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  1. When you try to place torque on the bottom it will cancel it all out, study the animation any torque will push up the yellow and black rods, with the green and red gears turning in different directions equaly the blue gear will cancel it out. try makeing a model to test it.
  2. http://img532.imageshack.us/my.php?image=powerenhancerno4vs6.flv Different but the same.
  3. The top is powered by hand, motor. The bottom should cancel any torque placed on it
  4. http://img532.imageshack.us/flvplayer.swf?f=T11843178ir5 No NDA. Comments are welcome.
  5. I have designed a new device. http://unlimitedenergy.i8.com/ Please keep comments on the power enhancer.
  6. allmee

    New motor

    I was talking about the motor not the ceed devices
  7. allmee

    New motor

    Here it is. http://www.unlimitedenergy.i8.com/
  8. A and B are front view and c is side view. The system has to be setup with the one pistons teeth all ways on the crank shaft (8 pistons one of the pistons teeth should be connected(teeth for piston 1 are at the right side of the crank shaft teeth for 2 are at the bottom 3 are at the left side and four are at the top)). c the gears should keep the pistons moveing at the same speed as the crank shaft.
  9. Sorry forgot to add the gears.
  10. I have designed a new crank shaft system and was wondering if people would like to see it. sorry about the math post.
  11. #36 If you look at the shape of the top (which is stationary) the water will go up follow the shape of the top (because the top is stationary and the water is coming out high velocity it will create a vortex) and go back in the center chamber. if you look at the plans there are propellers that will congest the flow in the main chamber so linear velocity wont be that big of a problem in the center chamber.
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