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  1. Hi how do I reply back such that those in this thread can view my response?

    Thanks for your latest response. Yes, this is a Grade 3 level question and the question is customised to our culture in this part of the world. So pupils here will understand better what is being asked, culturally speaking. Now, coming back to the science of the question, assuming there is no flaw to it, here is my take: when air is compressed, there is certainly a change in it's volume hence it's volume is not definite.we also see a change in it's shape, hence we can also attribute this observation to a change in the shape of the air inside the syringe. Thus, it looks from here that there are two possibilities, option 3 and 4. I wonder if you agree. 


    On a different note, how do I post all the above such that all in this thread can view at the same time?