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  1. Esas719, no matter how much you'd like to flip-flop it, marijuana is not going to change its toxicity. Hundreds of poisonous chemicals are injected into your body, lots of which are damaging to your brain. You're 16: wait till you're 30. And really, stop moaning about it just cause you're not selling as much as you'd like.
  2. adenocarcinoma... :'( gulp! I need to stay off neurontin then. Thanks for the linkage. Just follow the course your doctor has prescribed before ordering anything extra...out of interest, and obviously you don't need to answer, but do you suffer from any other symptoms such as anxiety, that causes your hyperhidrosis, or is this purely a physiological problem ? I think my hyperhidrosis causes me to be 24/7 anxious, and then the anxiety stresses on the hh even more, so it's proly an endless cycle of anxiety and sweat. I should look into getting gaba instead of gabapentin.
  3. Hey guys. I've been told to take this to aid me in my hyperhidrosis. I went to a doctor and he prescribed me neurotonin which contains something called gabapentin. I'm not sure if it's the same GABA I looked up on the internet that comes in pills and powder form like some sort of supplement (vitamin packaging and whatnot). Can someone aid me on this? And what would be better, powder or pill form if I want to order some online? Much thanks.
  4. grr just ignore this topic I just found out the site's been linked to in the periodic table links thread
  5. Rexus

    Element 118

    Funny that even after 30,000,000,000,000,000,000 tries they didn't realize they're just wasting their time with such a useless element
  6. Rexus

    Basic Elements?

    I didn't see Helium (He), so add that to the mix.
  7. It's not strictly a homework help forums, but one of its benefits is that it can be. Not sure where you got the idea it's not.
  8. http://www.uky.edu/Projects/Chemcomics/ Even if it might not be the most fun way, it looks like it for me. "I just used my pincer attack to inject you with the world's deadliest elemental poisons: lead, arsenic, krypton, chlorine, selenium, n strotium." Go Comix!
  9. Strict computer programming is concerned mainly with programming languages, of course, but any diploma or degree program will have you take at least a few hardware courses. You could probably get away without taking them, but it is highly recommended that you do as they will greatly help your understanding of how programming languages work. I found programming fun - I think it's the idea that, with a powerful enough programming language under your belt, you can get a computer to do anything you want. But if you're into mechanical stuff, I'm sure you'll find computer hardware fascinating. Look up "logic gates" on wikipedia for a sampler. I might be pursuing a degree in Computer Science soon. Since I started this thread I've made a daily schedule and just read without worrying about having to memorize anything. I just wanted to heal my basic knowledge wounds and I feel in a month or two I'll have patched up well. I just wanted to say thanks to all who responded in this topic, and eventhough I am 21 and felt I'm too late, I now think it's never too late to pursue your goals. True I'll have to put off getting married and having kids aside for a few years, but hey, who wants to change diapers at age 25? I know I don't. And since I'm on that subject, at what age would you guys like to get married? Peace and love.
  10. I've always wanted to dissect a frog, but being in a poor country the closest encounter we had with a dead animal was a chalk drawing of a frog's interiors. I was motivated... to get out of the country.
  11. FreeThinker, I just want to say your post encouraged me since it relates with me in so many ways. I'm going back to get my Pharmacy degree...
  12. I'm not entirely sure, but an education course was taken by my cousin as an elective among his Maths major courses that entitles him to teach maths. So most probably you just need a Science major and a course in education to nail a highschool job.
  13. I'll book an appointment at a psychiatrist and see what he can do, but I refuse to take medications that fiddle with my nervous system. I'm pretty sure about having OCD though, what with having to arrange everything in symmetrical order (I'd go insane if I don't do it) and getting mad if I make one spelling/grammatical mistake etc. As for school, I already finished. I'm 21 years old and in my second year pharmacy (you can see I've frittered away precious time in between school and college doing nothing).
  14. Rexus


    I went with the metal + deatchable add-ons as well, the best (most efficient) you could get for dumbells imo.
  15. On this side of the world we rarely get much gigs, but the most memorable was Bryan Adams'... yeah, not much action
  16. My first post was a thread that's basically a "help me out" topic. And it did help out. >.<
  17. Let's see... . Ward off my OCD and hh . Quit smoking . Work on a good exercise regimen . Have better faith . Stop being so damn confused all the time . Get rid of my habit of stressing about objectives and ending up accomplishing nothing . Finish what I started and didnt' really finish . This I'm not sure of (a real big resolution too), but a complete major switch before it's too late. I ended up doing Pharmacy eventhough I have great love for computers. . Have less friends (seriously, more friends is more wasted time and more drama) More to come later...
  18. I just realized I have OCD and how it plays a rold of me running around in circles without accomplishing anything. You see, sometimes I feel like I should be just reading and skimming fast, getting what I can, and that way I won't get bored. Then sometimes I feel like I wanna go at it slowly to get as much as I can, but I do intend to get bored. What happens is that I keep thinking about these and end up accomplishing nothing! Yelp and post your regimens. Peace
  19. on the other hand however is the fact that MIT now runs a pretty top notch open courseware project complete with course notes and the like, so maybe there isn't any need any more. Is there a link to this? Thanks in advance.
  20. Are you 12 for real? >.< All 12-year olds I know are learning how to drink their chocolate milx out of a cardboard box using a straw, so you must be real special >.> On-topic: I don't want to sound like a jerk (take 3 in this topic), but why not just expand on wikipedia science fields?
  21. Hey I'm fairly new. I somehow ended up doing Pharmacy even though I've slept through most of my basic education. I also like ******** off a roof and watching the piece of **** flip around in the greatest demonstration of Physics.
  22. I heard you could survive on one prune and a glass of milk a day
  23. Rexus

    Weird Scent

    Frequent urination Excessive thirst Extreme hunger Unusual weight loss Increased fatigue Irritability Blurry vision It's weird, but whenever symptoms are brought up, I'm always like, "I have those!" I'm real obsessed about being diseased. Or maybe I have diabetes? O noes
  24. If I had to enter the medicine profession to treat a living organism I would enroll in the veterinary field, mainly because animals don't ***** and whine like humans do.
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