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  1. Sleep is primarily used to organize the information that your brain processes every day. It is less of a physical recovery than it is of a mental recovery. It's basically brain maintenance.
  2. the logo need some antialiasing... someone send me the default background pic (pm me an imageshacked link if possible) and i'll smooth it out w/ some gradients
  3. sigh... wtf is a 5 sided double helix? quit trying to sound cool by using jargon like dark matter, you have no idea wtf you are talking about. Also what kind of a business are you running off based on 5 sided helixes?
  4. he fell into a tub of nitric acid....
  5. woelen's flask of 18M sulfuric acid. Realizing that he landed in a pile of evil acid, he immediately proceeded to...
  6. basically wtf is it? it has a mass, but not a charge.. usually masses without charges have an equal # of protons and electrons... but a neutron is a neutron.... ie what will happen if you bring an electron close a neutron? also.. protons and electron exhibit particle-wave duality, does the same apply to a neutron?
  7. sigh i'll give you the tip that everyone else probably will give you: don't worry about it until you're at least in your second year of college.
  8. umm thats why you do it outside and away from people, thermite's MAX radius is probably 3-4 meters, nothing shot over a meter for me
  9. IMM are your guy friends emo?
  10. make thermite =) or test out the strength of relative oxidizers
  11. anyone know where to find one? i'm trying to find the acidity of caro's acid (H2SO5) in comparison with sulfuric (H2SO4)
  12. if there are games they should be hardcore nerd games, like chess, balance-the-equation, stoichiometry-funess,
  13. i've grown many home cultures b4... nearly all of them suffered contaminatinon issues, it is ridiculously difficult without a sterile lab. its essential that you heat up your inoculating rod before streaking the plates
  14. let see... should be 12 cells with 16 chromosomes each if its standard meiosis and no dysjunctions
  15. the relationship between internet and global warming is as clear as the relationship between # of pirates and global warming.
  16. unless your paper clip has square edges and it just happened to be not rotating while in mid-air, i find it extremely unlikely
  17. Claire Rind and Peter Simmons (electrically monitoring brain in locust watching "Star Wars.") lol anyone know where to find the article?
  18. a cesarian cypher is where you take a knife and cut open a woman's belly then have the little kid inside decrypt it... if its the same cesarian as i'm thinking about but if not i've no clue
  19. rakuenso


    mods please take care of this topic before the all the industries come in hounding your asses....
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