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  1. Yet I've succeeded in bubbling off chlorine gas before in class? I genuinely don't understand where this is going wrong :S
  2. What effect would the voltage have on the production of chlorine gas? Just wondering, cause I have used about 20 in this assuming it would only affect the speed of the production of chlorine gas. Actually, now I come to think of it I did try a nine volt battery but that didn't work either :S
  3. No i know this is possible- a solution would allow the ions to carry charge, thereby allowing chlorine to be released at the anode when it ditches electrons. The chlorine then bonds with another chlorine particle to become Cl(2), which in other words is gaseous Chlorine. This is because the Chlorine wins out against the hydroxide due to its much greater reactivity. Still dont get how its not producing chlorine gas either? BTW, on the off hand safety is not a concern- the hydrogen I am containing safely and I have a chemical mask, googles and an apron to combat harmful chemicals and the inhalation of toxic chlorine. Molten is not a problem either, seeing as i know for a cert that doing this with brine is possible.
  4. Need help! God knows why, but when trying to electrolysise sodium chloride solution I can only ever produce hydrogen from the cathode, and brown malleable metal chips and a blue swirling cloud in the solution from the anode. I can only assume that the bubbles at the cathode are hydrogen (cant do s-p test cause I'm not producing enough) and that the flakes or brown are pieces of copper chloride. I need gaseous chlorine though! Please help!
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