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    on a laptop under a stack of books
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    my interests are so broad that it hinders me, anything that takes thinking.
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    a mostly self taught geek, who went through a spurt of immense interest in almost every area of science while I was growing up. I am currently 18 yr. old.
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    work part time for an accountant, self employed the rest of the time doing odd exciting technical jobs.
  1. Its me - ThinkerIV, a strange geek who is interested in absolutely everything, and having a miserable time trying to decide what to focus on. Of all my interests sleep is the lowest of my priorities. Is there anyone on here who has figured out how to study deep without loosing sleep? If so start posting advice. Want to know more about me? check out my homepage at www.geeksbrain.net
  2. Do any have you have ideas for good nature and biology related projects for young people? I regularly write articles about nature related activities for a nature magazine. I have recently exhausted my ideas for articles, and was wondering if any of you knew of great demonstrations that demonstrate a certain aspect of how nature works. The activity should be for ages 10-16 and should only require easily obtainable items. I have a more detailed description of what I am doing and looking for on my website at http://www.geeksbrain.net/Projects/projects.html. Thanks in advance, to all of you who have brainy ideas
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