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  1. Have you looked at this section on this forum? http://www.scienceforums.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=154 Talking about Mooeypoo esperiments can give you several articles (of course citing the origen of that articles). I think they are really great.
  2. This would not be a biochemical explanation, but I believe the fact of desiring to have a BDSM relationship and do not get it (because you think your feelings are not right, it is insane, or simply you do not find the right person to live this relationship), could drive us to abusive relationships. So, in order to avoid those abusive relationships I think we must recognize what we really are looking for and so, looking for it in the right place.
  3. If it is called Live blood analysis I suppose you have to preserve the cells alive. A moderate laser or UV exposition is going to kill them, as well as most of the stains.
  4. In the link you have provided is written the same as I told, which is the contrary as you told Insofar as glutamate does not normally cross the blood-brain barrier, it is open to question whether this is relevant to a human adult
  5. If I am not mistaken, NADH, ATP and DNA have only Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, oxygen and Phosphorus. Anyway, although we also included phosphorus, I do not think I can imagine a life with only those elements. I think you would need other elements, at this moment I think of sulfur for the structure of the proteins.
  6. By definition, the organisms that do photosyntesis don not belong to the animal kingdom, so what you are asking is impossible. But if you look for an animal powered by sun that would be me : a few days without seing the sun and I lose all my energy
  7. I do not know where to start. It seems you have the whole concept of electricity in the body wrong. I am going to supposse we are only talking about excitable cells as neurons. I would better say that electricity flows thank you to the movement of ions through the membrane of the cells. Not always, it is an electrochemical gradient. It is not only the charge what counts, but also the amount of a certain ion inside or outside of the excitable cell: the chemical gradient. No, those ions does not gain electrons, they remain the same. No, it is
  8. It is not compulsory for an altar to have a stone coming from a mount of Jerusalem or wherever in it. Perhaps some altars have it, but it is not compulsory. And I do not find in your links anything about that compulsoty stone from Jerusalem or wherever it comes. The only thing related to your question I can think is that the altar can contain a Saint’s relics, and in this case these could be in a stone inserted in the main stone. But there are not many Saints dead in Jerusalem and that is not compulsory either. And yes, I have seen many altars: of stone, of wood, of metal, and they do
  9. Aspartate and glutamate can not pass through the brain blood barrier from the blood to the brain. Therefore, the amount of glutamte or aspartate we eat is not going to affect our brain in that sense.
  10. In Sapnish "ara" means "altar". But it doesn't have to be made with a particular kind of stone. On the other hand, I spent 16 years in a nun school, so I know about Christianity more than I wanted; and i have never heard about such requirement here.
  11. Yes. I added a spoon of previously made yogur.
  12. I used to make yogurts from pasteurized and uperised milk when I was a child, there is no problem because of that.
  13. There are translators specialized in a scientific field. I have friends who work translating scientific papers. But I think it is too expensive to get a paper translated only for reading it, they work mainly for companies which need the information of its products translated for sales purposes.
  14. The usual thing is that you want the same that you like. As I have explained, the opioids (endorphins) prompt the release of dopamine. So, the “like” is transformed in a future “desire”. Other different matter is that at the same time you feel something that you like; you feel other thing, for example, humiliation. Your brain could be cheated about thinking that what you like is humiliation, and in this way, you can desire humiliation. However, the brain is flexible, if you really would hate the humiliation, then, the mechanisms which make you desire it, would probably disappear. On the ot
  15. You have to take into account that the DNA is read only in one direction, 5' ---> 3' and each strand has a different direction.
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