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  1. if there is a table underneith it than just lie down on it and then you will be horizontally changed reletive to how you were before.
  2. there was an episode like that on mythbusters once but it was coke and pop rocks IM BACKK!!!!!!!! :-) :D
  3. does any one no were to get these?? i need the kind that makes your pee blue. they MUST be safe
  4. that still doesn't explain the order and the letters!!! btw what is his website?
  5. I found a sequince oif numbers/letters in the back of the book I just finished. If you have read this book and didn't notice this then check. It is crazy. At first thought, the fibbionci sequence, then I noticed the letters. 1 V 1 U and 2 L's
  6. we could play football or soccer!!! but floating!!!
  7. That was a good episode!!
  8. Say that they umm broke it?? Maby that it got stolen in a terrible robery?? or You could just send it over to me!!!!
  9. try this http://www.newegg.com !!!!! ps anyone know how to do a link to were it says "here or something??
  10. Thank You I knew there was something wrong with that ion phaser!!!
  11. are u f'n kiding me??? If you want an example just look at me or herp!!!
  12. Forensic Science!!!! I'm a real CSI now!!!
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