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  1. Understanding 'it' is one thing; doing something about 'it' is quite a different kettle of fish. To whit: Discussions on Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition. (Split requested by Phi for All)
  2. :thumbs_up: Great suggestion! A quick search turned up a pair from Celestron for ~$90 USD Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 Binoculars
  3. I have found the computer controlled (built-in control) consumer quality telescopes difficult to use because of the many nested menus which you have to try & navigate in the dark. I found the orienting hard and the auto-tracking poor. I got around this by pointing the telescopes manually. To qualify, I have used 2 different models, though I don't remember which ones except one was a reflector and one a refractor. Both were 5" IIRC and cost several hundred dollars. Views of the Moon were pretty good, but while you can see hints of Jupiter's bands and Saturn's rings, it pales compared to photos by professionals that inspire you. There is also the matter of how not-fun it is to haul everything out in the dark & stand around in the cold for a few minutes of viewing a particular target. It gets boring quickly for children and all but the most hardened adult enthusiast. If you use the thing more than 4 times a year it would surprise me. Of course you have to have fresh batteries right when you want to go, as well as clear weather, and you have to store the thing. It ain't small and it is delicate. I'd hook up with locals who have viewing parties and try that before you lay out several hundred dollars on -IMHO- an unlikely prospect.
  4. It seems to me if you can decipher those characters on the 'clock' then you would have deciphered them wherever those same characters appear in whole strings of text. What am I missing? A side note on the numerology from a mathematical perspective. Numerology in base 10 is congruent to modulo 9. E.g. 5+6+1+8=20 : 2+0=2 and 20 mod 9=2. Note that the numerological 9 is congruent to a mod 9 residue of 0. This relationship extends to numerology in any base, e.g. base 12 numerology would be congruent to mod 11. This is not meant to endorse what you claim for the numerology, rather as some mathematical trivia.
  5. On the question of what kind of skin: Voynich manuscript @ Wiki Please address my question on deciphering the manuscript text that I posted. Can you or can you not decipher it? If yes, then tell us what it says, and if no then tell us why you can't decipher it. (Whether deciphered in whole or in part.)
  6. The only equivalence I intended was that of uselessness. Here's a page of the manuscript from wiki. Prey tell, what does it say when you decipher it?
  7. Too little information given to draw a conclusion.
  8. Oh. Well I don't use a client so that may be my misunderstanding about "e-mails on a laptop". On the political note, when little Donny is cunning, he is smart, but when Hil is cunning she is dangerous. I get it now.
  9. When I found myself banging my head, I joined a study group. We did our homework together, but no one was 'doing the homework' for the others. Sometimes the group helped me get over obstructions (or I helped them), sometimes not. One-on-one tutoring sometimes works to learn too.
  10. Can you explain how you 'have' non-archived e-mail on your machine, as well as how you archive e-mails? Can I read my e-mails without being online and I just don't know it? And as far as I have heard, there is no evidence these are state dept. e-mails, rather they are on a personal machine. Not that I doubt Carlos Danger may be prolific in his personal activity.
  11. Speaking of another dead guy who, while heralded, believed stupid things, I am put in mind of Buckminster Fuller. On the one hand, writing in Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking, Fuller expounds on the nonsense of numerology in regard to assigning qualities to the residues derived numerologically. He says: Nonetheless, just previous to this statement he says He then proceeds to exposit some interesting patterns using his "indigs", but does so only in base ten and missing an infinite number of interesting patterns when using other bases. D'oh! While I have been reading this off and on I can't say that I might not have missed something, but if the labels have been deciphered by Tom, shouldn't this allow the text not associated with labels to also be deciphered?
  12. Makes one think that someone archived their entire email account to their personal computer. 650,000/100/365= 17.8. 100 emails sent and received a day for 17.8 years. If the majority were from Weiner's account, then Anthony and Huma must have been a rather busy. That accounting is interesting as it brings another unreasonable attribute to the phrase "650,000 e-mails on a laptop". The only e-mail archiving I have ever used was to copy into a word processor, but in that case (unless the file is named "e-mail....") there is no knowing a word processing file contains an e-mail unless you open it, and yet a court order ostensibly was obtained to look at e-mails. WTF Moreover, the actual time to write the e-mails would surely be doubled in archiving them, oui/no? So just to revisit, unless archived into files, e-mail is not stored on a personal computer?
  13. I don't understand the phrase "e-mails on a laptop". Aren't e-mails stored on servers and only accessed from personal computers when a user logs into their account? And 650,000 e-mails!? What provider service allows that measure of storage? Please advise...
  14. Yes, it's a thang. The thang is dissociation.
  15. Stern-wheelers Up Columbia: A Century of Steamboating in the Oregon Country by Randall V. Mills & Poison Arrows: North American Indian Hunting and Warfare by David E. Jones
  16. Here I lurk for lack of what, maybe something that is not, or could be something after all, but if it is it's very small.
  17. And everyone knows Ranunculus sceleratus is used to poison arrows. I suppose one might argue that having poison arrows doth bestow a sense of courage however. Numerologically the herb is represented as 9153533331 1353591231. Reduced this is 6 and 6 is the number of a loving and caring nature, ergo you love your enemy and care enough to use the a good poison on them. So it is written, so shall it be done.
  18. That's because I find your geologic analyses unsubstantiated. My bad for bothering you; I'll see myself out.
  19. I think a false dichotomy is at play in the thread's theme. All knowledge is experiential whether that experience is reading, hearing, touching, smelling, feeling, or thinking. I is a strange loop.
  20. While Hood has [and had] glaciers, the ice sheets of the last ice age did not cover the Portland area and extended only into Northern Washington State. http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/paleo/glaciation.html You might consult a qualified geologist at a local university for an analysis of your rock.
  21. If a solipsist falls in the forest...
  22. 2012: Magnetic Pole Reversal Happens All The (Geologic) Time @ NASA ET friends? Good grief! Earth's Magnetic Field Flip Could Happen Sooner Than Expected @ Scientific American
  23. First you declare infinity can't exist in reality, then you go on to give examples of infinity existing in reality. Here we go again with no limit to the ensuing absurdities...
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