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  1. Here's something thats been bothering me for a while (sry havent read the entire thread) If a person goes back in time and kills the person who invented time travel, would he have been able to go back in the first place? But if he wasn't able to, then the person who invented time travel would still be alive? But then the person would be able to go back in time.. this bugged me for a few months
  2. I think the main reason is that Hackers have to impose their fake superiority over others somehow because they can't do it in real life. think of them as computer bullies
  3. Wow... way to put it blunt. (No real hacker would just say "I'm a hacker"). But to answer your question. It all depends on the experiences of a person. Experiences can either make a person insecure, or make them insensitive. For example a Russian KGB officer has pain thresholds so high that it almost scares me. My theory is that each time a person experiences pain, their mind limit for pain increases because they have gotten used to it. As for social engineering, its mainly based on how good you are, not how weak your targets are. Anyways, dont try to act like Mitnick please, i've seen enough of that. Ultimately it all depends on their experiences
  4. rakuenso

    Plant Biology

    IF i'm correct mycorrhizae is the symobiosis of mycelium and the roots of the plants. You would set up a control, plants without the addition of mycelium and another one with a fungi that lives in symbiosis with a certain plant. I suggest radishes for the plant since they are relatively easy to grow. I know for bacterias, rhizobium would be a good canadidate, but your doing fungi. For fungi you could try it with Streptomyces coelicolor.
  5. well.. you'd need one hell of a protein to make it happen from inside out. Do some research on the RB gene and cancer..... btw anyone know what RB stands for?
  6. This reminds me of Pavlov's experiment, where the dog responds due to conditioning
  7. lol =D talking about making a leap. never heard of divine spirit rests
  8. hmm so mesosomes are like a weird version of the mitochondria
  9. This is too insignificant to be a post... but is e. coli a prokarya or an eukarya? Does E. Coli have a mitochondria? If no, how ,where and if does the citric cycle take place? Second, what do you call those bacteria...? third, wth are mesosomes and how do they help respiration? is there a synonym of mesosome? also i read that mesosomes work only during aerobic conditions, but e. coli could survive w/o oxygen....
  10. http://miketheheadlesschicken.org/ enough said...
  11. I know there are loads =P thats why I need advice. Also bunsen burners our schools have..
  12. Hello, right now I am in need various bacterias in order to perform my science experiment, I am looking for a good online supplier that can be trusted and offers relatively cheap prices of microbiology products. I am looking for E. coli K12, lactose, glucose, maltose, and dextrose agar. (Is it viable to simply get a bottle of raw agar and add custom nutrients?). Also what do ya call it... the thing used to streak plates. But anyways.... help would be appreciated Edit: I live in ohio, USA
  13. Maybe viruses were weapons of mass destruction used by cells against other cells =P Of course on a more serious manner, for a virus to have evolved in the first place. The gene coding reverse transcriptase would have been essential. As to how the gene originated is beyond me. It might have been a mutation of the telomerase gene due to the similarities. The capsids might have came from a malfunction during exocytosis where the mutate reverse transcriptase protein accidentally got in. The malfunction during exocytosis should still allow cells recognize the capsid as one of "its own". However one problem with the exocytosis theory is that it doesnt retain any of the receptors (I think) my 2 cents
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