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    Benadryl is indeed diphenhydramine. *flees away
  2. Whether you're new to fractions, decimals, and percentages or just brushing up on those topics, CliffsQuickReview Basic Math and Pre-Algebra can help. ^From the site I guess the description deviates it from being just review. I'm not really sure though.
  3. Thanks for the reply, though I have a couple o' extra question now: Algebra and Calculus are grouped into different classes depending on who groups them? And if I go outside the Cliffs domain, does the sequence remain intact? Thanks. As for the material, the one I went through goes through the chapters systemetically and poses questions at the end of every chapter. I felt it's a real good book.
  4. Basically, I've slept through most of my basic education, and now I'm lusting for some Maths. The problem at hand is this: in what sequence should I go through the subjects? I got CliffsQuickReview Basic Math and Pre-Algebra, and since I'm about to be done with it, I was wondering what should be next on my list: Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, etc. I would appreciate it if someone gave me a proper summary that spanned subjects and their sequences. How many Calculuses are there--as in Calculus 1, Calculus 2, etc? How many Algebras? etc. Thanks in advance.
  5. Meat contributes to plenty of health problems. Fear the meat... Nothing new here tbqh.
  6. Yea man, UMDNJ. He signed up for these forums too under the name "Nate." It's a small world More like it's a small interweb, m i rite?
  7. The device is supposed to be the ultimate energy source ever, or am I getting this wrong? if you're ever driving at 49000 miles per second, for the love of god remember that green means stop. At that speed red looks like green? Or have I missed the point and should now disappear into the dark corner I stepped forth from? Tcheeyea
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome PfA. Lebanon, right? Lebanon it is. I was browsing book offerings on various sites like amazon and I came across a series of books called "Science of Everyday Things" that come in 4 volumes: Real-Life Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Earth Science. It is written that every explained concept is further explored in its everday applications. Recommended?
  9. Thanks again Cap'n Refsmmat; you've been real helpful. The reason that I mentioned the "For Dummies" is because I heard they dissect things into easy-to-grasp constructs. I guess I'll have to browse libraries like you said. Just pick any topic and start reading. You'll end up on a totally different article when you're done (just by clicking on the links), but you'll have learned along the way. Good advice. I know the feeling. Try finding yourself a book like "How Stuff Works" (I used to love those) and dive in. It's fairly simple stuff, but you can learn a lot out of it. I Googled it and got a How Stuff Works site. It looks real beneficial, and the articles look fleshed out in a more fun way than Wikipedia. Check it out. There are people here getting physics degrees who have dyslexia, even. If you know how to get around it, you can still succeed. Cheers .
  10. Look at me, I'm a Lepton. Err yeah, I'm working with Wikipedia now and trying to get grasp of it. Thanks for the advice.
  11. Hey gib65, ADD is annoying indeed, but it's good to know that you can have it and still get a worthy degree (Computer Programming). Well done! I never really got into math to know if I suck or not, but I'm thinking if I can grow roots in basics of math, I might be able to get to the more interesting math subjects. Btw, what courses do you take on Computer Programming? Is CP concerned with the hardware or the programming languages I hear so much about? It sounds real intriguing. What kinds of things are you interested? What topics get you thinking? I'm interested in anything science. Now that I think about it, I'm interested in PC and mechanical stuff more than anything else. Also, blowing **** up. It doesn't matter what and how, as long as something is being blown to little pieces of ****. Aggressive I know . As for where I'm from: a little country (10,452 Km squared to be exact) ruined by Israeli and civil wars. ecoli: I look forward to the show that'll blow my head apart
  12. Cap'n Refsmmat, thanks for your great post; it makes me glad that some people out there are willing to help me when I won't go out of my way to help anyone (I'll try to change that). you can form comprehensible thoughts into sentences and paragraphs, so you're already ahead of most students in the US today. Another great thing is that you're curious. You want to learn. You're ahead of most people there as well. Now you need to actually learn. This made me a little at rest. Thanks. Sometimes, I feel like I need people to transcribe my thoughts for me like you just did. As for books on basics, I hear the "For Dummies" and "The Complete Idiot's Guides" are real good; are they? And what basics would fill the void of my lost school years? I'm thinking I need a books on Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History (?), Geography (?)... Anything else? And what are some good books you'd recommend for any of these genres? On the subject of Wikipedia, it does seem like a great site, though it's a bit too complex for me (concerning where to start). I'll try it out. As for you as resource, now that I think about it, it is the best form of resource. It's like you're artificially intelligent books . Thanks!
  13. Rexus

    Silly Game

    Brad Pitt (ya I know I'm supposed to modify names but anything with pits in it can't be looked past) Angeliknee Jolie Leonardo Kneecapreo I'll take more jabs later
  14. Greetings to all the guys and girls of this forum. "What does this guy want? Go away." The thing is, I'm not knowledgeable like most (probably all) of you are, and I've missed on plenty of basis education that pumps you with general knowledge: the reason being that I had a condition (hyperhidrosis) during my school years that made everything a mess and rendered me useless and socially decapitated for me to fathom anything. Basically, I want in on knowledge but I've missed out on so much (yet managed to pass the classes somehow), I can't move an inch forward. It's not about having a career as much as it is a need to learn; I don't know how to make up for the lost years. A good start would probably be setting an outline of subjects I need to review to fill my knowledge gap, and I hope someone can help me in that facet: where to start in the maths science? Does reading a general Biology and Chemistry book do a good job at mending the leaks of my lost years? I can pretty much get any book, so please, recommend me some books if you can that would help me cover basic knowledge, and if you can, try to make the recommendations of books that make concepts easy to grasp and have as little errors as possible. Why help me, right? I'm really hoping you will, because I'm in dire need of it. I'm 21 and I feel I've accomplished nothing so far in my life. Issues are aplenty with me, yes: say I'm working on the PC and this forum now; I'd want to know how this forum was thread, how this mouse cursor gets manipulated and translated onto the screen, how the LCD got to be, how the people behind all these feel like enemies to me because they are advanced and I'm not, how chips are made out of sand, how the hell did people figure this out when I have to read a 500-page book to figure just parts of it, and so on. It then takes a shift to pondering on how humanity advanced, on how I feel I don't deserve any of this because I worked on nothing of it. I pity my nation, my country (obviously not the US of A) because it achieved nothing. I get distracted easily and my mind feels deteriorating and hazy when I work with concentration on something for more than ten minutes. Any cure for that? What about school and universities? How are they organized? How were they built? How is a bridge so mathmetically engineered, it doesn't fall apart? What sort of mathmatics built it? etc. By now, you've proly figured out that I got some sort of ADD and OCD combo, which leaves me at spot zero however I try to think I've progressed. What's a good learning system for me to follow? Should I read books in set-page increments or based on timed bouts? You can form a picture now that this topic is a call for advice before anything on how I should be steering my life to satisfaction and self-accomplishment, and what better way to get advice but from the folks of knowledge? A big pile of confusion proly fits the description of me and this topic pretty much. Thanks a lot for any help you'll provide, let alone for reading this thread. Thanks
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