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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm doing this for personal knowledge. I already finished my accounting degree and I'm just doing this to have my mind work in new ways. So... Pre-Algebra > Algebra > Pre-Calculus > Calculus I > Calculus II (is there a Calculus III) > Geometry > Trigonometry? Is this order about right? I want to get a good Math foundation to venture further into Physics then Chemistry. Thanks again.
  2. As in the subject Pre-Algebra Pre-Calculus Calculus I Geometry etc. I will order them as a part of the Demystified series (with quizzes and tests) I really wanna get good at Maths Thanks
  3. insane_alien, what do the advisers say? Do they say it's more dangerous than what class C signifies? Coming from someone who tried both alcohol and cannabis a good while back (don't plan on doing it anymore though), I've found that alcohol much more effective on the senses and emotions.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I don't understand how to find one. What I do know is that the limiting reagent is the reactant that's consumed first and thus it signals the end of the product sum that can be formed. Much thanks again.
  5. So I just recently started properly reading and studying into the science subjects, and up now is Chemistry. I am using Zumdahl's book as my crutch. I am somewhat confused on the issue of limiting reagents (under Stoichiometry) and was wondering if anyone could make it clearer. I googled it, and sites like Wikipedia made me somehow more confused. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limiting_reagent In the first example, why does it feel to me like a given was missing? And in the second example, where did we get the 157.9g from? Much thanks for the help.
  6. There was this game called Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. The game creators knew what we knew not. Hawt
  7. well we've seen humans with extra toes and deformations (from the norm), so I doubt this is a new thing on dolphins... There were proly dolphins out there with such disfiguration but we just never saw it...
  8. ceasing to exist will be a result of our own hands. the japanese will create a super mecha godjera and the US will retaliate with the clint eastwood clones and then we'll die. imo
  9. "the indium phosphide was spiked with aluminum gallium indium arsendide to give it added speed." *brain seizure
  10. liek, what if they're already being used in suicide bombers? </ends sarcasm> But now that I think of it, hmm...
  11. My advice to you: just see a doctor so that he'll put your worries to rest
  12. ^I took Tae Kwan Do haha that was fun... and weird
  13. Well, it's the only site pertaining to my country, so that's why I listed it as the only option. Thanks for the advice; I'll take it into consideration. And I've always wanted a smaller screen but was afraid of having eye trouble.
  14. GABA is an effective way to increase growth hormone levels and AST makes a high-quality product. Can anyone tell me if this means it induces bodily hair growth, since I really wouldn't like that (who would rly)?
  15. I'm taking it Shared is the opposite of seperate? I'll see to it. The VAIOs look attractive.
  16. Thanks for the quick reply. I want it for anything really. Read PDFs, use software, play some games, browse the web, etc. The macbooks seem pricy compared to others when they really got not much else beside looks... Am I missing something here? Thanks.
  17. Hey there and thanks for clicking into this topic. I'm in need of a notebook for my university, and I was wondering what you think is the best bang for buck amongst these. http://www.pcandparts.com/notebook.htm Keep in mind that the linked-to site is my only option And on a side note, what do you prefer, smaller or bigger screens on your laptops? Thanks in advance
  18. Well, the internet is a rich source, but it can be pretty confusing. So yeah, I get you.
  19. mm, the doctor told me it's ok to take it, but on wiki it says it caused adenocarcinoma in rats. Well, I know it's rats, but it kinda gives me the creeps...
  20. Well if the coin hit someone else's blood and the blood was contaminated with impurities, and then said coin causes a split in your skin and the blood on the coin makes contact with yours, there's a chance you might catch something. Just cleanse your cut with aclohol, Betadine, or other similar agents.
  21. Haha, I like it when e-celebrities hit a forum I'm on.
  22. So basically today's PCs use 1s and zeros, and quantum computers use more than that? ... Sorry I'm asking much questions in various topics, but I was told on this forum the best way to learn is to ask. Thnx in advance
  23. umm, just a question: why do some crafts launch from underwater? Does it give it a faster lift-off or? Thanks for the science
  24. Umm, I doubt you'll need to worry about a puncture with this much production values >.>
  25. I'm pretty sure they have it up and running in some secret base underground. IMO
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