? It is actually known as the potato state, I live in the northern part in a town called Coeur d' Alene (named after the Coeur d' Alene indian tribe). It is about 20 miles east of Washington, 60 miles west of Montana and 100 miles south of Canada. I don't have to travel very far to get out of state. Although I have only been to Canada once when I was a kid. The rocky mountains come down through Canada and run through my area and on down. There are many lakes and rivers in the area, too many to name, recreation is huge in this area and so is tourism. It is truely one of the greatest places on Earth. In the summers, everyone spends there time boating, camping, fishing, hiking, backpacking, and just enjoying the area. Winters can seem fairly long, but if you adapt and enjoy the snow it can be a blast. Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Skiing are huge here in the winters. (There are 7 Ski resorts all within 1-2 hrs from Cd'A) Really the only downfall here is snow or economy, other than that there is nothing to complain about. I have lived here almost my whole life, aside from a 2 year stint down in LA (yuk). I usually spend my summers camping or backpacking, I usually go up the Coeur d' Alene river and head east towards Montana, Lolo national forest crosses over the border into parts of Idaho and thats my home away from home. This summer I went backpacking to some Alpine lakes up in the rockies in lolo, Where we camped was right on the border (The border marker was about 200 yards from our camp) We climbed to the top of Revett peak and got some nice footage of Blossom and Revett lakes. The great thing about it was we were standing on the border, if you looked left you were looking down at Blossom lake in Montana, if you looked right you were looking at Revett lake in Idaho. We camped right on Revett lake for 5 days, it was peaceful. The lake is only about 1 mile diameter in the valley on top of a mountain, we did not see a single person the entire trip, just nature. There are also some very beautiful waterfalls in the area.
  3. I live right next door, up in Northern Idaho, Coeur'd Alene to be precise. Oregon is a beautiful place (although I am not to fond of Portland, I dislike cities). Did alot of work landscaping in Medland after highschool. PM me with some information about these "experiments" I am curious. Anyways welcome to the boards!
  4. I have not had the chance to venture outside of the western side of North America. I read about and see different parts of the world, but I am more interested on experiencing it on a more personal level. What is your city/town/state/country like? What do you enjoy about the people, places, culture or landscape? What do people in your area do for recreation? Whats the educational system like? What sports are popular? And anything else you would like to share about your area?
  5. If the baby was going to die regardless and it would only suffer if it remained alive, then maybe. But I am with Aardvark, who decides?
  6. Sorry I didn't elaborate that enough. What I mean is "some" people don't care if they are posting in the right area. Yes they may be conscious of the fact of the sections and post in the right area most of the time, but when it comes down to a more in depth or border-line topic they are likely to just post it where they want to rather than taking the time to figure out what science they are talking about. (Confusions of relativity and astronomy/cosmology come to mind) Others who do "care" and try thier best to make sure thier post is in the right section everytime might have a topic that is border-line and have to make a decision (Engineering or computer sciences for an electronics question perhaps) and may make be wrong anyway. So a couple more would be no less or worse, I don't think there would be a spike either way. I think this is where the confusion is, my bad for not explaining myself enough. I did not mean full catagories with different threads. I just meant 1 for environmental sciences, say maybe in the biological sciences area or general sciences area.
  7. Creepy. That is exactly eleven words. That is very mind boggling.
  8. A wise man once said: "I'm not dumb! You are! So there!" I don't have anything constructive to add here YT but I do want to wish you luck with your idea! I am very interested to hear how it unfolds, keep us posted.
  9. Just observation and opinion, which i know is meaningless. Thats why I made it a point at the bottom to put: (That is my opinion). I do see your point, however I counter with the arguement that fewer catagories have the same effect. For example if one wanted to discuss the o-zone layer, earthquakes, natural resource depletion, weather, atmosphere ect ect. He could post in general sciences or general discussion or biology (in some cases) increasing the chances he is not posting in the "right" section. An environmental sciences would improve the liklihood that these topics were in the right section and being read by people who are interested in environmental sciences. To further the example, almost every topic has an element of science fiction in it, whether it is a question relating to the possibility of a science fiction technology or just discussing basic science fiction it can fit in many different topics it may or may not be related to. (I used examples of the topics I would like to see only because I felt I needed to back them up with a reason they may or may not be needed) As for electronics as some have expressed interest in for a new catagory, I see it would be more fit to maybe make the engineering header Engineering/Electronics as I view them relatively similar. (Opinion again)
  10. Would two more sub catagories effect the size of the database enough to cause any problems with site function? I volunteer to be a mod if ever deemed necessary. Since you have been around here alot longer than me I take it this is known from past experience. But I also think posters who want to post in the right area will do so 99% of the time, the posts that end up in the wrong areas are by posters who do not care enough to get it right. I don't think 2 more subsections, especially if they are specific enough, will add to the amount of posts in wrong sections. If the poster does not care enough to get it right it doesn't matter if there is a hundred subjects or five he's going to post where he "wants" to. (That is my opinion) *edit* Also maybe a tradeoff could work better in a benificial way to help some of the problems you mentioned. I for one do not necessarily see the purpose of the Math Problems sub-catagory. For one it has the lowest amount of replies of the major portions of the site ( I am not sure if it is newer or just lacking interest). But also, any of the specific Math catagories catagories could and are used for math problems, as well as homework help section.
  11. I voted: Environmental Sciences Other: Science fiction If moderation became a problem, I would be more than willing to help if needed. I moderate/own 1 forum right now and have been for 4 years so I have some experience.
  12. I think you missed his point. Six hundred and sixty six is different than taking 3 random 6's to extrapulate the same meaning. If you get 666 from the date 11-9-1989 then your really stretching to make it how you want to see it. They have a word for that, obsession.
  13. Yes, in a different manner. Such as: Post #1: Hey we should have a new forum for environmental sciences! Post #2: Yeah that would be cool, and we could add electronics and pyrotechnics! Post #3: Yeah and lets add xxxx subject! Post #4: No I like my idea better! The point of this thread was not to re-open regurgatated threads, but to re-establish the merit of those threads and present an idea that might make it something possible and within reason without adding 20 more sub-catagories. If presenting a new idea, and collecting many different threads together is a bad idea, then I apologize. And if this exact same thread has been made in the past somewhere, I did not find it on search, and I apologize for that too.
  14. I have seen a few suggestions for a few extra sub-catagories on SFN. I think this is a great idea, but the problem I see is there are so many catagories of sciences to make. A few more wouldn't hurt I don't think though. Maybe we could suggest some, have the mods put it to a poll for a month and pick the top two sub-catagories that are voted on. I would suggest Environmental sciences and Science fiction.
  15. Sure why not, I am a little rusty though.
  16. Alot of the symbols used in mathematics do not originate from english either, many are greek symbols and others.
  17. I Have not read all the pages in this discussion so this might have already been said. I think we need to become more aware of our culture and where the criminal roots are. I don't think it is really fair for anyone to take anothers life, wheather it be considered murder or it is considered justice, killing someone is still killing someone no matter what the reason. Life in a labor camp giving back to humanity might be a better solution.
  18. What happened there, in Siberia, was the asteroid blew up before it hit land, which is thought to be common with smaller objects, only this one was rather large. As for how often, I don't know how you could measure that, its hard to say with the little information known.
  19. One would need to know exactly how you are classifying "major political world events" in order to deduce a probability factor. Same thing here. Basically your asking someone to go through all major dates in history and deduce probability (without knowing what classifies the event to be calculated in the study). Then giving this set of numbers (3,6,7,"11",13,19,93) to deduce a probability of there relationship to these dates. When adding numbers in dates to match up with your selected numbers the probability of an event falling on date that will work into the picture will be very high. Let's use January 2001 as an example: 01-01-2001 works ( 2+1 = 3) 01-02-2001 works ( 1+2+2+1=6) Thats as far as I will go with that, you see what you are doing is blinding yourself to the fact that the probability will be almost any date will add up to or fit in relevance to these numbers. I highly doubt you will get anyone to take thier time to disect probabilities without knowing what you are trying to imply. So let me ask you this, if the mathmatical evidence was in your favor (and it undoubtably would be due to the many numbers you selected and arranging the eight numbers of a date to somehow coincide with those numbers) what are you trying to say that would mean?
  20. I just read this article ( http://www.armageddononline.org/asteroid.php )from your link to armageddon.com and it seems to be accurate in terms of displaying facts known about impacts. (There is alot missing but it is a decent outline). Although I would add more to thier suggested measures of preparaton: You can find a good article on what is being done here: http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/solarsystem/aussie_asteroid_020201-1.html A couple key things from the article: Spaceguard is a good program but it needs more funding. With many countries extra funding tied up in efforts in Iraq, it is hard to say if they will get it. So if any of you rich billionaires have a couple million pocket change lying around I am sure they will except private donations as well.
  21. Taking the date 11-9-1989 and getting '666' out of it, is about as far as is needed to go here. Obviously if you take any numbers and arrange them to fit what your trying to project it will work. Eric, your last post was made at 11:01 and your first post was 7:54 (7+4=11). See what I am getting at? Nothing is a more honorable agenda in my opinion, but I am not seeing what you are trying to accomplish with the idea of these numbers having some sort of meaning or depth behind them.
  22. Straying slightly off-topic, how would gravity effect the origins of life forming? Could life develop in zero gravity? It's been documented life can live in zero gravity but can it form there?
  23. You probably should have posted this in the homework help or chemistry section, but I would not repost it now, I am sure a moderator will kindly move it to the right section for you.
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