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  1. this may sound slightly retarded, but i've been wondering, can you technically say that molecules are also evolving? We started with simple molecules like H2O and elements like Carbon, eventually they "evolved" to complex things like carbs and what not?
  2. Flourine gas doesn't sound too safe to me... but... overpotential/voltage is usually only relevant in aqueous solutions..
  3. i haven't been this confused in ages.
  4. for example, when you take a whiff of pepper you sometimes sneeze? any idea what chemical is responsible for this?
  5. Ran out of lye ????? With lye you definitely cannot make chlorine gas! I was using the lye for NaOH to make the hydrated version
  6. hmm too dilute? how about ammonia and bleach? will that increase the conc. at all? I'm not sure how to obtain concentrated Cl2 in a SAFE manner. Ugh... ran out of lye
  7. anyone know the Ea required for this rxn? also, i'm not sure if the chlorine gas i get from bleach + vinegar will be enough for this rxn
  8. quick Q.. whats the pKa of 5% citric acid? btw, the bet is 25 lemons.. each for each lemon you eat, you get to drink one less shot of vodka... so if i eat 3 lemons, i only have to drink 22 shots...
  9. I seem to have done something pretty stupid by making a bet with a friend with a lemon eating contest... but anyways, is there a buffer or base I could coat my tongue/teeth that's relatively benign to reduce the acidity of lemons? Lemons are 5% Citric Acid with a pH of around 2-3.. problem with citric acid is that dissociates 3 times.. I'm not sure how this will affect the neutralization reactions if i'm going to add a base to it
  10. notice how all the "Read all about it" Section is just saturated with scientific journals.
  11. rakuenso


    see.. eugenics is a good concept.. had there not been a huge emphasis for humans on the NURTURE part of nature vs. nurture.
  12. as the original design was modeled for use on a keyboard. last time i looked down, I was still using a keyboard.
  13. you've got to be shitting me this is the end of thermite for me...
  14. a snail with a sloth to give you the worlds laziest creature.
  15. rakuenso


    does anyone know where the lye for soap can be obtained?
  16. illuminati you're the only that voted murder.
  17. if you've got a brain, you need sleep.
  18. no matter how virulent the bird flu was, i highly doubt that it is capable of causing an extinction.
  19. just so you guys know, the right answer is either B or C
  20. can someone move this to the physics forum so we can have the physics experts' opinions?
  21. the potential is a property of the SOURCE charge, the fact that there's a test charge is irrelevant also connor, imagine this: source (-)0V----------------x---------y Point Y would have a bigger potential than X, so it can't be half
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