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  1. I don’t have time to watch the whole video, but my guess from the title that it does answer most of it except perhaps b, which is where you need the HH equation. If you know how to use the HH equation, then you’ll know the two values you need to determine are [HA] and [A-]. Do you know which species those correspond to in your question? Do you know how to work them out with the information you are given?
  2. It doesn’t mean it isn’t soluble in water, it just means it has a higher preference towards the organic phase (usually octanol). Again, it’s entirely pH dependant. You may want to look up some verified data via Reaxys or SciFinder.
  3. A brief look suggests that the solubility isn’t actually that high at all, about 0.55 g/L, but this would be pH dependant and I’m not sure if my value was of the neutral form or not.
  4. If you care to read back, you’ll see I already responded to this exact criticism from you on page one.
  5. [HA] is shorthand used to represent an acid, and [A-] is its conjugate base form. Do you know how to write equilibrium expressions, and can you give one for the dissociation of acetic acid? Are you familiar with ICE tables or how to write out equilibrium expressions and how to use those plus the Ka/b values to calculate pH? At the moment it sounds like you are missing a lot of fundamental knowledge, and certainly too much to explain over a forum such as this. I can’t really give a step by step guide in this case, since it appears that you need an entire module’s worth of information given to you. You are better off studying this from the resources you already have had provided to you, and coming here with specific queries if something isn’t making sense. I realise this isn’t what it want, but it’s the best I can offer short of simply doing the work for you (which we do not do here).
  6. I am unsure of your point. I did not download the file, and felt it more appropriate to ask the relevant questions here in the thread. You also asked about reaction kinetics, which is largely unrelated to the question.
  7. Are you familiar with the Henderson Hasselbach equation at all?
  8. I have used carboxylic acids with Cs2CO3 plus alkyl iodides before with some success, but I think the acid chloride / halide route is better if you can manage it.
  9. I mean, not necessarily. Former Australian PM Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech comes to mind here. Granted, Corbyn and Tony Abbott are by no means the same brand of politician, so perhaps it have been more difficult to come down so strongly. Still, Gillard’s speech and the overwhelmingly positive global reactions it received in the aftermath at least demonstrates that it is possible to stand against these comments as a leader in parliament and not be railed against for being weak.
  10. Stupid boy, as with stupid girl, is more in reference to age. Again, it is used to underscore the original insult. Which once again brings us back to stupid woman, and the contextual implications of it being gendered. I am not familiar with the use of stupid man as an insult at all, at least where I live.
  11. You misinterpreted what I was saying. I didn’t mean “at all,” in the sense of, don’t use the word woman ever. I meant why did he have to gender the insult that he used?
  12. I think that is a little different in the way it’s used, though. In that case it is simply an identifier, and I would class it as generally innocuous. You aren’t using identifiers to add to the insult, you are just identifying them. I don’t think the same is true here, but perhaps I am wrong.
  13. I am talking about the phrase generally, since that is where the bulk of your questions were aimed at. I don’t live in the UK, and I have not looked at anything surrounding the issue you are referring to specifically. My question is why use the word woman in the first place? If it isn’t used to emphasise the initial insult (as it almost always is when that phrase is used), why use it at all? By my experience, I wasn’t talking about the comments I have had levelled at me. I was talking about how I use the phrase, how people around me use the phrase, and how you might see it used in media, on TV, etc. I disagree that “stupid man,” is as commonly used as, “stupid woman,” based on that. I agree that it is not always helpful to immediately vilify someone as sexist or a misogynist in cases like these, but only if it was the result of a lack of awareness. I also believe firmly in the power of apology, and that no one should be held eternally and irreversibly accountable for their mistakes. The way we use language matters, and it’s consequences are pervasive. It is important to have these discussions so that people might learn, and so the issues become embedded in society’s comprehension of the world we live in.
  14. I can see where you are coming from, but I would counter that such a bland interpretation ignores a lot of the nuance around how the expression is used. In most common examples I can think of, the word proceeding “stupid,” is typically something to underscore the insult and really put across just how stupid someone it. Stupid boy, stupid girl, stupid idiot, etc etc. In my experience, you don’t really hear people use “stupid man,” as an insult all that much. You do hear, “stupid woman,” quite a lot, relatively speaking. Within the context of an insult the use of, “woman,” is really not a statement of plain fact; it is used mockingly. That’s why it’s sexist.
  15. You are better off using Google scholar or similar to find this out.
  16. It depends on context really. If you can identify what an ingredient is doing in a dish, you can probably come up with a reasonable substitute. There is such a thing as egg substitute that works reasonably well in baking. Not sure what it’s made of though.
  17. Their previous post indicates that they have access, but I am not sure if it is administered as a walk-up or as a service operated by a technician. The latter would likely have longer wait times for results. Regardless, I think in the long run you end up wasting more time proceeding with a reaction if you don’t actually know for sure what is going into it. Depending on how precious this compound is and how complicated the reaction they’re doing is, you could probably get away with doing a test run on small scale and seeing how the reaction tolerates it. Even then, figuring out if it worked could be made more difficult by the added impurities, if the ‘sticky mass’ is even the compound they want and not just a decomposed mess, or something stemming from a bad synthesis.
  18. That is not a great attitude. NMR and MS really take very little time, assuming you have access to the facilities. Certainly a lot less compared to how long it may take you to redo your reaction if it doesn’t work out because you didn’t want to invest an hour or two in doing some very standard checks. Where has this sticky mass of yours come from? Did you make it?
  19. Also worth noting that some reactions tolerate impurities better than others, so I would again recommend that you at least figure out what’s in there first. Can I ask what you’re making?
  20. I would suggest you do that so you can figure out what you have first.
  21. Is it meant to be a powder? Sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got. It shouldn’t matter too much that it’s a sticky solid, unless the fact that it’s sticky is because it contains impurities.
  22. Could you elaborate? Is this the final product following work up? Deal with how?
  23. You’re the only one who seems to be making a big deal out of it. Personally I don’t see the point, but if letting people know your gender is important to you, you can always write it into your About Me section. Also, given the context of this site, occupation seems like a much more relevant / pertinent piece of information than your gender, wouldn’t you agree? The two categories hardly compare.
  24. If I’ve pushed the right buttons - and I often do - the option to include gender should now be gone.
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