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  1. Anywhere where i can buy pure culture online.
  2. Hello , i was wondering if anybody knows where i could get hold of some Micro-Organism (Please don't suggest all around me) I mean like uncontaminated specimens. I want to know a place on the net which sells them.
  3. What about making molecules out of carbon oxygen e.t.c. which mimic the other elements like how carbon can be Graphite Dimonds e.t.c.
  4. Why do people say don't try this at home because as soon as you do you want to try it at home. Like dropping mentos in coke when the bottle has been surrounded with plastic explosives. .
  5. The sodium made will react with the water to form sodium hydroxide. The hydrogen will just bubble up on the cathode At the anode you'll get oxygen and chlorine. I suggest you try this in Water and sodium chloride mix with graphite electrodes (just break open a pencil)
  6. You may be able to find something on this page (link) but it's a may. A ball and stick is still good to use but i can be very easy just to click the import or open button. http://molbiol-tools.ca/molecular_biology_freeware.htm
  7. Theoretical could a biological (even synthetic) organism have only the elements Carbon, Nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. Could the organism arrange the atoms in such a way so it could take over the role of other elements (sorry if that made little sense) Like Diamonds carbon conducts electricity but because the four bonds on the carbon atoms are taken Diamonds do not. Could replacements for NADH , ATP , DNA be made?
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