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  1. Is there anyone out there with experience in this field? Thx Ar-Ex
  2. Thx for replying. I was hoping for more positive answers to serve as seed(s) /ideas to start constructing a research protocol. Ar-Ex
  3. Thank you. I am not convinced as yet that this system of diagnostics has any validity to it, or if the underlying basis is valid or not. The comments are valuable in terms of trying to preserve LIFE in the cells while examining them. This will be my challenge.
  4. Is there anyone out there with at least some experience in this topic? I'm hoping to develop a microscopic method (darkfield or brightfield) for disease identification using light sources from UV to IR to laser and everything in between - as opposed to using e.g., Wright's & other stains, etc. My initial research indicated that there may be some value in LBA form of diagnostics, which (to my mind) may still be in a rather underveloped stage, and sometimes used unjudiciously. Appologies for stepping on some sensitive toes! Thx
  5. Is anyone working in Infrared and /or Ultraviolet photography? I have a few ideas for discussion. Thx ar-ex
  6. Is anyone working in this field? Thank you ar-ex
  7. I just received my XSG-109L Binocular microscope from Amscope. It is working GREAT!!!!! Optics excellent. Construction solid. Service good. Don't know how to use the color filters that came with it. Any ideas! Thx
  8. I'm a natural health practitioner interested in this excellent forum.
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