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  1. off on a slight tangent, does anyone if the movie was based off aldous huxley's island?
  2. i'm surprised you can still type... neways i think the effects of alcohol on personality varies from person to person... it usually reveals their inner self, how old are you?
  3. "When I think about a computer, I imagine myself touching myself non-stop until a white viscuous liquid is expelled" just kidding. anyway "When I think about a computer, I imagine myself downloading whatever's possible"
  4. trying to sound impressive never gets you anywhere
  5. by 2045 peak oil would've occured and the world would more likely be spending its resources on conquering syberia
  6. nice link, gave me quite a few laughs
  7. are those two having a honeymoon?
  8. did you make this yourself from scratch? if so, what rendering program did you use?
  9. suggesting de-evolution implies that evolution is supposed to lead to somewhere but remember, there is no point to evolution.
  10. it's amazing what you can accomplish with windows_key + r and to the dude above me: that's not clean and simple
  11. but its mms... i need a ripper/download that completely imitates WMP's streaming protocol
  12. i thought you meant finger nails for a second
  13. hi i'm looking for a proggry (preferabbly freeware besides asfrecorder) that records and rips streamed video asx files
  14. my desktop is literally a wallpaper, with no icons and no task bar. minimalism to the max!
  15. What the hell is your point? It seems like all you did was chop up random sentences from a textbook and tried to paste them together so that they made sense. I have no idea what your point is supposed to be. Quit your allusions and metaphorical expressions, this isn't english class.
  16. i would hardly call that a representation of us. White blood cells have already undergone hematopoesis and are no longer pluripotent. Sure they have our DNA, but that's not gonna help us much.
  17. haha i'm using it for thermite neways, would adding gasoline serve as an alternative to glycerine?
  18. hmm yeah they are in numbers, what script? um preferabbly javascript or php
  19. ... here's what im trying to do, there's a popular website called facebook, and its features for inviting members to join a group are quite bulky. I plan to make a script that automatically executes the following: http://utoronto.facebook.com/groupuser.php?gid=2954&invite=1&uid=(INSERT_USER_ID_HERE) where INSERT_USER_ID will be read from a list of numbers in another file. I also plan to to make another script that extracts user id's from a list of search queries. Any idea as to how to accomplish this?
  20. whoever said i was looking for girls i'd take a vial of ebola over a girlfriend anyday =)
  21. maybe some predators are motion sensitive (like frogs, not that it's a predator)
  22. I only have canadian citizenship, but sometimes i come to the states to live for a while anyways, as for booze, haha it got boring. Smoking is just plain bad, porn, well there's the internet. I'm tempted to go off clubbing and try to pick up girls with lame nerd jokes
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