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  1. I just watched it for the first time about two weeks ago, those questions pretty much sum up how I felt after watching the movie. Although I was pretty impressed with how well the movie was made, considering when it was made. As for the Neanderthal extinction, has anyone considered the idea of enslavement by homo sapiens ? Is there any evidence that may suggest anything of that nature?
  2. From what I understand there is a lot of water on Titan's surface, frozen under and inside the outer layers of it's crust.
  3. You could be right. But also he really is not in any position to go against Bush, and if he has aspirations of being President of the United States some day he would have to do what he has to do to keep face and trust. I think his true self was more shown in the 9/11 crisis. To be honest I don't think he will run though.
  4. Good analogy, it kinda makes a little more sense to me. However I am still a little confused on the way in which they improve over time. Especially during the time of the Paleolithic age. From a college history book, written by Philip Adler , retired-Professor at the East Carolina University (almost 30 years): Nature's interaction with these genes causes them to mutate, change and adapt over time to survive. That to me sounds like a survival instinct on some level, and I find it hard to ignore the possibility of this instinctiveness in the more complex molecular make-ups.
  5. Doesn't change the man he is though. To be honest I wish Koffi could run for American president, we need a leader with ideals like him.
  6. Send the rovers, have the baloons equipped onto the rovers and released after touchdown = 2 birds with one stone. Sounds good anyways.
  7. Can you elaborate on this please, I am not questioning it because I think you are wrong I am questioning it because I do not understand it. How can we know if a gene is conscious or not? Obviously it can't think or plan it doesn't have a brain or intelligence, however it does "do" it has "function" maybe even consider "purpose". To me those three things seem to indicate some sort of pre-programmed "instinct". That to me indicates some level of awareness, even if it's such an immeasurable level to what us humans can percieve. Can we really say that it is not conscious? To me it seems too perfect to be "natural selection". Please help me with this.
  8. I would like to see guiliani run, I think he would make a good candidate.
  9. "Ignorance is bliss, but ignorance is so ignorant that you may even be ignorant of this!"
  10. In response to a thread titled "do any scientists study philosophy scientifically"
  11. My impression is that they will be able to detect terrestrial planets and Earth-sized planets. That can be considered more Earth-like than what we can currently detect, however I don't think they will be able to detect water and atmosphere's. Part of the mission also involves detecting distances of these planets, if there is a Gas giant harboring a terrestrial planet in a similar fashion that takes place in our solar system that will raise cause for further observation on that particular system.
  12. (Got any room left?) Timetraveler age - unknown from the future been sent back to help stop the bad guys, however I cannot devulge to anyone I am from the future or I will be killed instantly as I am being monitored from the future. *edit* also I am male.
  13. How and why do genes "just do"? What determines which is the best option?
  14. The problem I see with memory pills is remembering to take them.
  15. Interesting related article: http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/solarsystem/asteroid_fears_020326-1.html
  16. When you say "bible code" are you talking about the "Sacred" Hebrew language? I don't really see how that could "predict" anything. Basically, there is no seperation from numbers and letters, they are a combination to form one united alphabet and numerical system. In my opinion, the language is quite amazing. It can be deciphered in two ways, mathematically and/or alphabetically.
  17. I own the movie, at the top it says, Quentin Tarantino presents... HERO. So yeah, that doesn't mean it is his film, as I see no evidence of him in the credits on the back of the box. I guess I wasn't looking into the detail of it, anyone know what he has to do with this movie then if its not one of his films? Is he just sponsoring it or what? Anyhow its a great movie, I see from the link you posted it got quite a mixture of reviews, it seems to be an either Brilliant or lame. I think the only way you can find this movie lame is if the culture/mythology/moral stroy goes over your head. I guess you just have to have the right mentality for this sort of movie.
  18. Best DVD out now imo is Hero, the new Quentin Tarintino movie and best he has made by far. I personally do not like his movies but this one is great.
  19. Is it true, that the general belief in physics is that all the matter in the universe was compacted to the size of a pinhead when the Big bang happened?
  20. What exactly does that mean? What kind of "scientific research" ? (I do not promote research into weapons technology). Maybe if you gave a better picture of what it does, what it can do and why we should join you might get more teamates.
  21. Doh! Blike you tricked us! The new vision of space outline is something like this: International Space Station Completion - 2010 Retirement of shuttle and completion of the new Crew Exploration Craft -2008 Lunar robotic missions to research for future colonization - 2008-2015 Manned Lunar mission - 2015 Lunar manned base - 2020 Manned Mars mission - 2020-2030 But if the private sector kicks it into high gear there will probably be a hotel built on Mars for the astronauts to stay in. They can charge NASA an arm and a leg for the per/night fee.
  22. Merry X-mas. Hows Australia this time of year? If everything goes well over xmas break, I will start off next semester sore all from head to toe. That will mean I got to go snowboarding all season! (Hoping for a season pass).
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