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  1. After reading about Admiral Byrd's treks to Antarctica and his relating of the planes disintegrating into an unknown wall; which is perhaps the dome, I have come to the conclusion the earth is flat. The U.N. emblem shows a flat earth. I have witnessed water pouring in a spiral too. What are your thoughts?
  2. I'm sensing a great deal of fear and denial, but I stick to my guns and see the universe for what it is.
  3. I believe the torsion field which magnetism represents certainly is a main factor of free energy and energy exists, because of it.
  4. Sometimes I feel like this, great song!
  5. If you wish to debate me then at least watch this entire video. Please bare with me and open your mind Neo! We are awash within the instantaneous aether which conveys information, twisting fields, frequencies and vibration. Extending out from the torus's field riding the dynamic fields upon aether is all energy. The future will reinvent itself from the past; for perhaps the true purpose of the Giza Pyramids where a multi functioning platform. It may have been a weapon, communication device and power plant. Obviously I'm not a Newton or Einstein fan! Where these two ignorant of magnetism or where they told not to divulge the true nature of the universe into leading humanity off towards destructive purposes? I believe those two who are worshiped in physics did not understand magnetism and therefore were incapable of a TOE. Before you reject this and go down a path of confusion watch the video. . What your looking at is an expression of the aether which the by product of it is matter!
  6. Mordred you pontificate on false evidence regarding physicists who skew the results from blind observations whose experiments are unsound. These physicists need funding to survive so that's the untruth of the matter. The apple falls to the earth, because its dynamic field seeks a higher order of opposite charges within a compressed field of the aether that is toward earth. Watch water at 3:31 time pour reverse in a corkscrew action.
  7. Utter nonsense if you really understand the universe you would ascribe to and all encompassing electric one based on fields. The pseudoscience pervades physics to the core! https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/daily-tpod/
  8. Mans love affair with technology has left us with greater emptiness, suffering, loneliness than ever before. True these tools enable a greater population to exist on earth; but is that a plan for a greater tax base which feeds a more sinister technological development?. Today many people run the gauntlet of the world behaving like rats chasing invisible cheese pouring most of their fruits of labor into a machine which fosters a agenda of the clandestine few. Sadly many of the young are blind while in the search for recognition through cell phones and some of their peers have committed suicide and gun violence in cries for attention. America is so fat from choking on Monsanto food driving misery to all time highs. Never before has man stood at the precipice of total annihilation of every living thing on earth through a mutual nuclear holocaust. Seeing the current state of mans environmental technological mayhem, just what is this clandestine agenda? What if this secret Cabal of the few? This philosophy is so dark that it pervades every cultural endeavor of all the societies today. And if I open the curtain for Dorothy would you believe this current philosophy of destruction. I cannot tell you that this oligarchies Cabal is for mans benefit! So just what did Oppenheimer quote from the Bhagavad-Gita? This agenda and technological approach comes from fear and a longing to escape a punishment by hidden entities in the background. To put light on this philosophy of death, man has been used for destruction and in a broader sense not only this world, but quite possibly the universe. Just what would cause this, a collision between electrons, at a supercollider? What is the goal of man with his love affair of technology? Have we really asked this question? Do the investments of today indicate a direction of tools for our benefit or selfishness which lead to a universal implosion? Were are most of the funds going? It is the search for collisions and not the tech to soar off to Alpha Centauri. Only some spiritual event will head off this current state of ignorance in humanity! What are your thoughts? https://www.newscientist.com/round-up/antimatter-mysteries/
  9. ok beecee I see you use picture with statements. What truth do you espouse? I don't tie myself to the Kabalists Catholic Satanic Popes and his bishops. They are the medium of the devil. I admit I was baptized Catholic, but I don't need a church to believe in Jesus.
  10. I have watched the video several times and know about the peer review in process. However the translation is poor, when transferred from Old Turkish to English. They still only translated 5 month names from folio 67r1 using "eva" and some of there own different letter to letter substitutions. I think its doomed to be honest. You cannot use a frequency analysis to then get a reading. https://www.jasondavies.com/voynich/#f67r1_f67r2/0.5/0.5/2.50 Here is my paper for what its worth. http://tomeoneil.com/VoynichManuscriptMiddleEnglish.PDF
  11. Koti stay on topic you have been warned. Stupid poem.
  12. The eternal battle is the action of immoral deeds vs. good deeds. However through the works of Jesus you are forgiven of sin if you have Faith and repent of your sin. You are right, Pagan Religions were here before Christianity and the worshiping of false Gods are still with us today. With God there is only one answer, some may have said Satan is the God of this world, but he is low life loser destined for nothingness. In that measure only the all knowing God in Heaven requires our worship.
  13. Tell me what is a rational exploration of religion? If it does not involve this eternal battle then define what you are suggesting! If God does not intervene I just see a genuine cool down of the spherical bodies coalescing into dust. Without energy and aether the field is bound to decay.
  14. I had a real odd dream last night and part of it included a lizard man reptilian on CNN along with Satan. The dream was vivid and so I went looking for an image of Satan on the net. By the way in my dream I had this odd feeling in my dream after the CNN clip that Satan was after me; because I fight against him and I deeply believe in God. So knowing his image this is what I found. https://voynichcipher.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/poisedhugeeider-size_restricted.gif?w=488 God in Heaven and his angels, but one rebelled and took a third with him to fight a war with God and the remaining 2/3's Angels. Imagine a war in heaven where telepathy is the form of communication and It makes you wonder the immense suffering on both sides fighting these pitched battles from these heights of knowing each others mind. Yes war occurs on earth much later perhaps a millennia and this is where Lucifer ended up as Satan. The Angel with the most appealing looks and charisma, superior in knowledge then most of the Angels, limited in total knowledge brought not only misery to Heaven but to earth as well . Lucifer once the light or guardian of fire walked in its midst and knew secrets about matter and science. Satan said to himself he would ascend the throne room of God and be God, but he forgot that God was listening to his inner belief systems through telepathy. During the war Satan decided to cause Adam and Eve to sin out of his hatred for God and jealousy of Adam. However the Bible also mentions Satan's ability to come and go to earth and that there may have been another few civilizations on earth prior to Adam and Eve. Because through the abundance of trade and violence Lucifer became corrupt and longed to be God. With all that Lucifer/Satan has done, only one could save us and that is God's son. The universe will eventually end whether you are an atheist or believer. Half of the galaxies are already dead so that being said if an atheist believes the universe has approximately 13 billion years left. A believer would be closer to a millennia. The reason I know this is that Trump will start up construction of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem either in Zion or the Temple Mount in the Fall of 2018. Satan's goes to the pit on 6/6/2022 at 6 a.m. Don't worry God has main plans for and eternal Heavens and Earth. Further on here I'm going off topic: I see the universe through dielectric field interaction acting through the aether instantaneously. I don't agree with Newton or Einstein at all. Newton was a Free Mason so did Satan turn him and Einstein from the truth promising them fame and fortune. Did he offer that to Tesla, but Tesla said no so Satan then Satan made Tesla go into obscurity and made him go broke? Satan may for some reason have everything now, but funny he is ugly, vile and disgusting looking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tBJao0pmSA https://voynichcipher.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/whatsapp-image-2018-02-27-at-16.jpg?w=680
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