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    Solvay Canada - Phosphine and organophosphorus derivatives production

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  1. How's your recovery going?

    1. MigL


      Some blood in the interior of my eye made my view like 'looking through mud'. And since the other eye is useless, I was effectively blind for over two weeks.

      Still can't drive but it has cleared up considerably.

      I don't have anything good to say about old age but at least I've gotten there. Two of my friends, younger than I, recently passed and won't get there.

      I hope everything is good with you.

    2. joigus



      I'm glad it's clearing up. 

      I'm a firm believer that we're all living on borrowed time since day one. So...

      As for me, I shouldn't complain, but I do when they give me the chance. ;) 


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