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    Thank you for your feedback. I am a science I am a Science educationist , having taught Year 3s all the way to Year 10 in fields like Chemistry, Biology and Physics. I take a strong interest in science matters. The question I have here is one taken from the national exam which was conducted recently in September 2017. It was only recently released to the public. That's when I chanced upon it. It is therefore very crucial that I fully understand first and foremost the question in its entirety before I pass them on to my pupils. Then I will be fully prepared for their questions. I will also like to garner feedback from forums such as this to get a better understanding of the range of responses that are possible. Only when I feel I have fully understood the question and answer, will I be able to better explain these questions to my students. So in your opinion, you feel the question can be improved further? Cause I have argued earlier that the answers seem to fit options 3 and 4.
  2. EugeneJS


    Thanks though for taking much time n effort to illustrate. However, I feel that this still doesn't address the Crux of the issue. Feel free to comment further should there be further relevant updates. Stay sane!
  3. EugeneJS


    Thanks for making me feel welcomes, Studiot. When I choose option 3, it is because it works. Air needs to change its shape in order to accommodate a smaller volume in the syringe. That said, it is also true that air is needs to change its volume in order to bring about the same effect. Thus, as I see it there are two possible answers. This makes this question a rather poorly written one. I am still open to others who wish to share their two cents worth.
  4. Hi how do I reply back such that those in this thread can view my response?

    Thanks for your latest response. Yes, this is a Grade 3 level question and the question is customised to our culture in this part of the world. So pupils here will understand better what is being asked, culturally speaking. Now, coming back to the science of the question, assuming there is no flaw to it, here is my take: when air is compressed, there is certainly a change in it's volume hence it's volume is not definite.we also see a change in it's shape, hence we can also attribute this observation to a change in the shape of the air inside the syringe. Thus, it looks from here that there are two possibilities, option 3 and 4. I wonder if you agree. 


    On a different note, how do I post all the above such that all in this thread can view at the same time?


  5. Hi how do I reply back such that those in this thread can view my response? 


    1. Sensei


      You're newbie on the forum. There is limit how many posts, newbie can send per day. After a while it'll be dismissed.


  6. I have no clue as I was just passing by when I spotted this tree. I would like a general opinion rather than a specific one pertaining to this tree.
  7. As to the name of the tree? I have no idea but its found in Singapore and I am wondering it if can withstand such heavy pruning.
  8. I wish to find out if a tree so heavily pruned is still capable of survival. Please comment. (Picture attached)
  9. I wish to find out if a tree so heavily pruned is still capable of survival. Please comment.
  10. EugeneJS


    This is a Year 3-4 topic which I came across recently. Please refer to the attached diagram. I feel that there are two possible answers to this Question. Care to comment?
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