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  1. One of the practical reasons for legalization, is it would cripple the black market for that product. The prohibition keeps the price high. This means it is very profitable for young entrepreneurs to get into that tax free business. There is plenty of money for all types of things, such as buying guns, etc. If I was in the black market (I am not), I would like having the government keep the price up. If they stopped the black market protectionism, which costs the tax payers billions, the price would fall, profits would be gone, there would be wide spread unemployment in the black market MJ ind
  2. The original question was, is negative a manmade concept? Things like fractional cardinals are an invention with practical use. I nature, we can take a big rock and break it into fractions. Each now becomes a little rock and not a fraction of a big rock, unless humans define it like that. Negative has practical use but it not part of nature. Nature uses positive values. There is no need for the mirror world. However, the mirror world does create many practical applications which allows humans to leave the natural world. Nature can't borrow from the future. It is restrained to positive thi
  3. Say the government decided it was important to help the American auto industry, and said everyone had to buy an America car. Not only do you have to buy American, but you need to buy a car by the 1st of next year, or go to jail or be fined. This would help the industry and give everyone a car, right? One should have the right to buy any type of auto they wish; free commerce. Free commerce is good for competition to help keep prices down. Also you shouldn't be forced to buy a car under the gun of a deadline. Say my car is working fine and is already an American car, why do I need to buy
  4. I would have to say Genghis Khan and the Mongolians. If I am not mistaken, one of their signature tactics was the army would form a huge circle around an enemy. They would march to the center killing everything, including animals trapped in the circle. They had plenty of manpower and could make huge circles. He breach the Great Wall of China and was able to conquer china and and the Korean peninsula, then moved westward and took the middle east and eastern Europe.
  5. Have you ever tried to use a C reference as the ground state?
  6. The easiest way to explain it, is by using the assumption that C is the ground state of the universe. Mass, by being less than C will set a potential with C, with the action of gravity reflecting one means to lower the potential with C. Mass can not directly go to C; spontaneously go poof!, so it needs to use other means to reach C. Say the entire universe was at C. Time and space don't mean anything, since there is only a point-instant. To create finite time and space, we need to break away from C, with the further from C we go. the more time and space can expand. Mass has this propert
  7. The most abundant molecules in the universe are H2 and H2O. That just so happens to be the energy range limit for life on earth; food/energy (<H2) and a final product (H2O). It would make sense that life would become part of that universal energy economy. In the diagram below one can see H, O, C, Fe, N, Mg, Ca, etc as being way up there in abundance. It is not coincidental that chlorophyl and hemoglobin use central atoms taken the top ten of the universe. Life is simply an extension of the universe. P or phosphorus is a bit down the line, with As or arsenic even further down the line.
  8. Although all numbers are manmade, in practical reality only the positive concept implies substance. Negative implies a mirror world where there is a deficient of substance. If I borrow $1000, I now have negative $1000. Yet I can buy positive things with this negative money. I don't have to buy only negative apples from the mirror world. Therefore it is actually, positive money, therefore I don't owe anything. This logic doesn't add up, because we have defined negative to mean this was a loan of a positive thing that we will call negative when we write it on the paper. In nature, beha
  9. Try this experiment. Hypothetically, we turn off the pain sensation in a child's hand so he feels no pain. Next, we have a candle in the room. The child is curious and touches the fire, but since he does not feel anything, he plays with the flame. Since we know this will bur/scare n him, we try to reason with the child about the hazard of the flame. In the second scenario, we turn his pain sensation back on, and let him get punished near the flame with pain. Which lesson will be learned quicker? The fire has a natural cause and effect, with fire the cause of the pain, with pain the conseq
  10. In math, the concept of negative numbers is an important concept. But if you look at natural reality, what is a negative apple? If you look at tree, it may not have any apples and it may have some apples, but you won't find a tree with negative apples. Although we all understand the concept of negative, does this reflect natural or man-made?
  11. Although RNA replicators may have defined the inception of basic life, a question to comes to mind is connected to ATP. In modern times, there are thousands of proteins that use ATP. If the earliest proteins formed first, say from the dehydration of animo acids in clays, is it possible that the concentration of ATP and other nucleoside triphosphates would remain too low to support active replicators? ATP is an electron acceptor. All that would be needed to bleed its energy potential is a suitable electron releasing group such as -OH. Since this group is built into so many different protei
  12. Taxes are very similar to the school bully who shakes down the smaller kids at school for their lunch. The little boy works to make his P&J sandwich, he puts in some cookies, a small bag of chips and an apple. As he enters the school yard, the big bully kid takes his lunch bag (able to use force if needed), steals his chips, apples and cookies but leave him the P&J sandwich. If he gives back the apple, is the bully being generous? Maybe in some abstract way the bully is being generous by giving the boy's apple back to the boy. Say this happens every day. Since the boy is held host
  13. Another way to look at it is the status quo is easier to follow. One doesn't need to fully understand everything, but simply needs to memorize and follow. Even without understanding, one has the weight of the bigger group behind you, therefore that choice gives one a secure place to stand, right or wrong. The emergent requires more effort and skill since it is evolving quickly. Simply memorizing and following will be no match when the other team outnumbers you. It will be a slaughter. However, those who do their work have a strategic advantage. It sort of analogous to the movie Spartan,
  14. Say you are playing a sport where the officials are making sure nobody cheats and all play by the same rules, will the game always be boring? The answer is no. Say we put together a game of ball, where we have a few ringers and many low skilled players, would the game be boring? Or would the game be more interesting if all the players were more tightly bunched with respect to their skill levels? From the point of view of the players, it gets boring playing against low skilled players or against players who are too good. The first doesn't challenge you or bring out your best, and the
  15. I have listened to both conservative and liberal talk radio. There is a difference. The conservative talk shows tend to slant a little more toward fresh logic and argument, while the liberal tends to slant a little more toward emotional appeal. Emotional appeal tends to get old faster, while fresh logic and argument seems to allow continuous nuance that makes it interesting. I am not saying conservative radio doesn't also use emotional appeal, but it tries to balance this with enough new ideas and logic to keep from getting stale. Rather than complain or try to use the government to force equa
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