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  1. wee i'm now 18 =D it feels weird to be a complete adult... hmm now its take to take advantage of being 18.. ideas guys? (i live in the states/canada)
  2. pfft i'm taking extra precaution when i'm doing this, (goggles, uber-thick gloves, face shield, boots etc etc.)
  3. Hmm when you're nervous you tend to sweat a bit... and when you sweat your armpits tend to smell... =) oh transdecimal, are you a metro by chance? ^-^ you're avatar is rather suggesting
  4. well how hard is it to code media player's visualizer?
  5. do you think its possible to create a generic version for it? kinda like winamp's/media player's default sound settings that creates an image based on the various frequencies..
  6. how many different types of cells are responsible for an organ though? or is he using stem cells?
  7. i think linkage is the problem here, not necessarily epistasis, it is very possible that the genes responsible for hair color and skin color are located very close to each other, so that during meiotic recombination, there is a very very high chance that both genes will be exchanged during the homologs crossover. epistasis is a general genetics term used to describe the fact that one gene supresses all the other genes. I don't think melanin is being supressed or vice versa...
  8. do you really really want me to explain it? if possible I'd like someone else to explain it...
  9. ok, just meself a pod, but now i've a question how do i remove a file from my HD without removing it from the ipod? i don't have that many gigs to spare...
  10. does nobody worry about the shrapnel effect? (if you don't know don't ask, it should be self evident unless you have a really deep toilet)
  11. but don't the organs have to be customly tailored to prevent tissue rejection?
  12. if 1 is an upstroke for brushing my teeth, and 2 is a downstroke, and 12 is an updownstroke then it would proceed as 12,12,12,12,12,12,12
  13. ok i have aluminum flakes (but they look like powder) whats the best way to grind these things..
  14. anyone know how to make this from household materials? or what kind of stores might sell it?
  15. rakuenso

    hair loss?!

    what is the medication called?
  16. i want to break this rock myself =) I don't really care about how much money it can net me.
  17. why not just nanotube everything.. lighter is better for a lotof things
  18. yeah i'm a bit afraid of rocky shrapnel with the thermite method
  19. this rock is quite heavy.. i don't think simply pushing will do the trick
  20. A prism of refractive index 1.52 is completely immersed in water of refractive index 1.33. A point source of light in the prism lies 60.0 cm below the at interface between the prism and the water. What is the diameter in centimetres of the circle at the interface through which light emerges from the prism? (a) 52 (b) 105 © 108 (d) 137 (e) 217 answer is (e) but I tried everything.. with no luck I calculated that the angle of incidence the light must approach the water and air must be 48.75.. past that point its all futile, the prism fubars everything up sry for posting this, but it isn't a homework question, rather a review question that I just can't seem to understand
  21. out of curiosity, what did you use to ignite your thermite?
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