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    What up, I really need some help on this, I'm trying not to fail - I need to fill in blanks....( [ ] = means I filled it in ) The element called [ chromium ] has an atomic number of 24. Its symbol is [ Cr ] . When an atom of this element has a mass number of 52, the atom contains _________ protons and ___________ neutrons. The most common ion charge of this element is [ 3+ ] . How do I know how many protons and neutrons it has? I looked at periodic table and it doesn't say how many Much appreciated.
  2. well i mean there are other planets that's smaller than mars..........
  3. Y-S


    @ paranoiA, it's all good - what I meant by 'open' was meant like, why I was acting pissed or depressed, what I'm going through, and now since she snitched, it made things already worse - I mean, I thought she was a coo teacher, other students would be "flirting" with her (not the actual flirting, but you know what I mean) As much as I do appreciate the love and support, I went to the principal's office after school and we had talk. You could tell she does hate me, I told the principal, she denied it, and then she agreed to have me to work on english papers and everything in another room. FINALLY! Now I can feel comfortable from now on, hopefully. **** that bitch, she was acting all like she wanted me to kill myself. Thanks again. Also if for those of you are going through some hardships of life, I hope y'all get through it and stay strong too, no matter what...
  4. Y-S


    I don't have mental issues.....if I did, I wouldn't be accepted into this class. I've spoken to 1 teacher before when I was in jr high school and she didn't run her ass off to principal's and everything was good, she really helped me out. I guess you're right, some teachers don't care, some do. I guess I should be glad that I found out accidentally that she's a hell of a mean teacher. I should talk to principal about swtiching to other class that has a different teacher and same course and finally hopefully i can be able to get my feet back on track to pass the course. Thanks to you, GutZ Endorpheus, I appreciate your words, I will do & try to man up. You guys f*cking rule. Thanks again.
  5. That's ****ed up. I heard someone state before, that "Israel is still fighting for its own existence" and that's probably sadly true
  6. Y-S


    d00d, u crazy? Sexual?! Nothing was about sexual or inappropriate behaviour - I mean, I thought she was a good teacher and I felt like expressing something towards her. Like I mean, how come other students are open to her for their views when I can't be? I never wanted to damage her career.....I guess she was scared of me or something The truth is, she told me to see the counsellor and I don't usually see the counsellors and are not my thing. Can you please telll me that, how come in the movies students get to have some "relationship" with teachers or something like that? For me, it wasn't an exactly a "relationship" with her nor even was attempting to have one with her, I mean geez, I don't understand - I was only expressing my words. Now I wish I had a different teacher. But thanks for the post dave - whatever happened to the freedom of speech lol? p.s. Btw, I see a lot of people here are from U.K.! + I guess I should find someone to talk to about the problem and how I can get out of this depression that the teacher caused......you can call me a dumbass for it, as I probably am for it, lol
  7. Y-S


    OK - She may have done the right thing but could not she have told me to drop it instead of running to principal's office? Therefore she damaged me for no reason and is bitch for it. I have not nor planned to make any damages towards her but seriously, wtf? You know what I mean? Dammit, lol
  8. Y-S

    Hybrid Marijuana

    See that's what happens if you smoke weed and makes you type all that......if it was legal, everyone would be typing like this
  9. Y-S


    Well she ran off to principal's office probably because I was being "open" to her =/ Whatever happened to the human contact or touch? ****ed up, lol.... I mean, ya know if she felt uncomfortable or anything she shoulda have just told me to shut up instead of snitching to principal's office I don't know man, I guess I was feelin too much like shit so I had to express myself towards her, i dunno but she still a bitch though.... I do know obviously that teachers aren't in need of friends, but it's something else, it's complicated Thanks EVON, but I do feel that if she didn't snitch, my marks would've been higher by now, now she got me all ****in depressed and ish
  10. Y-S


    Well, I have this problem, perhaps if anybody could help me out...you don't gotta to.... Right now I myself am going to high school, and I have the problem with the english teacher. Everything was good until she ran her ass off to principal's office - to be honest, I thought she was a good teacher and a friend. Now I'm failing at this English course because I simply cannot talk to her and ask questions anymore like I used to - that's why I'm failing, I believe. Now I don't know what to do, what a bitch....I put my trust in her and she blew it. I don't want to fail and how am I going to proceed if I don't feel like asking her questios about the assignments, etc.? Thanks, if any for support...
  11. Y-S


    Check this out http://www.orwelltoday.com/readermoonkubrick.shtml
  12. Y-S


    Lol... calluses, calasises, or calasis are the types of diseases, right? If so, what kind of a girl would like them? That'd be bizarre OK, before using any types of dumbbells I guess I'll be sure to use the handwraps to prevent calluses or calassies, or w/e you call it.......thank you GutZ
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