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  1. Have you considered the structures of all of the options? You’ll notice that one of them is missing a crucial aspect that the others all have if you do this.
  2. ! Moderator Note Koti, beecee, and Francis: in case I wasn’t clear before, kindly stop hijacking this thread with content from closed threads.
  3. ! Moderator Note Let's not stray into closed-thread territory with the evolution talk.
  4. ! Moderator Note A science forum is not the place for discussing chakras.
  5. ! Moderator Note Once again, I would ask that you all please return to the topic outlined in the OP.
  6. ! Moderator Note I think we can address the questions in the OP without this becoming a GOP vs Democrat argument.
  7. Endercreeper01 has been permanently banned for persistent violations of soap boxing, and rule 1 c.
  8. I am pleased to now add CharonY and Strange to the list of gullible fools wonderful people willing to sacrifice their time for the greater good here at SFN. Congratulations!
  9. I don’t believe admin can see the edit history, but I will endeavour to check in the morning.
  10. ! Moderator Note Alright, I think this thread is sufficiently off topic to have run its course. Closed.
  11. ! Moderator Note beecee, it would be appreciated if you could not keep trying to bait Reg into discussions related to a closed thread. Reg, stop being obtuse or this is getting closed.
  12. What possible reason could you have to hold views that contribute to the marginalisation and discrimination of a group of people for being who they are?
  13. ! Moderator Note I am extremely unimpressed by the conduct in this thread. rangerx, Raider5678, TenOz, J. C. MacSwell, you have all been here long enough to know that we expect you to stay on topic. This thread is not about the recent pipe bomb incident in the US. Do not continue to drag it off topic. rangerx and Radier5678, you have had enough run-ins to know that we don't tolerate hostility. You are both guilty of not complying with that to different extents. Raider, you by far are the worst in this case. We do not allow members to insult others. We do not allow them to attack their mental health. And if your best response to something is 'fuck off,' then I suggest not posting since you clearly have nothing of value to contribute.
  14. Except that there is everything wrong with being homophobic, for the same reason that its wrong to be racist. Views like yours that result in people from the LGBTQ community being and feeling marginalised and discriminated against. It leads to them being bullied in schools and in the community, and feeling like they are wrong simply for the unchangeable fact of who they are as a person. Do you honestly think that's ok?
  15. Imagine raising someone for 18 years for them to believe that homosexuality is unnatural and that homosexuals have something wrong with them. Yikes. I suggest you have a quick look at the forum rules about slurs against groups of people before you post here next time.
  16. I don't think your question makes a lot of sense, or I am missing some information. In both of the cases you mention, isn't the sample the same (i.e. saliva)? It is just the test that is different. Out of curiosity, what exactly is the end goal is with all of this? Why do you need to store samples at all, let alone for that long?
  17. ! Moderator Note Theredbarron, I think other members have shown you quite conclusively the ways in which you are incorrect in your thinking. Your refusal to engage meaningfully with their points has gotten tiresome. As such, staff have decided this thread is done.
  18. What do you think? You have to show some attempt at this before anyone will help you.
  19. For the sake of transparency, we have decided to announce who has been added to the groups mentioned in the OP. Currently, they are as follows: 0-point (aka Curmudgeon) xyzt (now banned) et pet TED888 Conjurer (added Feb 8 2020) 2-point (aka Malcontent) Itoero John Harmonic (now banned) I will continue to update this post as necessary.
  20. Vvi has been banned for an abusive tirade about numbers. O Gor has been banned as a sock puppet of OlegGorokhov
  21. ! Moderator Note We do not need to retread old ground regarding the Kavanaugh thread and victim blaming.
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